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» (C.Castaway[REG#00.04..8250..9]) –+



“Qn'Tahr: the eternal galaxy birthed by The Mother so flocks could prove their worthiness towards The Father. At least, that's what everybody's been preaching since I've gotten here. It all sounded dumb at first- it still kinda does. How could it not? If I'm honest with myself, even after 44 dekrons, 127 dalatos, 008 dalos, and- something something something, part of me still has hope that I could still awaken from this science fiction nightmare. Hell, it took me 14 dekrons to finally realize I wasn't dead! I suppose things aren't TOO bad, though, right? I look fantastic- haven't aged a day, I managed to get this terminal working, and humans seem to be doing much better for themselves overall- sorry, Arlitians!”


» –>+(COMPILING)++

“Given my luck, I've found myself in YET another unique predicament of my own making. In an eternal universe, I guess that was inevitable. I'm honestly surprised I made it this long! Given my current circumstances, I figured now would be an opportune moment to recount the events that led to the making of this message. If it appears as though I'm struggling to find the right words at any point, it's because I am. I can't describe half of what I've witnessed in this place. Unfortunately, my time here has made me forget nearly everything from my previous life. Wanna know something funny? I STILL can't remember the date, time, or what I was doing before arriving here! Come to think of it, I barely remember who I was!”


“In an eternal universe, it's inevitable that somebody will find this message. At least, I kinda hope so. I suppose there's also a possibility I might live to see that moment, but we'll see how long my fortitude can hold out given my current confinement. To the wayward explorer probably watching this, I'll start by saying: THE NOHRD SUCK! Also, DON'T TOUCH MY STUFF! I will happily die the feral space monster in YOUR adventure if you touch my stuff! Nevertheless, my only hope is that whoever you are, the nohrd and coathe are distant histories steamrolled by ageless time. Sorry, I'm getting ahead of myself. Even after all this time, everything is still overwhelming.”


“To whoever does find this message, before you loot my ship, could you please take a moment to listen to this? Or at least have this playing in the background while you ransack my stuff? Chances are you're somebody my kind would view as alien, but maybe we can find some common ground in our experiences? Stranger things have happened! I've learned that many of Qn'Tahr's inhabitants don't understand or appreciate human- sorry, Arlitian nuance. I'm pretty sure it's just me. Before this message devolves into an incoherent diatribe, let me reel it back to the very beginning. Although I still don't have all the answers, this is my journey through Qn'Tahr.”

» –»

(Continue Captain's Log: Kundalini)

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