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Bacchus Gate was one of the four nexus gates in which individuals could have crossed through to enter Qn'Tahr. Like Kundalini and Shissada Gates, beings experienced the same disorientation, confusion, and panic as they traveled through the gate. Before the formation of the Armada, the Nohrd nearly had exclusive control over Bacchus Gate. Upon their recovery, new arrivals found themselves aboard a luxurious harbinger ship commissioned through the Commonwealth. Once the initial shock wore off, newly disenfranchised spent the next several dalatos- months- wining and dining with galactic influencers, celebrities, and royalty from across Qn'Tahr as they made the long journey from Bacchus to Oolumne. Some likened it to a celebration of life and all of its indulgences. The Nohrd thrived off extravagant bravado. Unbeknownst to recovered, the seeds of Stockholm and manipulation were slowly being planted. Upon arriving in Shuu Muh, Oolumne, the recovered were immediately put to work by the Nohrd, oftentimes given the bare minimum to survive. The displays of a lavish lifestyle in this new universe quickly vanished at the realization that the Nohrd had total control over them.

During Qn'Tahr's modern era, the regions near Bacchus were rife with conflict. Now residing in the disputed sector's low'vast regions, those who entered the gate were typically caught in the middle of intense conflict between Armada and Commonwealth forces. Smaller Tri-Fed harbinger crafts routinely patrol the area, relying heavily on backdoor aurora lanes vast of Trapis for discrete travel. Despite the conflict, the Nohrd were still able to accrue many new servants to advance their empire's betterment.

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