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Every sentient creature remembers the overwhelming fear and trauma they experienced when they were ripped from their universe and found themselves ported to Qn'Tahr: the heavy smell of charged ozone, the stale electric chill that surged through their body, and for most, seeing alien species for the first time. Kundalini Gate was one of the four ancient platforms, roughly 5 square kilometers in size, in which individuals entered the drift. Often referred to as “The Common Gate,” the platform sat at the borders of Rhy'Laar and Federation space. During The Great Dawn, the Light Shepherds of Kryllos initially heralded the new arrivals, using their divine powers to guide beings to sustainable planets for settlement. Following the Great War and the Maso Terra being cut off from the rest of the galaxy, the Rhy'Laar and Assiek took it upon themselves to ensure new arrivals were ushered to planets adapted to their physiology. Most humans entered Qn'Tahr via this gate.

Like the other gates, huge columns sat at the corners of these platforms. They radiated odd, otherworldly energy. Each gate was covered in unfamiliar ancient writings that many attempted to decipher throughout the ages. Gates emitted bizarre energy signatures a dall- day- before new arrivals entered the galaxy, allowing ships enough warning to move into position for immediate recovery. Recovered beings were taken aboard a specialized harbinger craft where they were sedated, scanned, and outfit with an OA device. In Qn'Tahr's modern era, beings who enter Kundalini were considered lucky, as the gate was located in the allied territory's heart. New arrivals who entered through Kundalini were ushered to Grilitol, an Earth-like planet that resides 16,000 lightyears lowk via the Haven aurora lane.

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