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Of the four gates that transported individuals to the drift, Mogotus stood out as the most unique. Residing within the holy light of Maso Terra, it was theorized that individuals who entered this gate were capable of reaching the mental state of shataharak- spiritually pure. Unlike the abrupt disorientation and trauma experienced at the other gates, those who arrived through Mogotus likened it to a spiritual calling, as if their soul was ascending to the heavens. Unlike the other gates, those outside of Maso Terra were unaware of the gate's activities. Mogotus Gate was commonly referred to as the “Holy” or “Light Gate” among the rest of the galaxy.

Upon entering the gate, individuals underwent the Misheevuh, a ritual of spiritual cleansing. During this ceremony, individuals surrendered their absolute faith in The Mother and Father. When meeting the shepherds for the first time, people claimed to have felt an immediate trust towards the angelic beings, feeling no fear of their new surroundings. From the gate, people would be ushered to The Temple of the Mother on Kryllos. Once within the walls of The Holy Mother, individuals underwent a cleansing ritual which removed any ehdushak- moral impurity- they may have had in their previous life. After bathing in the radiant beauty of The Mother’s light- the misheevuh- individuals are reborn as shatashahran- pure. At this time, the reborn is gifted with a sacred piezeron crystal, the source of power for all who reside within Maso Terra.

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