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The Assiek

“Their scientific brilliance provided some of the best technology to Qn'Tahr… and they occasionally blew stuff up.“

Average Adult Height: 1.67 m

Average Adult Weight: 57 kg

Alignment: Neutral Good

Origin: Tytharn

Established Planet: Accness

Population: 28.6 billion

Gate: Kundalini

Reoccurring: Yes

Civilization Type: 3

Found: Combined Sector, Tri-Fed Space

Physical Traits

Physically, the Assiek looked like an odd mix of a lemur and a jackal. Thinner and much shorter in stature, they lacked the physical dominance of their Rhy'Laar counterparts. Some humans found their bulbous, mammalian eyes intimidating. Their short fur was an array of gray and brown hues with splotches of tan and black spots throughout. Their slender fingers evolved incredible dexterity. Utilizing specialized haptic gloves connected directly to their networks, an Assiek could access computer systems and various technology by a mere twitch of a finger. They were extremely tactile, and the use of various fidget devices was common among individuals. Females had shorter, more rounded ears, while the males' ears were longer and more slender.

Their physical prowess was below that of the average human, and they rarely engaged in frontlines skirmishes. They relied heavily on advanced drones to carry out their wishes while concentrating on expanding their scientific research. (I) have never known an Assiek to abandon science and follow a warrior's path, but they did express interest in the abilities of the Vaulok and Ak Lao'aa. They carried themselves with manic pedanticism. Unlike the overwhelming hospitality of their Rhy'Laar companions, the Assiek's scientific pragmatism sometimes came across as tactless.

Assiek society centered around a matriarchal scientocracy consisting of thousands of differing schools of thought. Even though their brain size was similar to a human's, they possessed far superior intellects. Female IQ's ranged between 600-800 while the males' IQ averaged 475-600. Despite the temporal stasis, the Assiek still practiced their courtship ritual while in Qn'Tahr. Partners would lock eyes while the female performed series of subtle ear twitches the male then attempted to mimic. Known as aporing, humans likened it to a game of Simon and could go on for several alkrons.

Extended Lore

Fun fact: before being transported to Qn’Tahr, Assiek society established a societal friendship with the Rhy’Laar. Through their collaborative works, the two races had nearly charred out most of their home galaxy within our universe. When both civilizations found themselves transported through Kundalini Gate during The Great Dawn, the two races resumes their friendship. The Light Shepherds were instantly drawn to their kinship, highlighting their combined achievements. Possessing an inquisitive affinity towards science and technology, the Assiek helped establish early infrastructure within the infant universe. In the eons since, the Assiek have maintained their close bond with their reptilian comrades. There’s an odd symbiosis between the two races: one being the eccentric tech developers while the other’s childlike curiosity is quick to utilize those technologies. Throughout the ages, the Assiek continued to share their scientific advances with other races within Qn’Tahr. Even the Coathe are passively intimidated by their technical craftsmanship; however, their perpetual need to push science boundaries has gotten themselves into trouble throughout the dekron cycles.

Without a doubt, the Assiek are wizards of science; however, just because the math says you CAN do it doesn’t mean that one SHOULD do it. Their overzealous handling of technology they did not possess a working knowledge of has led to several large incidents throughout their time within Qn’Tahr, the most famous case being the near destruction of their established planet of Accness when they first attempted to harness the power of darkridian. That being said, they were second only to the Rhy’Laar to embrace humans upon their arrival to Qn’Tahr and helped establish the first human colonies on Arleto. They are the literal third “star” in the Tri-“Star” Federation. They famously reverse-engineered a Coathe 115 drive dalos after its capture; they were instrumental in retrofitting the fleet gifted to the Tri-Star Federation by the Nohrd; they were also paramount in establishing New Haven has the headquarters for Federation personnel on Arleto.

Assiek society is matriarchal. Xeno-cultural studies experts are fascinated by their courting ritual known as aporing. During this ritual, a paired Assiek couple will stare intently into the other’s saucer-like eyes and try to mimic their ear movements. These rituals can go on for alkrons. Try not to stare. They can be found on their established home planet of Accness and across Tri-Fed bases throughout Qn’Tahr. The Nohrd occasionally like to stoke the Asseik’s scientific curiosities for the betterment of The Common Wealth. As a result, Federation personnel suffer a quieted anxiety that these dealings will harm the back end. If they’re seen on the battlefield, they are fulfilling roles as mechanics and tech specialists.

In the end, one can almost forgive the Assiek for one thing alone: they build and design some of the best ships in Qn’Tahr. A standard Armada fighter contains 3 gravity emitters to propel it through space and atmospheres. Once the Assiek got their fingers on a Coathe 115 drive, they designed ships of similar size that utilized upwards of 8-14. Some call it an overkill for the little difference they make in maneuverability. Some who have made this claim have since found themselves trapped within the Maso Terra Dead Zone.

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