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The Barados

“The mysterious allies of the Armada reigned over the oceanic depths.”


Entering Qn'Tahr amidst the escalating Torq'Gan incursion, the arrival of the Barados went virtually unnoticed. Taking advantage of the intense battle, the Barados secretly conquered a planet and enslaved the resident Mubus population. The reclusive race didn't become a prevailing threat to the galaxy until their alliance with the Coathe. Lords of the aquatic depths and excellent hunters, the Barados were a lethal member to the Armada.

Average Adult Height: 1.5 m (Body) 4 m (Tentacle Length)

Average Adult Weight: 150 kg

Alignment: Neutral Hostile

Origin: Unknown

Established Planet: Mebular

Population: Unknown

Gate: Bacchus

Reoccurring: Yes

Civilization Type: 1

Found: Armada Sector, Disputed Sector, Blood Legion Sector

Physical Traits

Xeno-biologists view the Barados as perfectly adapted hunters. The flume lords are cephalopods, resembling an odd mix of a cuttlefish and a nautilus. Their mantle can grow 2 meters in length and covered a hardened shell that was tough enough to resist most class 1 weapons. They have seven tentacles, each covered with about 250-300 powerful suction cups. Each of their suckers contains a razor-sharp barb that they use to grip and pierce the flesh of their prey. Two pairs of tentacles were connected by a thick membrane that acted as a means of entrapment when extended. Their forward feeding tentacles extend to nearly 5 meters and were strong enough to lift, pull, or drag a Rhy’Laar with ease. Their ventral tentacle had a bladed spade at its tip, which acted as a rudder while submerged and additional support while on land. Losing limbs is common and can regenerate within a dalato. They secrete a thick mucus that covers their body, granting them resistance to caustic chemicals and acids. They have a powerful beak capable of biting through the dense bones of a Sholomite with little effort. Their saliva is an extremely potent neural toxin that can render its victims completely paralyzed in a matter of selros- seconds. While traversing land, the Barados utilizes a special sack near their gills that acts as a breathing tank. Once filled with water, this specialized organ allowed them to breathe for 3 dalls outside their natural environments. Skilled Barados hunters had perfected techniques to ciphony this water through their bodies to regulate their body temperatures, making them difficult to detect with most thermal scanners. Their sophisticated chromatophores can allow them to blend seamlessly into any environment and could even mimic 3D effects

Extended Lore

From the Depths

The Barados, the aquatic rulers of the oceanic depths, entered Qn’Tahr via Bacchus Gate during the height of the Torq’Gan incursion. The newly disenfranchised found themselves caught in the middle of a hellish battle between the Combined and the savage Torq’Gan Empire. As panic swept the gate, the Barados found themselves shanghaied onboard a Torq’Gan occupied harbinger ship. The resilience of the Barados proved formidable as they managed to break free from their containment. Stunned by their escape, the Torq’Gan aggressors were quickly overpowered by the Barados with lethal precision. The fight within the corridors was brief; the heinous Torq’Gan were dispatched with ease. Victorious, the Barados took the bridge and commandeered the ship. Adapting fast while under intense fire from the Combined, the Barados succeeded in taking control of the vessel, blind jumping lowk of Bacchus Gate, barely managing to escape. The dangerous maneuver left the Barados in a region of space unknown to them. With the craft badly damaged, the confused population was left traveling aimlessly in this new universe; every moment spent desperately searching for a planet they could regroup and recover on. Despite their physical resilience, their cephalopod bodies cannot survive for long periods outside an oceanic environment. It’s rumored about a third of the original Barados population died in the dalls following their near escape from Bacchus Gate. The strongest remained vigilant and conducted a determined search for a suitable planet for their slowly dying race. With the bodies of their dead piling in the corridors, all seemed lost for the Barados. While on the brink of death, the tired race happened upon the remote, ocean planet of Daysogra: the established home of the reclusive Mubus. Blessed be The Mother’s mercy.

After a panicked emergency landing, the surviving Barados found solace as they returned to the seas. Their hasty landing drew the attention of the curious natives. The Mubus were a peaceful race who worshiped the benevolent serpent lord, Gip Marak. They had developed a symbiotic relationship with the noble serpent, and the two had shared the great oceans of Daysogra in harmony since The Great Silence. The Mubus was hospitable towards the Barados, allowing them a much-needed respite after their near dodge with death. The great serpent also welcomed the Barados, extending its friendship and wisdom to them while adjusting to the new universe. The Barados scoffed at the serpent, viewing themselves as the superior rulers of all seas. Refusing the serpent’s charity, the mightiest of the Barados challenged Gip Marak for supremacy. The wise serpent wished no animus towards the Barados and gifted the race a portion of the depths in which their population could settle in peace. The generosity of the serpent was met with fierce hostility. Viewing his hospitality as a weakness, Gip Marak was brutally slain by a pair of ruthless Barados seeking to establish a new rule. As its body slowly sank into the abyss, the victorious pair hailed themselves as the new Mu-um Bol and Mu-um Bola and assumed their roles as the king and queen of Daysogra. The Mubus was stunned. Unable to defend themselves without the protection of Gip Marak, the Mubus witnessed their society crumble almost immediately under the rule of the invasive Barados. Finding a use for the meager race, the Barados put them to work as laborers, threatening death to any who defy their new ocean masters. There was little the Mubus could do but submit to the might of their new aquatic overlords. The reign of the Barados had begun.

The Barados put the Mubus to the task, forcing them to cultivate the useful resources needed to retrofit and repair the massive harbinger vessel. Barados technology is similar to that of the Hillian, utilizing natural and biological means to drive their society. The Mubus spent dalatos- months- weaponizing and converting the damaged craft to their new masters' specific demands, any misstep leading to a swift execution. During this time, the Barados established their kingdoms in the deep, oceanic ridges of Daysogra, near the thermal vents they believe all life originated. They pillaged the temple of Gip Marak, searching for any information about the new universe. They were able to recover vital information, giving the Barados expanded knowledge of The Ancient War and Maso Terra. Armed with this knowledge, their priority became recovery and expansion. Once established, the Barados were ready to return to Bacchus Gate, searching for more of their kind with their newly christened flagship: Mu-um Te Bo-logo, Crown of the Flumes. With the Torq’Gan Empire ravaging the sector, the Barados hoped to take advantage of their sloppy battlefield tactics to acquire viable technology and intelligence to expand their ocean kingdom.

As conflict ravaged the sector, the Barados seemingly emerged as an unknown ally to the Combined. They were able to hold their own against small pockets of Torq’Gan skirmishes with their retrofitted harbinger ship. Their endeavors proved prosperous, succeeding in capturing enough crafts to amass an impressive fleet. They also succeeded in retrieving many more of their kind as they entered Qn’Tahr via Bacchus Gate. Through their victories, the Barados established a clear aurora lane from Daysogra to the nexus point's outer reaches, oblivious to the Combined and the Torq’Gan. Though successful, their campaign eventually drew the attention of the Combined. Seeking to coordinate with another ally in the fight against the Torq’Gan scourge, the Rhy’Laar made many efforts to contact the unknown fleet; every attempt was met with an eerie silence. Assiek scientists were fascinated by the aquatic fauna and flora infusions into their technology and pushed for covert operations to acquire these devices for analysis. Reluctant, allied command rejected any campaigns against the unknown allies, claiming that any effort could be construed as an act of war. With forces spread thin, the Combined couldn’t jeopardize the loss of any additional forces. The Assiek had no choice but to acquiesce while silently admiring the craftsmanship of the Barados’ fleet. Maintaining their radio silence, the Rhy’Laar eventually accepted the Barados as a silent ally. They shifted their focus back on the expanding Torq’Gan Empire, falling right into the strategy of the Barados. Dalos went by, and the war had reached its crescendo; the Torq’Gan discovered a new form of dark energy and utilized it to secure a loose grip on the sector uur of Maso Terra towards Semprada. Their victory was brief; nobody could have anticipated the betrayal of the Nohrd against their captors. The insidious worms made short work of their Torq’Gan oppressors and claimed the conquered sector as their own. Combined intelligence was left completely blinded-sided and was forced to retreat at the hands of the superior adversary. Seizing the opportunity, the Barados quietly recede into their oceans, unbeknownst to the rest of the galaxy.

In the following dalatos, the oceans of Daysogra grew small in the surge of the Barados population. Tensions stirred in the once peaceful seas as fighting over territory became commonplace among the Barados. The Mubus were frequently used as unwilling fodder during these skirmishes, typically forced to act as decoys for much larger assaults. The Mu-um Bol and Mu-um Bola realized the tiny planet was no longer suitable to sustain their society. To survive, the Barados would have to seek out a move novel planet. Now bolstering an impressive fleet, the monarchy assembled their finest warriors to traverse the cosmos, searching for an ideal world. Each of the selected warriors was forced to compete in the Mu-um Te Bala-roda, the Contest of Flume. During this contest, challengers would fight one-on-one against their choice of the Mu-um Bol or the Mu-um Bola. The individual not competing has the important role of acting as the Gumay-tha- or referee- for their fighter. It’s the sole decision of the Gumay-tha to call the match once they feel their champion has proven themselves worthy or to yield to their opponent. If the defending royalty was killed during a match, the victor automatically assumed their defeated opponent's role. At this time, the losing Gumay-tha is either forced into suicide or become the mate of the victorious rival. The slayers of the great serpent held their own, and their proven warriors were ready to brave the unknown to expand the glory of their kingdom.

With royal blessing, the Mu-um Te Bo-logo traveled lowk of Daysogra, away from the war-torn regions near Bacchus Gate. Having mastered the advanced computer systems of their acquired ships, the fleet spent several dalatos conducting hundreds of scans for a more suitable planet. Through their persistent zeal, the fleet discovered a large, aquatic world about 20,000 lightyears lowk of Daysogra. Upon their landing, the Barados were prepared to conquer and enslave anything that denied them claim to the planet. To their surprise, no sentient race had established themselves in this world. Claiming the planet as their own, the Barados put their servants to work, having them establish the city of Myn within the oceanic ridges of their planet. Through the vicious contest, the Mu-um Bol and Mu-um Bola of the new kingdom were crowned, and Mebular had become the second planet in the Barados’ kingdom.

When news of the fleet’s discovery reached Daysogra, the serpent slayers ordered most of their population to relocate to the larger oceans of Mebular. The reigning king and queen held one more contest of flume to establish new royalty on Daysogra. In their final command before relinquishing their crowns, they ordered that Daysogra be a strategic hub for their kingdom, as the tiny world was near Bacchus Gate and Maso Terra. The Mubus hoped the change of leadership would lead to their freedom. Small bands of Mubus beseeched the new monarchy, begging for their freedom. To their unfortunate dismay, the new royals still found a use for their terrified obedience. Their pleas of anguish were met with slaughter, and any who spoke out were brutally executed, their bodies left sinking into the darkness. The hapless race fell back into solemn order.

When the serpent slayers arrived on Mebular, they were extremely pleased with the discovery. The planet was more akin to their original home and seemed perfect to act as the capital planet for their expanding kingdom. While the populations began to settle, the former royalty met with the new monarchy of Mebular. After celebrating the success, the serpent slayers challenged the new royalty to Mu-um Te Bala-roda. Having already proven themselves against the former royals once before, they mocked the challenge. The former queen offered herself as the combatant and selected the new flume king for the vicious contest. The new king graciously accepted the opportunity to demonstrate his might. As the contest began, the former matriarch was instantly overpowered by her rival, losing two of her limbs within alros- minutes. The new king gloated over her crippled body. Turning his attention to the former king, the patriarch jeered at the couple, boasting their folly for relinquishing their power. Having complete trust in his mate, the former king quietly watched on, ignoring the taunts of the pompous rival. Seizing the opportunity, the former queen used her powerful ventral arm to eviscerate the arrogant king, killing him almost immediately. The contest was won, and the serpent slayers resumed their roles as the Mu-um Bol and Mu-um Bola. Finding no use for the defeated Gumay-tha, she was forced to execute herself publicly, her death acting as a warning to any who dare challenge the victors of Daysogra and Mebular. In the millennia since, the great slayers have reigned over their aquatic dominions and have since quietly expanded their kingdom to dozens of planetary oceans vast of Maso Terra in the remote regions of Qn’Tahr.

Following the Coathe defeat by the devious Nohrd of The Commonwealth, their remaining forces split off, fleeing vast of Oolumne towards Bacchus and Shissada Gate. While exploring the desolate reaches of Qn’Tahr, several of their saucers happened upon the remote oceans of Mebular. Viewing anything that enters their system as a potential threat to their kingdom, the reclusive Barados didn’t take kindly to the encroaching warships. While the Coathe were conducting orbital scans of their underwater kingdoms, the serpent slayers dispatched the Mu-um Te Bo-logo to intercept. A fierce battle ensued. Though only consisting of several war saucers, the Coathe fleet proved themselves formidable against the attack. The Barados underestimated the Coathe, and their error had led to significant losses to their coveted fleet. These defeats brought out furious contenders to the throne, each blaming the monarchy for the fleet’s failures. Dismissing the usurpers, the king and queen refused to back down and pressed on with the assault. Growing desperate, the royalty began deceiving their Mubus captives, offering their freedom in exchange for their service. Many who jumped at the opportunity found themselves flying unsuspecting suicide missions into the Coathe ships. Though persistent, their efforts were in vain; the Barados had found themselves technologically outclassed by the Coathe. With more and more challengers seeking to overthrow the crown, the serpent slayers quietly feared their mishandlings would lead to the end of their reign.

Having suffered significant losses of their own before the skirmish, the Coathe recognized the Barados’ potential as allies in their quest to exact revenge on the Nohrd and rule the galaxy. In a stunning twist, Coathe leadership presented themselves to the serpent slayers, offering a truce. The Coathe proposed a treaty that would allow the Barados full claim to the oceans of planets conquered by their new allies. The Coathe would also provide significant upgrades to what remained of the Mu-um Te Bo-logo. In exchange, the Barados would be championed as soldiers in the path towards total conquest. Their yielding act earned the royals' respect- despite knowing refusal would potentially lead to their extermination. Seeking to recover and expand, the king and queen accepted the treaty, and a new alliance was forged. Those still unsatisfied with the royalty were quickly dealt with, their bodies left sinking into the ocean darkness. The Barados of Mebular sent a message to the rest of their kingdoms, uniting all under the new cause. During this time, the Coathe allied with the barbaric Lioma warlord, Mela Xondrak of the Blood Legion. The Barados grew fond of the dim simplicity of their Lioma comrades. In the following dekrons, the new allies coordinated several key victories over the Combined and Commonwealth. While the Coathe established themselves in the Uthala System, they worked with their new allies to set up a base of operations for their growing fleet. The Armada quickly became a serious threat to the galaxy, disrupting the outer recesses of the Commonwealth. The Coathe have since upheld their promise to the Barados, and their underwater kingdoms expanded tenfold while unified with their new allies.

Barados society is centered around the monarchy of the Flume King and Flume Queen, the Mu-um Bol, and Mu-um Bola. Each established Barados planet is considered its own sovereignty and has one matriarchal pair that rules its oceans. Political disputes are resolved through their vicious contest of flume, the Mu-um Te Bala-roda. Barados mate for life and their bond relied heavily on the complete trust of their partner’s ability to know each other's physical and mental limits. Although kingdoms are mostly esoteric from one another, the Barados will quickly unify under a common threat. Abyssal canyons and continental ridges are their preferred homes within the ocean depths. Mubus servants crafted jetting towers for their masters, each plumbing with thick, volcanic gases. The Barados believe that as creatures die and sink into the ocean black, their bodies are recycled and rebirthed through these thermal vents. For the Barados, to obtain royal status means they are kings and queens of life and death itself. They have no spoken language; instead, they communicate through complex color and pattern displays that very few can understand. In the thousands of dekrons since their unfortunate enslavement, the Mubus have yet to grasp their masters’ language fully. This often leads to unfortunate misunderstandings, which result in the Mubus getting brutally executed for disobedience. Only due to their hyper-intelligence did the Coathe master the language of their allies. The Nohrd developed visual translators that link through OA devices but were notoriously inaccuracy. Their kingdom's actual size was unknown, and explorers traveled with trepidation when approaching ocean-containing planets in the vast Maso Terra region. The Barados view all things in their oceans as a means to their end and will utilize various fauna and flora to suit their needs. They are viciously cunning in their tactics and are known to fight even while severely injured. They are opportunistic hunters, patiently biding their time for an ideal moment to strike at their opponent. While the Lioma has proven their skills on the front lines, the Barados have chosen to act as hunters and assassins. Some of the more zealous will strike out on their own as free agent bounty hunters. The most skilled can hold their own against the Vaulok and Ak Laoa and are known to collect Hillian tails and precious Vaulok artifacts upon defeating their quarry.

While most of their society remained reclusive, the Barados were a powerful military arm of the Armada. They were used in second wave ground assaults and were among some of the best assassins. The Assiek paid top zel to those who managed to capture any of their technology. Most who tried were typically never seen again or returned severely disfigured. High ranking Tri-Fed personnel feared traveling in the open in disputed regions because of these vicious hunters. The Barados do not take prisoners. For some adventurers, the last thing they see before their unfortunate demise is that of a timid Mubus. At first, they think they’ve found a Coathe Shutal who got separated from it’s superior. The helplessness of the poor creature beckons you closer, unaware of what’s lurking nearby. During this moment of compassion, the hunter would make its move on its quarry, and the adventurer is never seen again.

The Serpent

The Silent Expansion

Lethal Intruders

Unlikely Alliance

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