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Physical Traits

Xeno-biologists viewed the Barados as perfectly adapted hunters. The flume lords were cephalopods, resembling an odd mix of a cuttlefish and a nautilus. Their hardened mantle was tough enough to repel class 1 weapons. They had seven tentacles covered with hundreds of powerful suction cups, each contain a razor-sharp barb that could grip and pierce the flesh of their prey. Two pairs of tentacles were connected by a thick membrane that acted as a means of entrapment when extended. Their forward feeding tentacles extend nearly 5 meters and were strong enough to lift, pull, or drag a Rhy’Laar with ease. Their ventral tentacle had a bladed spade at its tip, which acted as a rudder while submerged and additional support while on land.

Losing limbs was common could regenerate within a dalato. A thick mucus that covers their body, granting them resistance to caustic chemicals and acids. They have a powerful beak capable of biting through the dense bones of a Sholomite with little effort. Their saliva is an extremely potent neural toxin that can render its victims completely paralyzed in a matter of selros- seconds. While traversing land, the Barados utilizes a special sack near their gills that acts as a breathing tank. Once filled with water, this specialized organ allowed them to breathe for 3 dalls outside their natural environments. Skilled Barados hunters had perfected techniques to ciphony this water through their bodies to regulate their body temperatures, making them difficult to detect with most thermal scanners. Their sophisticated chromatophores can allow them to blend seamlessly into any environment and could even mimic 3D effects

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