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The Hillian

“The guardians of Maso Terra REALLY liked their bread.”


With sworn faith in the teachings of the Shalaymuh and Tha'Ohkt and committing themselves to preserve Her beauty, the Hillian were the divine protectors of Maso Terra. The fierce warriors were forever vigilant against those who summoned darkness to Qn’Tahr. Their culture centered around the monoculture of the kluen thistle and was celebrated annually.

Average Adult Height: 2.1 m

Average Adult Weight: 99 kg

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Origin: Ashalorn

Established Planet: Semprada VII

Population: 1.5 billion

Gate: Mogotus

Reoccurring: No

Civilization Type: 1

Found: Maso Terra, Semprada Allied

Physical Traits

Residing in the cosmic backwater of Qn'Tahr, very few individuals encountered the Hillian regularly. They were described as tall, lean, and fennec in appearance. Their fur was a colorful assortment of pastel hues that blended seamlessly into their jungle habitats. They had bushy, expressive tails that would flutter and twitch like a squirrel and streamlined patches of follicles shimmered with turquoise bioluminescence. The tails of males were more robust than the females. Their large, pointed ears could pinpoint specific sounds from 7 km away. A Hillian's powerful scent receptors could detect faint smells from over 30 km away. The pupils were both vertical and horizontal shaped- like a (+) symbol. This evolved feature allowed a Hillian to detect the slightest of movements, provided a wide field of vision during any lighting conditions, and helped them navigate the dense flora of Semprada VII.

Xeno-biologists were fascinated by their cartilaginous bone structure. Lightweight and highly agile, they also possessed impressive endurance. Their most notable trait was their double-jointed ankles. By collapsing their legs backward, they utilized the elasticity of their tibias to jump great distances. In addition, the species evolved strong, zygodactyl hands and feet, similar to chameleons on Earth. Three long, clasping toes were strong enough to support their weight while they parkour the thick paoluk vines of their jungle home.

By amplifying their connection to nature through piezeron focus, a Hillian could blend seamlessly into their environment. Barados hunters found the forest dwellers to be the ultimate quarry. A hillian bested by a flume lord- by no easy feat- had their tail severed and showcased as a trophy. Wealthy citizens of the Commonwealth pined over Hillian tails, and the Nohrd charged upwards of 3,000,000 zel for these rare items. Such displays of fashion were deemed barbaric among the allied sectors. Those caught selling or fashioning Hillian tails within the Combined and Tri-Fed territories faced severe reprimand and potentially visited from a Vaulok.

Common Tribes

“Though fiercely competitive, they shared mutual respect towards each other.”


Tribes of the Coast

“They were incredible swimmers.”

  • Mymarii
  • Napogo Nei
  • Niio Ahpa
  • Toh'aa Tobo
  • Mao'aa
  • Piidy Piidy
  • Ykowa
  • Ytba Ytba
  • Hii Ahma
  • Kiidy


Tribes of the Inner Forest

  • Murumii
  • Tagiiko Ahahpo
  • Gii Rykshapii
  • Oo'aa Pagoee
  • Yiieepo
  • Mashah Gopii
  • Totashahdyee
  • Niinakoo


Tribes of the Outer Forest

  • Yiikii Olathn
  • Naopuwook
  • Fo'aa Eecolao
  • Chookadei
  • Ahnkobiiota
  • Siiykuhwook
  • Dugoteyumah
  • Nikeech


Tribes of the Inner Root

  • Dywookgo
  • Napopoahol
  • Echyumoogo
  • Shahjiimaach
  • Iechnopawook

Common Phrases and Words

“The thistle comes before the bread, and the bread comes before everything else. Either way, it stands alone.”

  • Kluen - An ear of wheat that grows in symbiosis with yumiimuk and paoluk trees. Extremely difficult to cultivate. Harvested once a “year” and prepared into Kluen Ak.
  • Kluen Ak - (1) A bread prepared using the kluen thistle that ALL Hillian share an insatiable craving. They claim they can taste the effort that went into its preparation. Rare and exotic bistros within the Commonwealth retail “authentic” Kluen Ak for between 400 and 2500 zel. (2) The annual celebration where tribes gathered to compete for a portion of other tribes' bread; Kluen Ak Ataa: Bread Celebration (formal).
  • Ak Thaholm - The winner of the Kluen Ak competition. The Ak Thaholm will offer a portion of their winnings to the defeated tribes to honor the skilled competitors.
  • Ak lot'gotaee'ok - The sacred tradition where Ak Lao'aa from the Ak Thaholm honors their defeated opponents by offering them a portion of the Kluen Ak winnings. The most honored ceremony of the Hillian.
  • Shao'aa - A tribal leader and elder. Oversees the complete monoculture process of the Kluen. Roughly translates to “leader of the harvest.”
  • Ak Lao'aa - A tribal warrior who competes during the annual Kluen Ak. Roughly translates to “warrior of the harvest.”
  • Eetoah'ahtatopii - An artificer specializing in ensuring Hillian progress leaves a minimal environmental impact.
  • Ahboyt'yook'aa - A tribal farmer. They worked closely with the eetoah'ahtatopii to ensure their harvest is bountiful with as little environmental impact.
  • Gianto'aa - A tribal member who stays behind during the Kluen Ak festivities to protect the new harvest. Roughly translates to “guardian of the harvest.
  • Dykoii'yahnopa - The “feral spread.” Roughly a third of the Hillian population succumbed to this sickness during the Great Dawn. Only when the Hillian began cultivating the kluen thistle did the illness seem to vanish.
  • Niitii'tah niikohta'aachei'<name>'niko - Hello! My name is <name>.

Expanded Lore

Warriors of the Thistle


Before entering Qn'Tahr, the Hillian flourished in the exotic rain forests of Ashalorn. Their civilization centered around the monoculture of the kluen thistle, a particularly difficult ear of wheat to cultivate due to the high humidity of the jungle environments. Living among the colossal paulok trees, the Hillian shared a symbiotic balance with nature. These artificers of nature ensured their progress left a minimal imprint on the lush eutopia they inhabited.

Hillian society consisted of four distinct tribal types, each claiming to have perfected the best methods of harvesting and preparing the kluen thistle. These sacred techniques were passed down from shao'aa to shao'aa, dating back thousands of generations. Once the thistle was harvested, it was prepared into bread that all Hillian shared an insatiable craving for, kluen Ak. Best described as a seedy, sourdough lava cake, it was a well-deserved treat for the amount of work that went into its preparation.

Although peaceful, Hillian tribes shared an odd rivalry towards each other. They carried themselves with posh flamboyance, and bickering and shenanigans between tribes were commonplace. Despite their zealous bravado, incidents never escalated beyond precocious mischief. Attempts to sneak-a-peek at a rival tribe's kluen harvest were daily occurrences.

Once every harvest season, Hillian tribes would converge on the ancient holy site of Sholm Al'Real for the Kluen Ak festival. During this seasonal event, Ak lao'aa from the various tribes would compete in intense physical combat and endurance trials. Victors of these matches would be rewarded a portion of kluen Ak from each of the defeated warrior's tribes. Despite their competitive nature, death and severe injury during these festivals were rare and considered dishonorable.

When a victorious tribe, the Ak Thaholm, was crowned, tribes gathered in celebration within the halls of Sholm Al'Real. Once there, they regaled over the competition while listening to stories told by the shao'aa. Intoxication was a hilarious necessity while indulging in the spoils of their harvest. In a long-standing tradition, the Ak Thaholm would lead the Ak lot'gotaee'ok. During this sacred ceremony, Ak lao'aa of the Ak Thaholm would offer portions of their kluen Ak winnings to the defeated tribes as a form of mutual respect. This custom was central to Hillian culture and happiness.

The Still Universe


The arrival of the Hillian during the early dekrons of the Great Dawn drew immediate adoration from holy leaders and encouraged faith that their flocks could achieve spiritual balance. Like all who entered Qn'Tahr through Mogotus Gate, the Hillian underwent the Misheevuh ritual and received a piezeron. Following their spiritual cleansing, the tribes were transported to Kryllos, where the Nesis celebrated their arrival. Welcoming the Hillian as equals, the shepherds were elated to discover their worship of nature reflected The Mother's beauty. So impressed by their alluring works, the High Shepherd, Mundaaka Volgos, beseeched the Hillian. Seeking to enhance Her radiant majesty, the High Shepherd asked the tribes if they could honor The Mother by enhancing the Aashal Tureo with their artistry. With bewildered acquiescence, the Hillian flourished the tranquil paradise with shimmers of pastel luminescence, their piezerons amplifying their control over the lush forests. Their stunning works brought tears of amazement to the holy leaders. As a token of humbled gratitude, the High Shepherd offered the tribes an opportunity to remain on Kryllos where the two civilizations could usher Her message of peace throughout Qn'Tahr. Still dazed from their arrival, the Hillian tentatively accepted Mundaaka's overture and began settling their people on Kryllos.

While the tribes slowly adjusted to life on Kryllos, the Vlauk took an immediate fondness to the warrior spirit deeply ingrained into Hillian culture. With customs befitting The Father, All-Father Nokavn Xarduk of the Vaulok granted the Hillian warriors, the Ak lao'aa, an opportunity to train with the reyv kor masters on Cressca. The sudden accolade compounded the already overwhelmed Hillian, causing them to question their more significant role among the holy races. To address the mounting concerns of their people, tribal elders, the shao'aa, convened in private council. Though struggling to adapt to the still universe, they revered the extraordinary power their piezerons possessed and recognized the pure intentions of the Nesis and Vlauk. Despite their reservation, the shao'aa encourage compliance from their people. Honoring the hospitality and generosity of the Nesis and Vlauk, the shao'aa swore an oath of absolute faith and pledged to embrace the teachings of the Shalaymuh and Tha'Ohkt. Believing Hillian culture perfectly harmonized aspects of both The Mother and Father, the holy worlds rejoiced in celebration and accepted the tribes as among the divine.

As civilizations thrived during the Great Dawn, the Hillian forged a bond with the custodians of knowledge, the Veliken. The two cultures shared similar worship of nature and perfected ways to amplify their spiritual connection through piezeron focus. So attuned to their environment, Veliken priest Loueem Mnayomobo taught the Hillian techniques to deepen their bond to Kryllos' energies. Imparting his wisdom unto the tribes, the Hillian learned greater control over their piezerons, allowing them to help shape the holy worlds with Her splendor. Garnering the praise of Shepherdesses Scee and Aeolus, Hillian envoys traveled with the minstrels as they flourished the core worlds with their stunning works.

The Ak lao'aa made perfect sparring partners for the Vaulok warriors of Cressca. The Hillian warriors trained alongside Shepherd Bazelon and his Nesis comrades while undergoing the first level of reyv kor, Kahma Tathn. Through competitive trials, Ak lao'aa learned how to incorporate reyv kor into their martial ability to become fierce warriors of The Father. To preserve Her beauty throughout the blossoming core worlds, Ak Lao'aa accompanied Vaulok warriors as they enacted His righteousness towards those who disobeyed His teachings. Fully embracing the sacred teachings of the Shalaymuh and Tha'Ohkt, the Hillian helped forge a utopian society that stood as a beacon of hope for thousands of dekron cycles.

Though they accepted their higher purpose and adapted to the universe, a murmur of frustration began to surface among the Hillian tribes. Adorations and accolades eventually devolved to annoying platitudes as restlessness swept through the race. While Kryllos matched the beauty of Ashalorn, it lacked the one thing Hillian in which culture centered: the kluen thistle.

The Cleansing


The Hillian's strife didn't go unnoticed by holy leaders. Commiserating with tribal members, Shepherd Tos Gujrial, Cleanser of Soul, Nurture of The Mother, and Semprada priest Qwitawu Weiqal cast waves of harmonic empathy unto the Hillian and offered scripture to help ease their plight. Veliken meisters partnered with the Eetoah'ahyatopii to engineer a viable alternative to the kluen thistle, but despite their best intentions, little helped mitigate the mounting frustrations of the Hillian people. Shao'aa feared their continued presence in Qn'Tahr would eventually lead to the complete cultural deterioration of their people. Stressing their concerns to the High Shepherd, Mundaaka beseeched the immediate assistance of the Rhy'Laar. While they and their Assiek allies expanded the core worlds, he asked if they could seek out the precious thistle. Though agreeing to his request, dekrons of exploration came up empty-handed, compounding the Hillian's anguish.

While the Rhy'laar continued their desperate search, the shao'aa did their best to provide solace to their people. However, failing in their affirmation, tribes began instigating each other with obnoxious provocation, and the tranquil halls of the Aashal Tureo became rampant with conflict. As dalatos passed, some tribal members lost control of their cognitive function and fell into a feral-like, fugue state. The dykoii'yahnopa, the feral spread, incited incidents between tribes throughout the holy worlds. Fearing the Hillian would destroy all they helped craft, His Supreme Honor, Kavahk Kalatis, offered to dispatch the Vaulok to Kryllos to deal with the growing crisis. The High Shepherd declined his request and relinquished himself in prayer for revelation. The Hillian's suffering resonated throughout the core worlds, causing many to question the methods of The Mother and Father. As their society continued to crumble under the stress of the ageless universe, the Semprada performed a ritual of deleterious horror that brought desecration to Kryllos.

Abandoning the teachings of the Shalaymuh and Tha'Ohkt, Semprada Priestess Eeoq Leqwa sacrificed Shepherdess Okebah Bazelon, Light Crown of The Mother, in a grotesque blood ritual in the cavernous undergrounds of the Aashal Tureo. The vile act released wails of shrieking darkness surging through Kryllos' serene landscapes and shrouded the region in a fog of twisted darkness. The agony of the planet resonated through the piezerons of every Hillian and Veliken within the holy worlds. Members of the Kiidy and Yiieepo tribes were first to respond to the Semprada's disturbing aftermath; the savage disregard towards The Mother's beauty was enough to push the Hillian to the breaking point. Upon witnessing the horrific scene, the Ak lao'aa brutally dispatched the Semprada zealots with swift fury while they relished their heinous act against the young shepherdess. Hedonistic in her final moments, Priestess Eeoq praised Iqor, the Martyred God, before the Ak lao'aa enacted a Father's righteousness upon the crazed priestess. Having relinquished their piezerons to perform the depraved act, Semprada cultists throughout the region celebrated Qn'Tahr's first blood tribute to Iqor. Scorn by their betrayal, the High Shepherd ordered the immediate arrest of Priest Qwitawu and his followers while awaiting a response from His Supreme Honor.

Mortified by their egregious act, His Supreme Honor, Kavahk Kalatis, ordered to put an immediate end to the Semprada's sickening worship. Enacting His righteousness, he dispatched the Vaulok to Oqovar, the Semprada's established planet, to purge all who praised the false god Iqor. Still enraged, the Ak lao'aa demanded to join their campaign to cull the Semprada from Qn'Tahr. As tensions escalated among the flocks, the High Shepherd feared the Vaulok's actions would plunge the holy worlds into war. Mundaaka relinquished himself in prayer, hoping to receive The Mother's wisdom on how to bring a peaceful end to the conflict. On the battle's eve, the shepherd's faith was rewarded by Her divine revelation.

Before the Ak Lao'aa and Vaulok launched their assault against the dark desecrators, the High Shepherd invoked his sacred oath and bestowed Her mercy unto the Semprada. Wishing no further bloodshed, Mundaaka spared the Semprada from incurring His wrath and banished the depraved worshipers from the core worlds, praying they would find atonement through exile. The Father's warriors furiously rebuked the High Shepherd's act of compassion, asserting the Semprada's sickening worship had no place within Qn'Tahr. Reminding his allies of their oath towards each other, the High Shepherd insisted that Her will was absolute and the Father's champions were honor-bound to adhere to his merciful pardon.

The Ak lao'aa fought with savage disregard as they and the Vaulok evicted the Semprada from Oqovar. The blood martyrs relished every life lost at the hands of Her eternal mercy. Though their subterranean burrows possessed impressive defenses, the Semprada's forces fell to the enraged peacekeepers within a dalo. Proclaiming themselves as the holy martyrs of Qn'Tahr, blood priest Qwitawu embraced the High Shepherd's benevolent act and ordered the Semprada to surrender to The Father's champions. In the bloody aftermaths, the Semprada celebrated the millions of lives lost at the hands of Her merciful reckoning with maddening worship.

When news of the Ak lao'aa's savagery reached the shao'aa, they convened in private council. They openly admonished the High Shepherd's pardon of the Semprada and blamed his methods for leading their tribes astray. With waning faith, the shao'aa agreed Kryllos was inadequate to sustain the needs of their people. Reaching a unanimous decision, they felt the only way to save their culture was to reestablish their fractured society elsewhere. As they feared the ire they'd incur from their decision, the High Shepherd summoned his allies to Kryllos, claiming The Mother rewarded him with revelation.

Journey of The Mother


With righteous indignation, the Semprada cursed their former allis as they fled uur of the core worlds into the remote recesses of Qn'Tahr. In the wake of their departure, eerie veils of darkness loomed over the Aashal Tureo as the holy races assembled on Kryllos- a tainted reminder of the Semprada's sickening worship. Once convened, clergy members unanimously censured the High Shepherd's judgment and questioned his leadership. After surveying the gruesome aftermath of the Semprada's ritual, Veliken meisters estimated it could take 500 dekrons of dedicated focus to restore the Aashal Tureo's natural energies and cleanse the planet. The Ak Loa'aa echoed the scathing condemnation of His Supreme Honor and His court, agreeing the Semprada zealots would undoubtedly continue their twisted practices if left unchecked. As the warriors admonished Mundaaka's clemency, the shao'aa voiced their intentions of leaving Kryllos, assuring they held no animosity towards the shepherds. Though expressing sincere gratefulness for the hospitality they had received, the shao'aa hoped their allies would understand that Kryllos could never sustain the needs of their people. Having heard the many grievances of his colleagues, the High Shepherd shared his revelation while praising The Mother's wisdom.

The High Shepherd agreed with the shao'aa and expressed deep remorse for what the tribes endured since arriving in Qn'Tahr. Then, to honor the Hillian's contributions throughout The Great Dawn, he gifted the Hok Kahma Tha to the weary tribes, promising that faith in The Mother would guide them to a suitable home. The unexpected gesture shocked holy leaders. Though the sudden accolade stunned the shao'aa, they received the token of appreciation with great earnestness. The High Shepherd's laurels drew immediate contention from the Vlauk, claiming it did nothing to address the Semprada's unholy worship. The shao'aa shared mutual concerns, and to honor the generosity of their former hosts, vowed to preserve Her beauty throughout Qn'Tahr. While embarked on their journey, they swore to intervene against those who offered their bloody worship to Iqor. The Hillian's pledge appeased His Supreme Honor, and tensions among the holy races subsided. Praising the resolution, the High Shepherd blessed the Hillian with Her infinite mercy and released them from Kryllos.

Driven by their new oath, the Hillian departed the holy worlds in persuit of the Semprada. The Hok Kahma Tha was viewed as a glistening jewel of Vlauk engineering as it passed through the core worlds, its golden citadels instilling reverence to The Father. Accompanying the Hillian on their journey, the Veliken sought to expand their knowledge of Qn'Tahr. Their meisters became pivotal in assisting the shao'aa in mitigating the sweeping fury that continued to ravage Hillian society. Fifty dekrons into their pilgrimage, the two races registered 154 new planetary systems uur of the core worlds; the Veliken chronicled the journey faithfully. As they traveled deeper into the unknown, the exhausted tribes found no signs of the kluen thistle, and their resolve continued to falter. With nothing but faith to guide them, the fleet continued its course into the far reaches of the galaxy, praying She would soon bless them with Her mercy.

Hillian society didn't adapt well to prolonged space travel. Hundreds of dekrons into their journey, a third of the Hillian had succumbed to the dykoii'yahnopa. As the Hillian struggled along their pilgrimage, the Semprada began colonizing the uncharted regions elst of Shissada Gate. Undeterred by their righteous pursuers, the Semprada resumed their grotesque worship of Iqor. Upholding their oath, the Ak loa'aa intervened with The Father's swift fury; the crazed worshipers relished every life lost at the hands of the Mother's champions. Attempts to broker peace with the Semprada were scoffed at by the blood worshipers, claiming their methods honored the process of The Mother and Father. Their sickening tenacity was no match for the enraged peacekeepers.

The Hillian underestimated the Semprada's religious conviction. Thaxl ic Iqor, General of Iqor, Andiqo Wootalqt of the Semprada, lead a surprise assault against the Hok Kahma Tha in a strategic effort to break free from their pursuers. The general's attack delivered a crippling blow against The Father's mighty fleet, taking advantage of the Hillian's inexperience with space warfare. As the battle raged, most of the Semprada fleet managed to escape the Hillian's vigilant grip by blind warping into the unknown recesses of Qn'Tahr. Barely emerging victorious in their defense, the Hillian suffered heavy losses and lost track of the Semprada. Tribes quickly blamed each other for the failure and pushed their culture further into sunder. The shao'aa reiterated their oath with thinned optimism and assured The Mother would soon recognize their plight. With their society in ruin and their quarry now scattered throughout the uncharted sector, the broken tribes carried on.

For thousands of dekrons, the Hillian tirelessly scoured the desolate region for the Semprada. Though increasingly esoteric, the Semprada claimed the uur reaches of Qn'Tahr as The Allied and resumed their dark worship of Iqor. Without the Hillian to intervene, their perverse practices left the sector saturated with darkness, and madness haunted those who traveled its remote recesses. The daunting journey took its toll on the Hillian; half their population succumbed to the dykoii'yahnopa and acted with feral, autonomous instinct. The shao'aa openly cursed the Shalaymuh and Tha'Ohkt and blamed The Mother and Father for their society's slow, agonizing decline. Conciliatory affirmations by the Veliken only pushed the tribes further into despair. Having abandoned Her teachings, the Hillian acted with bloody indignance and purged all Semprada they encountered- regardless of wrongdoing. In their ruthless wake, their connection to the Shaylos started to wane, and individuals struggled to wield their piezerons. With animalistic tendencies, the tribes carried on, now seeking to purge Qn'Tahr of the Semprada once and for all.

Dekrons into their relentless campaign, the Hillian tracked a sect of desecraters low'relst of Semprada Prime to a remote system unmarred by their corruption. After touching down on the alien world, the fractured society found themselves stepping into a lush jungle of colossal flora and pastel luminescence similar to Ashalorn. Across the faraway planet, the thick, knotted roots of the paulok trees rolled throughout its landscapes, their twisting spires a sign of their precious thistle. The animalistic barbarism that had stricken the Hillian quickly subsided as they stepped onto the tropical world. As tribes reveled in their discovery, the Ak lao'aa hunted down and slew the crazed, Semprada defilers. In the cannibalistic aftermath of their perverse ritual, the planet's energies were contaminated and in dire need of healing. Channeling the little hope they had through their piezerons, the shao'aa relinquished a portion of their lifeforce to heal the planet, cleansing it from the Semprada's tainted worship. Their selfless act reinvigorated the tribes, and their connection to the Shaylos strengthened. Ahboyt'yook'aa began scouring the dense jungles with maddening enthusiasm, leaving no yumiimuk or mawady tree unchecked. Finally, after thousands of dekrons, the Hillian found their thistle in abundance in the distant, exotic world to their exhausted elation.

The Hillian's discovery rang in an era of renewed faith throughout the galaxy. His Supreme Honor rekindled his relationship with the shepherds and swore never to question The Mother's methods again. Embracing Her mercy with tears of revitalized fidelity, tribes settled the tropical world, and ahboyt'yook'aa began cultivating the kluen thistle. They prepared the kluen Ak with tenacious vigor, and to their jubilation, it surpassed anything they had anticipated. The shao'aa invited their allies to share the sacred tradition and reforge kinships through their bountiful harvest. Holy leaders were honored by the privilege and traveled to the distant world and amerced themselves in the festivities. Attendees found themselves rooting for tribes and partaking in the fun rivalries between the Ak lao'aa. The Vaulok even competed and earned further respect from the Ak lao'aa. Once a tribe emerged victoriously and was crowned the Ak Thaholm, tribes gathered for the celebratory feast. In the Hillian's most sacred tradition, the Ak thaholm participated in the Ak lot'gotaee'ok and offered portions of their winnings to the defeated tribes. Shao'aa shared the kluen ak to their holy allies to symbolize strength through perseverance. The gesture was well-received, and across the galaxy, the flock celebrated the rebirth of HIllian society.

Blessed be The Mother's mercy.

The Spreading Dark


Dekrons following the restoration of the Hillian culture, Qn'Tahr flourished under the teachings of the Shalaymuh and Tha'Ohkt. Veliken priest Oom'laku Umunshuu Uoomno and his tribe spiritually bonded with Semprada VII and began constructing a light bridge, a you'owamuk, to connect the distant world to Kryllos; the shao'aa assisted in the monumental endeavor. Though their presence dwindled, the Ak lao'aa resumed their search for the Semprada and any who worshiped the Martyred God Iqor through macabre blood ritual.

As peace resumed within Qn'Tahr, rumors of a ruinous black shroud began to surface within the core worlds. With terrifying reports of dark entities ravaging through peaceful civilizations, the Supreme Honor beseeched the aid of the Hillian. Invoking their oath to the Nesis, Kavahk tasked the tribes to hunt down those responsible for the bloodshed. Fearing an imminent war against the Semprada, the Hillian scoured the sector for the perverse desecrators. They discovered the isolated Semprada cults denied any involvement, claiming the Hillian's constant pressure had left their colonies esoteric. Blood priests cursed the Hillian and embraced the news of the rising dark. Showing no signs of wrongdoing, the Hillian had no choice but to leave the Semprada to their own accord, turning their focus on defending Semprada VII.

The dark entities swept through Qn'Tahr like an unstoppable plague. As allied civilizations crumbled within the core worlds, the tribes on Semprada VII braced for the worst. In an odd twist of fate, as the veil of darkness neared Theta Wyi VII, the savage fog pivoted lowk towards Maso Terra, completely bypassing the system. The relief was bittersweet among the Hillian. Shao Aa dispatched the Hok Kahmah Tha to intercept but proved ineffective against the forces of darkness. After substantial losses, what remained of the Hillian fleet were forced to retreat to Semprada VII. When the dark entities reached Kryllos, the symbol of light within the galaxy was nearly extinguished. As the carnage ravaged the sublime temples, Mundaaka Volgos made a desperate plea to The Mother and Father for assistance. Answering the prayer, the deities vanquished the dark entities atop the Temple of the Mother on Kryllos, restoring calm within Qn'Tahr. Following their intervention, surviving civilizations emerged from the ruins with blurred memories of the dark uprising.


In the early dalatos of The Great Silence, the Hillian salvaged the remainder of their fleet to mount a recovery mission to the holy worlds. Upon their arrival, they were met with a pulsating light anomaly that had completely encompassed the sector of Maso Terra. Already on scene, the Rhy'Laar and their allies had lost dozens of ships while attempting to penetrate the ethereal glow that now surrounded the region. Assiek scientists had no explanation for the bizarre energy signatures emanating from the aberration. Even utilizing the unique, biological technologies of the Hok Kahmah Tha, crafts that entered the region lost all communication and were never seen again. Unable to communicate with or enter the region, there was little else the allies could do but assume those within the holy worlds were lost. The best pilots were tasked with mapping the region's perimeter, marking the points of no return. Wary, the Hillian, returned to Semprada VII, eager to resume normal life within Qn’Tahr. Maintaining kinship with their allies, societies slowly pulled themselves out of the ruin left in the wake of the dark uprising. Exercising the teachings of holy leaders, a tentative peace was restored within Qn'Tahr. As societies rebuilt, the Hillian sought out Semprada cults for answers. Their search came up empty-handed, discovering only ruins of their former colonies.

As millennia passed, Shaow Aa and Veliken meisters began sensing familiar energies emanating from the holy worlds. Likening the sensation to a spiritual outreach, it was as if their allies within Maso Terra were attempting to communicate with the outside universe. Relieved that their allies could still be alive, Hillian and Veliken priests began developing meditative techniques to contact the holy worlds' survivors. Amplifying their mental focus through their piezeron crystals, priests could tune into those trapped within the holy worlds' spiritual wavelengths. Using themselves as a spiritual anchor, the Shao Aa and Veliken were able to “pull” their allies out of the region in the physical. Following thousands of dekron cycles of silence, the allies of the holy worlds were reunited.

The Great Calm

The reemergence of the holy races rang in the era of The Great Calm within Qn'Tahr. The reunion was celebrated throughout the galaxy. Those who were trapped within the ethereal Maso Terra began honing the techniques in which they could exit the sector in the physical. Techniques in which piezeron wielders could enter the celestial world were also mastered, allowing Hillian and Veliken to enter Maso Terra. Honoring their long-standing friendship with their allies, the Hillian resumed the tradition of granting the Ak Thaholm the privilege of protecting the Nesis of Kryllos for that dekron cycle. The Great Teacher and first disciple of Mundaaka Volgos, Aiseina Tobaru, of the Nesis embraced the accolade of the Hillian. To ease the process of traveling in and out of the ethereal Maso Terra, Veliken and Hillian artificers created nexus gates on Semprada VII and Oolumne. With kinships restored, life within Qn’Tahr moved forward.

Modern Era

In the eons leading into its modern era, the Hillian flourished in their established paradise of Semprada VII, maintaining their close bonds with the denizens of Maso Terra. Their faith in The Mother was unwavering. Those who had the rare opportunity of encountering the Hok Kahmah Tha reported it to be even more glorious than the fleet of the Alzheryn. Though considered a protected extension of Maso Terra, attempts to infiltrate the planet were common among pirate and smuggler clans. The Nohrd paid top zel to any who acquired the Hillian’s coveted kluen thistle. One wandering the lavish streets of Shuu Muh, Oolumne, paid upwards of 1000 zel for good kluen ak. On rare occasions, wayward Lioma fleets would travel elst of their sector into the Theta Wyi VII System, instigating fights with the forest warriors. Grievously to most who trespassed onto the sacred world, would-be aggressors were typically never seen again. The rare few who made it out of Semprada VII alive told stories of the forests seemingly coming alive, finding themselves surrounded by Ak Laoa. Their abilities to blend into their surroundings were rivaled only by the Barados. The Hillian were quick to defend their prize and were known to kill without question. It was rumored the Hillian amassed a substantial collection of ships and weapons of failed intruders throughout the ages. Hillian artificers were famously known to incorporate their organic technologies into the acquired devices. These devices were oftentimes utilized by the Vaulok while hunting their quarry.

Training in Creeper's Point and the Crimson Sisters.

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