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The Lioma

“The common thread among Lioma tribes was their savagery towards each other.”


Known for their brutal savagery, physical durability, and limited intellects, Lioma conflicts left a small region of Qn'Tahr in utter ruin. As a primitive, type 0 civilization, why the Coathe decided to ally with the warring tribes was unknown. Mela Xondrak, the Crimson Conquerer of The Blood Legion, was the first of his people to master type 1 technology to claim the title of alpha. Despite their physical deformities and dim nature, they were a lethal ally of the Armada.

Average Adult Height: 2.5 m

Average Adult Weight: 360 kg

Alignment: Chaotic Hostile

Origin: Unknown

Established Planet: Chi'Oli, Froxexah

Population: 750 million (Estimated by Nohrd census)

Gate: Shissada

Reoccurring: Yes

Civilization Type: 0

Found: Armada Sector, Blood Legion Sector

Physical Traits

The Lioma resembled giant, robust Neanderthals who suffered from severe, physical deformities. Standing 2-3 meters tall, they possessed extremely dense bone and muscular structures. Their sand-blasted hides were thick, calloused leather that could resist most weapons below type 4. Tufts of curly red hair covered their hulking bodies. Xeno-biologists who studied their genetics believed substantial inbreeding led to the abundance of physical abnormalities within their population. Extra limbs and asymmetrical features were common.

It was estimated that the average Lioma was ten times stronger than a Rhy’Laar. They could crush traxen with their meaty fists with little effort. Seemingly unaware of their own strength, they broke almost everything they touched. With brains the size of an average human fist, the Lioma had limited intellects and notoriously short tempers. Understanding the complexities and nuances of a simple knock-knock joke was usually beyond their understanding. They did not seem to feel pain. If a physical deformity didn't hinder an individual's mobility, a Lioma could reach foot speeds of 56 kph. Far from graceful, they had nearly limitless endurance. They could sustain their barbaric rage for a dalato without tiring, making them formidable and lethal adversaries.

Their strength, physical toughness, and durability made the Lioma exceptionally difficult to defeat in combat. An overconfident Vaulok or Ak Lao’aa needed only to be hit once to learn NEVER to underestimate their strength. Their dense skulls were able to resist the telepathic powers of the Coathe. One Lioma was powerful enough to rip through a squad of Tri-Fed personnel. Although rare, some rural civilizations within Semprada have learned to fashion armor from the hide and bones of defeated Lioma. Nohrd and Assiek scientists pay upwards of 45,000 zel for Lioma skulls, hoping to develop means to resist the mental power of the Coathe.

Key Figures

“They shared no love towards each other…“

  • Mela Xondrak, The Crimson Conquerer, alpha of the Blood Legion (M)
  • Xeo Yakdaba, Breaker of Mountains, alpha of the Rock Fist (F)
  • Ryxaok Akaxolin, Tamer of the Metal Beast, alpha of the Moon Raiders (M)
  • Xynok Ijiatob, the Breath of Death, alpha of the Blood Wind (M)

Extended Lore

The Alpha Wars

Prior to their arrival in Qn'Tahr in the centuries following the establishment of the Commonwealth, the Lioma hailed from the war-torn planet of Xorl. They were a civilization of savage marauders whose intolerance had left their society in a perpetual, dystopian Bronze Age. After entering Qn'Tahr via Shissada Gate, the giant primitives were introduced to advanced weapons and tools beyond their limited comprehension. Settling on the planet Froxexah in the remote Xorex system, the technological exposure intensified tribal conflicts with savagery beyond that of their Torq'Gan predecessors. As tribes vied for the largest and most advanced weapons they could obtain, the mishandling of these lethal devices was common. Results of their technological ignorance lead to some tribes unintentionally detonated weapons of mass destruction unto themselves, leading to a third of the original population perishing within the first dalatos after their arrival. As lesser tribes succumbed to their rivals, the larger began warring for control over the planet. The savage attempts to stake the claim of Froxexah quickly left its sweeping deserts into blasted landscapes of destruction. As dalos passed, some tribes learned basic space travel, expanding their conflicts deeper into the vast region of Semprada Allied sector. Leading into Qn'Tahr's modern era, the remote region was in utter ruin and a standing testament to Lioma brutality.

The most cunning of the primitive savages, Mela Xondrak of the Blood Legion, observed the flaws in the strategies of his enemies. While his adversaries struggled to comprehend the complexities of plasma rockets, gravity disruptors, and other advanced devices, Xondrak focused on learning simple ballistic weapons and explosives. With skilled proficiency, the Blood Legion wiped out legions with basic technology. Tribes who fell under his brutal craftiness were either culled or enslaved. Lioma women and children were not immune to these fates. It was customary for the victor to remove a body part of the defeated tribe leader. These severed parts are often lavishly worn by the victor as a message to those who dare challenge them. As Xondrak's bloody campaign swept the small region, he was rightfully titled: The Blood Conqueror. Once the fires of war subsided, Mela Xondrak and his tribe, The Blood Legion, reigned supreme over their galactic backwaters of Semprada.

Fortunately for the denizens of Qn’Tahr, the Lioma predominately chose to remain in the uncharted recesses of the galaxy. They showed little interest in politics outside of their territory and rarely left. As more Lioma entered Qn'Tahr, they were immediately . Most view them as a self-contained catastrophe that will eventually fizzle out with time. The divine of Maso Terra originally tried to steer the barbarism of the Lioma towards the light. Still, representatives found themselves unable to compromise with their absolute savagery and deliberate ignorance- despite the Vaulok loving the new challenge. Even the Rhy’Laar found their generosities being met with unprecedented violence. Peacekeepers acquiesced on the notion that it would be easier to deal with them once they established an alpha. With resources low from the Torq’Gan incursion and the rise of The Common Wealth, the fierce Lioma tribes were left to their own devices for hundreds of dekron cycles.

When the Coathe entered The Drift via the Shissada and Bacchus Gates and mobilized with frightening efficiency, Mela Xondrak had already claimed strongholds on the key planets of Chi Oli and Fro Xexah within his conquered sector as the Coathe began launching their campaign against The Common Wealth, their fledgling. Armada was in dire need of resources to match the might of the Nohrd's well-established empire. Spies for The Rhy’Laar Combined reported that a small fleet of Armada ships fled uur’ast of The Common Wealth front lines in search of a means to sustain their battle. While the main Armada forces were locked in the tense battle with the Nohrd, the small Coathe fleet happened upon Xondrak and The Blood Legion. The details of what transpired aren’t clear; the Lioma often boast that the Coathe begged for mercy as they failed in their campaign to conquer Xohr Iytus, Chi Oli, for its rich mineral deposits. During this battle, it's rumored that Armada forces eventually surrendered to the might of The Blood Legion. This is more than likely a stretch of the truth, but shortly after this heated exchange, the Coathe emerged with a new ally and enough raw resource to advance their war efforts. Mela Xondrak emerged from this exchange with new, sophisticated weapons and several starships. The alpha had made a potent ally. This kind of cooperation had never been seen before from the Lioma.

The Coathe eventually fell victim to the Nohrd's chicanery on the manufacturing planet of Teq’Ronus and were forced to retreat. In the dekrons following this defeat, the Coathe established their home in the Uthala System. They relied heavily on the Lioma for hundreds of dekrons for resources to help develop a much more powerful armada capable of defeating that of The Common Wealth. Chi Oli was established as the main resource processing planet for The Armada. In exchange, the Coathe worked with The Blood Legion to teach them how to utilize the technologies now at their disposal fully. In the dekrons since Xondrak and his legion have remained the alpha of their sector with very little challengers to the title. They have worked with their Coathe allies to lock down Shissada Gate and cull out any race that blinks in that isn’t a potential ally. They work closely with the Flume Lords of the Barados, oftentimes on the front lines of battle in the disputed sector. Some of the “brightest” Lioma have applied their vastly intelligent allies' teachings to develop their own weapons and technology, furthering The Blood Legion’s reign. With their limited intellect, these weapons are often comprised of smaller weapons and tools poorly cobbled together with whatever materials they could find and are not always reliable, but when they DO work…

Unlikely Alliance

Rise of the Blood Legion

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