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The Nesis

“The angels of light, beauty, and mercy.”


Heralds of The Mother, emissaries of peace, and shepherds of mercy, flocks across Qn'Tahr regarded the Nesis as divine angels. Residing within the ethereal Maso Terra, they invoked Her cosmic powers through the Shaylos to cast sweeping miracles onto their flocks. Guided by the sacred passages of the Shalaymuh, Nesis shepherds sought to elevate struggling civilizations through its teachings.

Average Adult Height: 1.9 m

Average Adult Weight: 68 kg

Alignment: Lawful Good

Origin: Oashoko

Established Planet: Kryllos

Population: 1.5-2 billion

Gate: Mogotus

Reoccurring: No

Civilization Type: 0

Found: Maso Terra

Physical Traits

Choosing to remain on Kryllos, it was rare for individuals outside Maso Terra to encounter a Nesis in person. The few who shared in their ethereal realm described them as beings of angelic beauty. Some likened them to being elf-like appearance due to their pointed ears and flawless complexion, but the similarities ended there. They moved with a fluid elegance, and their glistening features were varying shades of pastel blue and silver. Their fine hair lustered in shimmered green, silver, and yellow hues that protruded along a small, cranial ridge. Males and females often braided their hair with exotic jewels and flora befitting The Mother. Though humanoid in appearance, their elongated necks amplified their hums of Gregorian praise to The Mother; their chants often echoed through the pristine halls of the Aashal Tureo. As strict vegetarians, their diet of exotic fruits gave them an acrid, semi-sweet aroma. Their chestnut eyes were commonly vibrant blues and greens, some likening them to an endless ocean of empathy and peace.

Although they were exceptionally skilled at harnessing their faith, the Nesis were never known for their physical prowess. Their tall, slim physiques often made them look frail. Some Nesis, like Shepherds Nishek and Dintaar, went on to train with the Vaulok warriors of Cressca. Through dekrons extensive physical training, they transformed into muscular shadows of their former selves. Becoming proficient in reyv kor, they could perform similar duties to their Vlauk companions. Being more of the exception, most Nesis preferred The Mother's path and never pursued any form of physical combat. Like all who inhabit Maso Terra, a piezeron crystal quietly hovered near their presence, symbolizing their absolute faith in The Mother.

Key Figures

“The watchful angels.”

  • High Shepherd Mundaaka Volgos, Anointed Child of The Mother, Author of the Shalaymuh
  • The Great Teacher Aiseina Tobaru, First Testament of the Shalaymuh, Embodiment of The Mother, Shepherdess of Mercy
  • Shepherdess Selah Borendis, Curator of Wisdom, Hand of the High Shepherd —> Voice of Mundaaka
  • Shepherd Bazelon Nishek, The Radiant Mercy, Strength of The Mother, All-Father of the Aash Veileyya
  • Shepherd Volnok Fuestros, Harmonizer of Mind, Eloquence of The Mother
  • Shepherd Tos Gujrial, Cleanser of Soul, Nurture of The Mother
  • Flockling Ateek Tobaru, Twin of Rothuk, Son of The Embodiment, Influence of The Mother
  • Flockling Rothuk Tobaru, Twin of Ateek, Son of The Embodiment, Outreach of The Mother
  • Shepherdess Okebah Nishek, Daughter of The Radiant, Light-Crown of The Mother —> Deceased
  • Shepherd Mandaro Dintaar, Intrepid of Light, Reckoning of The Mother
  • Shepherd Buhlek Ya Aro, Hand of The Intrepid, Neophyte of Merciful Reckoning
  • Shepherdess Aeolus Voxan, Embodiment of Beauty, Essence of The Mother
  • Shepherdess Scee Valtasha, Hand of The Beauty, Aspect of The Mother

Common Phrases and Words

  • Tureo - The celestial Mother
  • Nojiga - The celestial Father
  • Eharrow - Blessed
  • Eharrowal Tureo - Mother's blessing
  • Awl - Holy
  • Ahthorowah - To cleanse
  • Aash Ethylos - Male Light Shepherd
  • Aash Ethyuh - Female Light Shepher
  • Aash Veileyya - A shepherd or shepherdess who embraced the warrior's path of the Vaulok. “Light Protector”
  • Aash - Light
  • Misheevuh - A cleansing ritual underwent by those who entered Mogotus Gate. Once cleansed, individuals received the gift of The Mother, a piezeron.
  • Stumahsh - Impure Individual; impure thoughts.
  • Shataharah - Spiritually pure. ALL who entered Mogotus Gate HAD to be shataharah.
  • Ehdushak - Moral impurity; an immoral individual.
  • Shalaymuh - Sacred texts of the Nesis, consisting of 13 passages written by The High Shepherd and his court.
  • Wornyahta shik - Child or young shepherd; Flockling.
  • Nahathata shik - An individual led astray from spiritual salvation.
  • Sheiye - Flock
  • Sovosal Tureo - The Mother's cry.

Extended Lore

Aspects of The Mother

In the wake of Qn'Tahr's miraculous conception, The Mother searched the cosmos for heralds to act at Her behest within the blossoming universe. Qn'Tahr needed a civilization that had achieved peace through Her to act as a societal role model for others to follow. Her chosen would act as beacons of everlasting beauty and prosperity to those seeking revelation from Her teachings. Her search led to a society of peaceful worshipers who obtained spiritual enlightenment from Her beauty through nature. Across the distant forests of the alien world, the Nesis knew nothing but harmony among their people. Pleased with Her findings, The Mother manifested before members of the Nesis clergy in a stunning display of showering light.

The priests offered their utmost loyalty and servitude in the sudden presence of the celestial figure. Pleased with their reverence, She selected the clergy for divine intention. Elevating their accomplishments for others to follow, the Nesis would guide those led astray within a new universe. By instilling Her teachings of love, beauty, and mercy onto others, they too could obtain eternal peace through The Mother. Unwavering in their faith, the Nesis gracefully accepted their higher purpose. Mundaaka Volgos, the eldest member of the Nesis clergy, was personally selected by The Mother to act as Her spiritual leader within the new universe. Mundaaka swore an oath of absolute faith for himself and his people, deeply humbled. Satisfied, The Mother gave her heralds 50 planetary cycles to compile their teachings and settle their affairs before summoning them to begin their task. Her booming command echoed through the rolling forests, reaching the soul of every Nesis individual. Acquiescing to Her infinite mercy and beauty, the Nesis began writing what would soon lead many towards everlasting prosperity: the Shalaymuh.

The High Shepherd, Mundaaka Volgos, assembled a court of 12 individuals, each representing an aspect of The Mother. They scribed their wisdom into 13 passages, each sacred unto themselves, that would act as The Mother's voice within the new universe. After compiling the writings, Shepherdess Aisena Tobaru offered herself to embrace the new scriptures, becoming the first testament of the Shalaymuh. Celebrating her enlightenment, Mundaaka selected her to act as The Mother's teacher and embodiment of mercy within the new universe. To spread its teachings, Aisena entrusted her twin sons, Rothuk and Ateek, to deliver the message of the Shalaymuh into the lives of every Nesis, hoping to elevate their culture to new heights of prosperity. Through its texts, their society reached new levels of harmony. The Nesis eagerly awaited Her return, confident the Shalaymuh reflected Her everlasting mercy and love.

True to Her word, The Mother returned precisely 50 cycles after her sudden appearance. Mundaaka Volgos reiterated their absolute faith, ensuring that he and his people would abide by Her teachings without question- absolute. Pleased, The Mother coalesced Her energies unto the Nesis, showering them with an intense spectrum of ethereal light. Then, through cosmic evocation, She transported the Nesis to Qn'Tahr via Mogotus Gate, ringing in the era of Early Twilight.

The First Cleansing

A shower of celestial twilight consumed the Nesis, transporting them to an immense platform that lurked in the mysterious recesses of space. A race of alien beings shared their presence and stood with a similar purpose. As the cascades of energy subsided, the two races stood before The Almighty Mother and Father, each regarding the benevolent creators with reverent awe. Then, with flourishing rays of angelic evocation, the two races underwent a bath of spiritual cleansing, the Misheevuh, to ensure no corruption followed them into the virgin universe. Requiring an incredible spiritual fortitude, individuals confronted their innermost apprehensions and surrendered unconditionally to The Mother and Father. Only then would beings be considered shalaharah, pure, in the eyes of celestial figures.

The Nesis and the mysterious race emerged cleansed as the light receded, revealing a world of prolific verdure whose beauty reflected Her divine presence. As they emerged onto its rolling landscapes of luminous flora, The Mother imbued a crystal monolith with Her infinite power. Emanating Her eternal love and kindness, the Shaylos hummed like a celestial chorus, instilling a quieted peace among the Nesis. She bequeathed unto Her children the crystal piezeron, each a conduit to the Shaylos, allowing individuals to draw directly from Her power.

Before their ascension, The Father acknowledged Mundaaka with divine command. As the shepherd stood captivated by His presence, the Almighty gifted him a statement imbued with His wisdom, symbolizing the balance between mercy and righteous accord. The deities blessed their children with 200 pulses of the galactic cycle to master the piezeron, establish houses of worship, and develop sustainable infrastructure for the coming flocks. The deities reiterated that only those with absolute faith would receive their blessing and thrive within the fledgling universe. The Nesis swore their absolute fidelity, and the gods vanished into the heavens with a tremendous prism of light.

Early Twilight

In the dalatos following their arrival, the Nesis learned to hone their spiritual prowess through piezeron meditation. They and the other beings colonized Kryllos, the First Child, and Shepherdess Aeolos Voxan, Embodiment of Beauty, Essense of The Mother, led the construction of a temple beseeming of The Mother's beauty. Aided by Shepherdesses Scee and Okebah, ensured the towering structure faithfully portrayed Her illustrious majesty. To communicate with the beings sharing in Kryllos' scaping tranquility, Shepherd Volnok Fuestros, Harmonizer of Mind, Eloquence of The Mother, developed techniques to communicate telepathically through piezeron focus. His celebrated accomplishment helped forge lasting bonds between the two races for ages to follow.

Though unfamiliar with The Mother, the Vlauk descended from a race of ancient warriors whose hostilities drove their planet to near extinction. However, with the discovery of drachnos tea, a potent libation that elevated its consumers to spiritual enlightenment, the Vlauk abandoned their conflicts and found peace through The Father. Emissary to His Righteousness, His Supreme Honor, Kavahk Kalatis, imparted the Vlauk's sacred text, the Tha'Ohkt, unto the shepherds. With reciprocal gratitude, the High Shepherd, Mundaaka Volgos, related the scriptures of the Shalaymuh, each placing their absolute faith in the others' abilities to foster peace within Qn'Tahr.

As the societies diligently prepared for the coming flocks, Mundaaka and Her apostles frequently debated with Kavahk and His court, discussing how to communicate their scripture effectively. After tireless deliberation, they unanimously agreed that The Mother's message of mercy and compassion would proceed with that of The Father's righteousness. Though welcoming debate in hindsight, actions taken by either party would be absolute, and both agreed neither would interfere with the others' methods. Holy leaders vowed to open themselves to each other's teachings, symbolizing mutual respect, hoping unity would lead the new universe towards a spiritual balance.

Within 60 dekron cycles, the Vlauk developed type 2 infrastructure within the Shay Mar system and constructed a star fleet large enough to house the entirety of their civilization. Blessed by personal revelation, Kavahk informed the shepherds he and his people needed to embark on a spiritual journey to connect with The Father. Though Kryllos reflected The Mother's essence, the Vlauk required a planet befitting Him to colonize to begin their cultural rebirth within Qn'Tahr. The High Shepherd blessed his companions before their departure, assuring faith that The Mother would guide them. After a solemn goodbye, Kavahk led His fleet of golden citadels into the unknown universe, allowing the Nesis to resume the construction of The Mother's temple, and master their abilities.

Dekrons, following the Vlauk's departure, Shepherdess Aeolus completed The Mother's illustrious temple. Incircling the Shaylos, the Aashal Tureo's ringed columns gleamed with resplendent majesty above Kryllos' luminous canopies, beaconing those towards Her eternal salvation. Mundaaka and Aiseina made their residents atop the radiant superstructure, spiritually anchored to the Shaylos to strengthen their spiritual abilities.

Mundaaka and Her Testament spent seven dekrons in deep meditation, learning how to connect with the crystal's tremendous energies. Their devotion brought them revelation: by tapping into the Shaylos, they could perform miracles across vast regions of the galaxy. They could restore beauty where decay festered through Her power, provide bounties where famine lingered, and restore life when death looms. The Nesis revered the incredible power entrusted to them, vowing to utilize their supernatural abilities for absolute good.

While the Nesis furthered their understanding of the Shaylos, the Vlauk's journey ended with the discovery of Saa and Cressca, each bearing aspects of The Father. With no means of interstellar travel, twin sons Ateek and Rothuk developed the kyklono light sphere through piezeron focus, allowing individuals to travel in a cocoon of light between star systems without technological means. Giving praise to The Mother, the twins viewed the kyklono as a means to extend their outreach deeper into the galaxy.

Leading up to the first arrivals, the Nesis felt confident in their ability to convey Her message to the impending flocks. Further practice with the kyklono allowed shepherds to travel the great distances between the nexus gates within dalatos. Shepherd Mandaro Dintaar, Intrepid of Light, Reckoning of The Mother, developed fond regard towards The Father's warriors. Accompanied by shepherds Buhlek and Bazelon, they honed piezeron techniques that enhanced Vaulok's martial prowess. Shepherdess Selah Borendis, Curator of Wisdom, Hand to the Shepherd, ensured all teachings were faithfully chronicled for those ready to embrace The Mother. Shepherdess Okebah Nishek, Daughter of the Radiant, Light Crown of The Mother, graced the halls of the Aashal Tureo with inspiring hymns of Gregorian praise, invoking further confidence in her fellow shepherds. Placing their absolute faith in The Mother's guidance, civilizations began entering Qn'Tahr, ringing in the era of The Great Dawn.

The Great Dawn

Though it took some refinement, The Mother's apostles faithfully executed Her will. Finding perseverance through conviction, the shepherds overcame the initial challenges and honed their piezeron control to carry out Her duty. Shepherd Volnok Fuestros deepened his connection to The Mother's eloquence, giving piezeron wielders the ability to communicate with their flock. Shepherdess Aeolus Voxan, embodying the essence of Her beauty, and Shepherdess Scee Valtasha traveled with the Vlauk while constructing additional settlements throughout Qn'Tahr. Graced by Her elegance, the shepherdesses acted as minstrels of compassion and love to developing civilizations, inspiring faith in their teachings. The Great Teacher, Aiseina Tobaru, amplified Her message of harmony through the Shaylos, providing solace to those jarred by their arrival to Qn'Tahr. The Nesis quickly drew adoration from their flock, earning them the nickname “light shepherd” by those touched by their message of kindness.

As societies poured into the galaxy, the miraculous arrival of the Lomoush, Semprada, and Veliken through Mogotus Gate provided additional aid to the shepherds. The Nesis and Vlauk took a needed respite to welcome the new arrivals while praising The Mother and Father for the further assistance. Sharing similar worship of The Mother, Mundaaka and his shepherds were privileged to grant Oom'laku Loueem Mnayomobo of the Veliken an opportunity to establish his tribe, a You'uudoum, on Kryllos. Having the ability to communicate with the planet's life force, the Veliken became documentarians and historians of nature. Veliken artificers, the muomnn, partnered with Shepherdess Selah to record the spiritual footprints left in the wakes of their extraordinary acts.

The Semprada achieved peace by embracing the principles of both The Mother and The Father. Like the Vlauk in technical capability, the Semprada offered their advancements to further the sustainability of new colonies. Enthralled with the piezerons, the Semprada regarded the Nesis and Vlauk with odd curiosity and studied the Vaulok while enacting His righteousness. Priest Qwitawu Weiqal developed a bond with Shepherdess Okebah, drawn to her child-like inquisitiveness. He and his priests frequently observed the methods of Mundaaka and his shepherds and fawned over their spiritual prowess. Through piezeron focus, the Semprada cast waves of empathy unto those receiving Mother's mercy, garnering the praise of Shepherds Tos and Volnok. Mundaaka developed an admiration towards the Semprada priests, finding wisdom in their anecdotes.

The Lomoush, upon their heavenly wings, enhanced the kyklono through deepened piezeron concentration. Their mastery allowed the holy races to travel faster across Qn'Tahr, allowing shepherds to cross the great distances between the gates within dalatos. Peaking the interests of twin sons Ateek and Rothuk, the Lomoush assisted the twins with their outreach, spreading Her symphony of peace further into the developing core worlds. The High Shepherd honored the Lomoush with a Mother's blessing and appointed them as the distinguished couriers of the holy worlds.

While the influence of the Nesis and Vlauk guided flocks towards salvation, the arrival of the Assiek and Rhy'Laar led to the rapid technological expansion of the core worlds, lifting struggling civilizations to higher levels of sustainability. In addition, they aided planets in reaching technological independence, allowing the Nesis and Vlauk time to dedicate solely to their teachings.

Shepherdesses Aeolus and Scee returned to Kryllos and forged a bond with the Veliken. Also embodying The Mother through nature, Oom'laku Loueem led the shepherdesses through a molek'uudoum, a Veliken spirit walk, to reveal Kryllos's oumenna'muk. When the mystic incantation settled, the oom'laku taught the shepherdesses how to interpret the enchanted symbol, providing a deeper understanding of their symbiosis with the planet. Finally, Oom'laku Loueem gifted the shepherdesses the magical sands of the You'unmuk, allowing them to draw directly from the planet's life force, and call upon the spirits of creatures who inhabited Kryllos.

Shepherds Mandaro, Buhlek, and Bazelon made permanent residents on Cressca as distinguished apprentices to the All-Father of reyv kors, Nokahvn Xarduk. As they immersed themselves in Vlauk customs and traditions, the shepherds developed a deeper understanding of the Tha'Ohkt. Their enlightenment strengthened the spiritual connection to the Vaulok and amplified their ability to aid them along their path of righteousness. To celebrate their blooming comradery, His Supreme Honor extended an invitation to Mundaaka to become the first of his people to undergo the sacred Blogoshk ceremony on Saa. Honored by the overture, The High Shepherd embraced The Father's methods, becoming the first of his people to find enlightenment through His trials.

As peace flourished in the infant universe, the arrival of the Hillian through Mogotus Gate brought further joy to the holy worlds. After undergoing the Mesheevuh, the tribes arrived on Kryllos, where the Nesis became instantly drawn to their spiritual connection to nature. Sharing similar worship of The Mother, the Hillian partnered with Shepherdess Aeolus to enhance the radiant majesty of the Aashal Tureo. Channeling Her beauty through their piezerons, the Hillian flourished the exotic jungles with symphonies of vibrant luminescence, illuminating the temple's surrounding landscapes with shades of pastel wonder. Their craft brought tears of amazement to the Nesis. Beholden to their artistry, the High Shepherd offered to share Kryllos as their home within Qn'Tahr. Honored by his invitation, the Hillian devoted themselves to the Shalaymuh, promising to uphold Her heavenly splendor within Qn'Tahr.

Tainted Light

As passing ages brought the galaxy closer to prosperity, tensions began to stir on Kryllos. Lacking their sacred kluen thistle, the Hillian couldn't practice their religious ceremonies within Qn'Tahr. Pivotal to their culture and way of life, the inability to celebrate their annual tradition generated angst amongst their people, and the Aashal Tureo became rife with provocation. Mundaaka and Shepherdess Aiseina offered conciliatory affirmations to Hillian tribal leaders, the shao'aa, assuring their plight was merely a test of absolute faith in The Mother. Unfortunately, even as shepherds failed to provide solace, desperate searches for the kluen thistle came up empty-handed, compounding frustrations among tribal members. Mundaaka and his shepherds refused Vaulok intervention and relinquished themselves to prayer for guidance. While the Nesis struggled to uphold Her teachings, the Semprada brought desecration to Kryllos.

A mysterious eruption burst forth from beneath the Aasal Tureo, shrouding the temple in plumes of icky darkness, causing the Shaylos to emit peculiar energy across the region. Piezerons wailed with cacophonies of gasping agony that stunned their wielders. Hillian warriors, the Ak Lao'aa, responded first to the scene, discovering the sickening aftermath of a grotesque ritual. Betraying scripture, a congregation of Semprada relinquished their piezerons and sacrificed Shepherdess Okebah, Light Crown of The Mother, and used the Shaylos to amplify her final moments of torment. Upon witnessing the murderous carnage, the Ak'lao'aa slew the crazed perpetrators with savage disregard, each cultist praising “Iqor” with febrile elation before receiving His ultimate judgment. Then, demanding answers for their heinous blasphemy, the Ak'lao'aa presented Priest Qwitawu before Mundaaka and Aiseina. The indignant priest vehemently defended their actions, tributing Iqor, The Martyr God, for their vile worship. Scorn by betrayal, Mundaaka and Aiseina detained the mad priest Qwitawu while awaiting a verdict from His Supreme Honor.

The Father's emissary quickly admonished the Semprada's blasphemous malfeasance and ordered His ultimate judgment upon them. Demanding a Father's retribution Shepherd Bazelon, The Radiant Mercy, father of Okebah, joined All-Father Nokavn as he and the Vaulok traveled to Oqavar, the Semprada's established homeworld, to rid Qn'Tahr of the zealous blood worshipers. The Ak lao'aa accompanied the bereaved shepherd in the campaign, fearing the Semprada would bring further desecration to Her beauty. When news of their intentions reached the High Shepherd, he and Aiseina relinquished themselves in prayer, seeking The Mother's wisdom. By committing deeper to their faith, they received a revelation on how to restore peace to the galaxy.

Refusing further violence to befall the holy worlds, Mundaaka invoked The Mother's mercy and spared the Semprada from His righteousness. In an ultimate act of compassion, he ordered their immediate banishment from the core worlds, choosing forgiveness over bloodshed, hoping they would atone for their atrocities while in exile. The enraged warriors furiously contested Mundaaka's judgment, insisting the Semprada's twisted vices defiled Qn'Tahr's teachings and couldn't remain within the galaxy. Reminding his companions of their oath, Mundaaka insisted that Her will is absolute. Outraged, The Father's warriors fought with fierce vitriol as they removed the Semprada from Oqavar.

With swiftness matched only by their fury, the Vaulok and Ak lao'aa drove the Semprada from Oqavar within two dalls. As they fought through the Semprada's formidable defenses, the holy warriors experienced few casualties during their raid. The Semprada, however, were shown little mercy as their cities fell and their people rounded. Assuring his people that they were the faithful martyrs of The Mother and Father, Qwitawu ordered his armies to surrender peacefully and comply with the mandate. Before departing for their exile, the High Shepherd made a final plea to his former friend, begging them to abandon their horrific practices. The blood priest cursed Mundaaka, vowing to continue their worship freely so long as they remained in Qn'Tahr.

Following the Semprada's banishment, His Supreme Honor, Kavahk Kalatis, called for an emergency summit on Saa, where delegates unanimously condemned the High Shepherd's clemency. Leading His court, Kavahk demanded Mundaaka withdraw his order and allow for a Father's righteousness. Shepherd Bazelon, still grieving from his loss, echoed Kavahk's anger; other Nesis shared his outrage. After surveying the aftermath, Oom'laku Loueem estimated it could take hundreds of dekrons to cleanse Kryllos of darkness and restore its natural energies. With their culture in ruins, the Shao'aa voiced their intention to leave Kryllos and seek a better-suited planet for their needs, assuring they held no animosity towards their former hosts. Understanding the many grievances of their allies, Mundaaka and Aiseina shared their revelation.

Guided by Her divine insight, Mundaaka released the Hillian from their oath, informing tribal leaders that they needed to embark on a spiritual journey to rekindle their faith in The Mother if they were to receive Her eternal mercy. Amidst the discontented murmurs among the assembly, Mundaaka gifted the Hok Kahma Tha to the Hillian to guide them along their path, affirming faith in Her would lead their people towards salvation. Tribal leaders received the unexpected accolade with great appreciation, praising the shepherd's genuine understanding of their plight. Dissatisfied, His Supreme Honor vehemently contested Mundaaka's wisdom, claiming Her revelation didn't address the Semprada should they resume their abhorrent worship. The shao'aa acknowledged His court's concerns and pledged to intervene should the Semprada invoke further darkness into Qn'Tahr, ensuring they would strictly adhere to the Tha'Ohkt and Shalaymuh for guidance. Relenting to the Hillian's oath, His court entrusted the tribes to achieve a spiritual balance among their people to restore faith in their scriptures. Praising Her profound revelation, Mundaaka and Aiseina cast The Mother's blessing upon the Hillian before their departure, confident Her teaching would restore peace within Qn'Tahr.

Faith Rewarded

Tentative peace returned to Qn'Tahr in the ages following the cleansing. Aided by Oom'laku Loueem, shepherds purged the residual darkness from the Aashal Tureo to restore Kryllos' natural energies. By plunging deeper into the profound power of the Shaylos, Mundaaka and Aiseina cast a crown of angelic harmony above The Mother's temple as a radiant monument to Shepherdess Okebah. Its golden vibrance pierced the tranquil landscapes and warded the lingering shadow left from the Semprada's egregious desecration. The High Shepherd and Her First Testament remained undeterred by the passive condemnation from their allies while sharing Her scripture and maintained a working relationship with their Vlauk counterparts. Though many sneered at their presence, Mundaaka asserted his faith in The Mother when His court dared question Her methods.

While contentions stirred amongst the Nesis and His court, shepherds continued to spread Her gospel. Shepherdess Scee Valtasha, Hand of the Beauty, offered her artistry to assist Veliken priestess Oom'lalu Uiun Umunshuuto in constructing a Nu'yuuondek on Saa. When completed, the torus-like superstructure would provide piezeron users immediate travel to the Veliken colony on Oolumne, expanding Her message lowk of the core worlds. Though he silently condemned Mundaaka and Aiseina's compassion towards the Semprada, Oom'laku Loueem continued his partnership with Shepherdess Aeolus Voxan to study Kryllos' You'unmuk, giving them further insight into the Semprada's actions and how it affected the planet's spiritual energy.

Shepherds Bazelon, Mandaro, and Buhlek remained on Cressca, where they advanced to the second of reyv kors, Iovok Tathn. Driving by his daughter's memory, Shepherd Bazelon, the Radiant Mercy, established the Aash Veileyya: a guild of Nesis warriors who embraced the Tha'Ohkt and His methods and swore to preserve Her beauty. Though the High Shepherd and Aiseina celebrated his achievement, Bazelon's resentment towards Mundaaka created a rift between him and the other apostles. As the passing ages devolved kinships to platitude among allies, the Hillian's journey ended with a discovery that restored the fractured bonds among clergy and ushered Qn'Tahr into its spiritual renaissance.

Thousands of dekrons following their departure from Kryllos to rekindle their faith, the Hillian discovered their sacred kluen thistle in abundance on a distant planet beyond the core worlds. News of their discovery brought rejoicing tears to the holy worlds that resonated among flocks throughout Qn'Tahr. Upon hearing of their discovery, His Supreme Honor traveled to the Aashal Tureo, where he humbly prostrated before Mundaaka and Aiseina, vowing never to question Her methods again. As news of Her mercy swept across the galaxy, shao'aa invited their former hosts to join them in Qn'Tahr's first Kluen Ak harvest. Honored by the privilege, shepherds traveled to the distant world, Semprada VII, where they celebrated The Mother and the rebirth of Hillian culture. Deep within the paoluk jungles, the immersive festivities reforged bonds between the Nesis and their allies. Mundaaka and Kavahk believed Qn'Tahr had finally achieved spiritual balance and consecrated the planet as a protected sanctuary, tributing The Mother and Father.

Qn'Tahr saw a surge of new arrivals following the Hillian's settlement of Semprada VII. As the core worlds expanded towards Shissada Gate, twin sons Ateek and Rothuk extended their outreach to the developing systems where flocks embraced Her teachings through the Shalaymuh. Further study of Semprada VII led Shepherdess Aeolus and Oom'laku Loueem to believe the remote planet shared a spiritual link with Kryllos. With similar understandings underway on Saa and Oolumne, the Shepherdess offered her aid to the oom'laku in constructing additional Nu'youundek to bridge Kryllos with Semprada VII. As holy leaders ushered in an era of peace among their flock, rumors of a mysterious blight began to surface from the outer regions of Shissada Gate that thrust Qn'Tahr into a brutal war.

Iqor's Rising

As flocks embraced an era of harmony across Qn'Tahr, strange energies started emanating from the Shaylos. Piezeron wielders experienced visions of unspeakable horror whenever they drew from its power, making it difficult for shepherds to tend to their flock's needs. Mundaaka and Aiseina plunged into a deeper meditative state to strengthen their connection with the Shaylos to investigate the cause of the nightmarish disturbance. While the mysterious energies impeded divine incantation, colonies near Shissada Gate reported a ruinous fog of darkness obliterating the inhabited systems within the region.

Reports from the outer colonies quickly escalated in urgency. Fearing the Semprada succeeded in their sickening machinations, His Supreme Honor dispatched the Vaulok to engage the mysterious anomaly. Shepherd Bazelon, still aggrieved, insisted on leading the Aash Vieleyya to assist His warriors, determined to protect the innocent flocks from the Semprada's bloody practices. Joined by Shepherds Mandaro and Buhluk, the Aash Vieleyya rushed via heavenly kyklono to intercept the anomaly as it neared the Nyyek Tog system, unfazed by the nightmarish visions emanating from their piezerons.

While the Aash Vieleyya and Vaulok rallied to the outer sector, Mundaaka and Aiseina made a desperate plea to the shao'aa, begging them to seek out those responsible for releasing the plight into Qn'Tahr. The tribal leaders acquiesced and sent the Ak lao'aa to question the several known Semprada colonies in the region. Even under the threat of death, the zealots denied any involvement but admitted their settlements had become esoteric due to constant intervention. When asked for their assistance, the blood martyrs adamantly refused, praising the coming of Iqor. With no signs of wrongdoing among those questioned, the Ak Lao'aa returned to Semprada VII empty-handed and reported the unfortunate news to the High Shepherd. As the Shaylos continued to radiate unstable power, the High Shepherd and Aiseina turned their faith to His warriors, praying they could prevent Qn'Tahr from falling into darkness.

The Battle of Nyyek Tog

The Aash Vieleyya and the Vaulok arrived at Nyyek Tog as the ravenous cloud descended on the planet. As the warriors rushed to defend the terrified flocks, thralls of shadowy beings started pouring out from the anomaly's vaporous tendrils as it engulfed the system. Though the warriors fought valiantly in Their name, the instability of their piezerons made combating the threat nearly impossible, and they suffered heavy losses to the nightmarish waves of entities. Pushing through the hellish onslaught, Shepherd Bazelon led evacuation efforts across the system and ensured flocks safely escaped from the encroaching darkness. However, the churning cloud quickly enveloped the region and extinguished its mother star, leaving no trace of its inhabitants. After incurring severe casualties, Shepherd Bazelon and his remaining comrades retreated to Cressca, defeated and gravely injured, to regroup and bolster the defenses of the holy worlds.

Path of the Dark Entities

Dalls following the heavy casualties faced at Nyyek Tog, both the Hillian and Kal'Aa'Tharr'Ok failed in campaigns to prevent the destructive path of the dark entities from spreading through the core worlds. The nightmarish fog grew larger with every system it consumed, leaving entire regions of Qn'Tahr annihilated in its hellish wake. Monitoring its trajectory, the Assiek projected the entities on a direct path to Kryllos. Mundaaka and Aiseina drew from their remaining piezeron energies to cast a shield of blanketing light across the sector in a desperate effort to protect the flocks from falling into further peril. But, even after straining themselves to the brink of death, without the Shaylos to empower their holy incantation, their languishing effort failed to prevent the dark entities from creeping closer to Kryllos.

The ominous shadow, now lightyears in size, swept through Qn'Tahr's remaining defenses and descended on Kryllos with veils of sinister midnight. Vile darkness poured out from the churning tendrils, releasing thralls of shadowy entities upon Her serene landscapes. They moved like a flood of unstoppable death, leaving nothing but ruin in their path. As the dark entities neared the Aashal Tureo, Shepherdesses Aeolus and Scee utilized their mastery of Veliken mysticism to summon the Nu'molek spirits to defend Her holiest of grounds. Unfortunately, though standing united with the You'uudoum, The Mother's last defenders succumbed to the cascades of ruinous plight, and the entities shrouded the Aashal Tureo.

The Shaylos fractured under the intense bombardment of the entities, and Okebah's crown waned in power. As ravenous monstrosities rampaged through Her illustrious bastion, Mundaaka ordered Her Testament to escape with her sons, ensuring The Mother's message lived on should Her temple fall. His shepherdess hand, Selah Borendis, refused to abandon Mundaaka, swearing to chronicle the events until the very end. Before the Shaylos succumbed to the thundering darkness, Mundaaka tapped into its remaining power to invoke The Mother and Father. In a cosmic burst of fractal light, They appeared before the High Shepherd as the entities neared his keep.

Divine Intervention

The ONLY first-hand account of the intervention came directly from Shepherdess Selah Borendis, Curator of Wisdom, Hand to Mundaaka. As the dark entities consumed Her temple in a cloud of hellish malice, she recounted the High Shepherd throwing himself before the celestial beings with reverent prostration and confessing to his failings. As the Aashal Tureo crumbled from the onslaught, Mundaaka begged for forgiveness and a chance to redeem himself before the Almighty. The Shepherdess spoke of his desperate atonement, when acting out of absolute love for the flocks, offered himself in exchange for those lost during the nightmarish siege. She witnessed The Father, enraged, enact swift righteousness upon the High Shepherd, the demonic roars of the entities drowned by his agonizing cries. As Mundaaka writhed from His divine vitriol, Shepherdess Borendis witnessed The Mother intervene during The Father's sentence.

Wishing no further harm to befall the High Shepherd, She extended Her mercy onto him with an empathetic embrace, sparring him from enduring The Father's wrath. Shepherdess Borendis spoke of Her compassionate gesture when out of absolute love for her herald, She offered Mundaaka Her eternal salvation through exile instead of incurring more of His smite. Still stricken from His righteousness, he acquiesced before the Almighty, swearing to remain exiled within the ageless universe. With his fate sealed under a new oath, the Gods directed their terrifying divinity to Shepherdess Borendis.

The young Shepherdess regarded the beings with terrifying reverence, and They addressed her with divine command. To ensure The Mother's message carried on, They issued her the onus responsibility of acting as Mundaaka's voice and caregiver while living out his eternity in exile, swearing death to anyone else who meets his presence. The Shepherdess acquiesced with humbled prostration, vowing to convey Mundaaka's teachings faithfully, and reiterated her absolute faith in Their methods. Pleased, The Mother and Father turned their ire to the encroaching entities with righteous standing.

With swift execution, The Mother cast waves of heavily light unto the entities that halted their ravenous advance. The divine evocation rippled across Qn'Tahr, enveloping the galaxy in a cocoon of radiant spectra that resonated among flocks with angelic hymns of Gregorian beauty. Next, the Father enacted His absolute authority and banished the entities into the endless reaches of the abyss. As civilizations across Qn'Tahr stood mesmerized by the luminous display, they felt the horrific memories of the entities fade away through the soothing chorus. Then, with another cosmic flourish, The Mother released Her energy onto the Shaylos, revitalizing its power. Finally, the deities reiterated Their message of ABSOLUTE faith to the young Shepherdess before departing in a strobe of celestial light.

Without A Flock

An eerie silence fell upon Qn'Tahr. As the Nesis emerged from the howling madness, dazed, with fleeting memories of the horrific onslaught. The Aashal Tureo's pristine majesty glowed with spectacular elegance. Its halls shimmered with milky sinews of purple and pink ethereal twilight, its beauty magnificent. Okebah's light crown, the tribute to her life, shined with an intensity that split the clouds with vibrant rays of golden harmony. The Aashal Tureo's ringed towers radiated soothing embers of divine light throughout the landscape; Kryllos' serene forests now glimmered through wisps of celestial vapor that emanated from the luminous monolith. Pulsing with Her cosmic power, the Shaylos emitted a haunting cacophony of angelic wails; the sensation of charged ozone permeated the air.

The Nesis clergy greeted Shepherdess Selah Borendis, Voice of Mundaaka, as she descended his keep, stunned by the beauty. Though their memories remained mired in a cloud of vague recollection, the tearful moment of solidarity carried an undertone of terrifying relief. Selah recounted Mundaaka's sacrifice and reiterated the details of his exile. The lamented clergy accepted the High Shepherd's selfless atonement with solemn gratefulness. Yet, while they mourned the loss of their cherished leader, the shepherds suddenly realized they could no longer spiritually detect their flock. As consternation unraveled the tearful reunion, they were met by members of the Vlauk, Veliken, and Lomoush, each beleaguered by the situation.

After surveying the aftermath, holy leaders convened on Saa for an emergency summit, each bearing news that would put immense strain on their faith. Still unable to detect their flock, ALL technology had been completely disabled, putting a paralyzing halt to all automation and power grids within the region. Saa and Cressca, having been affected the hardest, suffered a cataclysmic infrastructural and economic collapse due to the sudden outage. For reasons unknown, the entire sector shimmered with vaporous ribbons of twilight that danced across the starry heavens like vails of celestial auroras. Churning clouds of gaseous light now cocooned the holy worlds, its intensity even too powerful for the Lomoush to penetrate with the kyklono. Cut off and isolated within their sector, the gathering of leaders quickly devolved into a panic.

Speaking on Mundaaka's behalf, Shepherdess Selah communicated his message to appoint the Great Teacher, Aiseina Toboru, as the new carrier of The Mother's message. As the first testament of the Shalaymuh, she accepted the responsibility with solemn acquiescence. However, as tensions stirred among the allies, some expressed troubling cynicism by asserting Qn'Tahr and their flock had undoubtedly been destroyed in the aftermath, claiming The Father's righteousness for their failings. Belaboring his concerns, His Supreme Honor, Kavahk Kalatis, feared even if their flock had survived, they would eventually succumb to sin without their guidance. Moreover, even as their recounts slowly faded from memory, the holy leaders feared the dark entities would return without their continued presence. Undeterred by grievance, Aiseina tried to inject confidence in her allies, insisting the circumstances were yet another test of their conviction. Accompanied by Shepherdesses Aeolus and Scee, Priest Loueem of the Veliken addressed the troubled delegation, expressing his peoples' readiness to undergo an arduous demonstration of their spiritual resolve, hoping the effort would reunite the holy worlds to the rest of Qn'Tahr.

Acknowledging his allies' previous demonstrations of faith, the Veliken priest viewed the crisis as a test of his peoples' devotion to The Mother and Father. With Nu'yuuondek under construction on Kryllos and Saa, the oom'laku believed they could perform the Mmyduomnu to light the gates. Though the mysterious effervescence that now surrounded the region would make the feat nearly impossible, he insisted on his peoples' readiness to surrender unconditionally to their faith. With a firm understanding of their mysticism, Shepherdesses Aeolus and Scee expressed willingness to assist the Veliken in the sacred lighting, knowing the commitment could take thousands of dekrons- if it even worked. Having learned never to doubt The Mother's methods, His Supreme Honor expressed tepid optimism; Aiseina, exhilarated by the camaraderie, rejoiced with renewed enthusiasm. Aiseina and Kavahk extended their blessings to the Veliken priest and the shepherdesses with trepidatious resolve. After departing the summit, Priest Loueem and Her Embodiment returned to Kryllos to begin the arduous ritual process; remaining on Saa, Shepherdess Scee, Hand to The Beauty, joined Veliken priestess Uiun at its unfinished Nu'yuuondek, where they prepared for a similar undertaking.

The Silence

Hundreds of dekrons passed into the Veliken's ceremonious lighting. Once every great while, bright flashes of crackling energy erupted from the massive structures, startling many to think the ritual succeeded, only to fall silent for hundreds of dekrons more. Spiritual stagnation festered throughout the holy worlds without the flocks to guide, and discontented whispers of doubt surfaced over the Veliken's dormant endeavor. Nevertheless, Shepherdess Aiseina invoked confidence in her allies by elevating herself as the beacon of hope among the shepherds.

The Great Teacher strengthened her bond with the Shaylos in Mundaaka's absence. She and Shepherd Tos Gujrial, Cleanser of Soul, Nurture of The Mother, imbued the surrounding springs with Her soothing energies to revitalize the spiritual resolve of their wary companions. After submerging themselves, the crystalline waters absolved their strife, and they emerged rejuvenated from the ages of compounding frustration. The Great Teacher also amplified her nurturing hymns of Gregorian enchantment through the Shaylos, resonating symphonies of alluring melody throughout the restored landscapes. Speaking on behalf of the High Shepherd, Shepherdess Borendis conveyed his message of absolute faith, reminding shepherds of the previous ventures of the Hillian and Vlauk. As centuries turned to millennia, the hollowed optimism among the holy races continued to wane.

The plight of the Nesis grew more palpable in the passing ages. Many Succumbbed to wary complacency and viewed the Veliken's ritual as a wasted effort. Commiserating with the spiritual unrest of his fellow clergy, Shepherd Gujrial learned to absolve their negative emotions through his piezeron. Though physically taxing, his selfless techniques eased the restless minds of those questioning The Mother and Father.

Maintaining his vigilance, Shepherd Bazelon, the Radiant Mercy, achieved complete mastery of reyv kor, earning him the title All-Father among the Vaulok. With the Aash Veileyya, they returned to Kryllos and rejoined The Mother's apostles within the Aashal Tureo. Though the memories of the entities had long since faded, All-Father Bazelon insisted he protect Mundaaka's keep, ensuring only his Shepherdess Hand entered his chamber. Then, as stagnancy pervaded the holy worlds, the Nu'youundek on Kryllos and Saa exploded with a showering blaze of cosmic luminescence that rattled the region.

Bridging the Nu'yuuondek

The energy released from the Nu'yuuonndek sent angelic shockwaves rippling across the holy worlds, illuminating skies in the farthest regions. Streaks of purple and blue static surged across the colossal torus, shaking the tranquil landscapes with thunderous bursts of colorful discharge. Along their marbled surface, finely etched runes of Veliken mysticism reverberated with haunting intrigue. Whiffs of charged ozone permeated the air as All-Father Bazelon assembled the Aash Veileyya at the foot of the towering star-gate on Kryllos. Piezerons hummed with curious energy as the warriors met the structure with terrifying uncertainty.

Shepherdess Aeolus emerged first from the ritual site, followed closely by the Oom'laku Loueem and his You'uudoum. So weakened by their arduous task, they collapsed at the feet of their allies, frail and unable to speak. Rushing to their aid, Shepherd Tos Gujrial hurried the ailing clergy to the Aashal Tureo for immediate treatment, where Aiseina assisted in their urgent care. As the Nesis regarded the colossal structure with uncertain awe, twin sons Ateek and Rothuk admired the Nu'yuuonndek with childlike curiosity. Having grown restless over the ages, the precious twins stood eager to resume their outreach and reconnect with the flocks. As onlookers marveled at the structure, the twins shouted Her praises before stepping through the swirling portal.

A rush of warped space consumed the twins as they stepped through the Nu'yuuondek. The universe tunneled around them with an intense light bombardment, their kyklono shielding them from the collapsing universe and folding reality. Finally, after selros of toppling through the endless cascade, the universe reformed around them, and the twins stepped onto the familiar, bioluminescent jungle of Semprada VII. The Hillian met the twins upon their miraculous emergence, elated to be reunited with their holy companions after untold ages.

The Sovosal Tureo

As shepherds reunited with the Hillian on Semprada VII, Shepherdess Scee and Oom'lalu Uiun successfully lit the Nu'yuuondek on Saa. Though they neared death from the ages of physical strain they endured, their difficult feat reunited the Vlauk with their Veliken colleagues on Oolumne. Rushing to their aid, the Lomoush whisked the ailing clergy to the Aashal Tureo, as if guided by heavenly accord, where its healing waters stabilized their critically weakened conditions. However, during the reemergence of the holy races, a strange phenomenon occurred that drastically altered how shepherds conducted their sacred responsibility and carried Her message across Qn'Tahr.

Alkrons into the heartfelt reunion on Semprada VII, the Nesis' piezerons erupted with cacophonies of indiscernible wails and sputtered with unwieldy magic. Shepherds succumbed to the piercing bombardment, and their kyklono engulfed them with shielding light. With their souls fading, the celestial orbs rushed them through the Nu'youundek, returning then to the Aashal Tureo, and submerged them in its enchanted waters. The Nesis emerged purified from Her gentle springs and stood stunned amongst themselves while piezerons curiously chimed with soothing melodies. Moments later, the kyklono of their heavenly allies started pouring into The Mother's illustrious temple.

In the dekrons following their miraculous return, the Nesis discovered the curious new limitations to their spiritual abilities. After extensive study, Veliken artificers believed the light anomaly encompassing the region severed the bond between piezerons and the Shaylos. Because of their spiritual bond with the crystal monolith, shepherds couldn't cope with the Sovosal Tureo, The Mother's cry, for more than several dalls before their kyklono returned them to the Aashal Tureo for purification. Though the Vlauk and Veliken suffered similar affliction, their heartier physiologies allowed them to endure the Sovosal Tureo for dalatos at a time before returning to the holy worlds.

Despite the new limitations, shepherds adapted to Sovosal Tureo. Shepherdess Aiseina, undeterred, led the Nesis with unwavering optimism and maintained her commitment to The Mother. She developed piezeron techniques that allowed shepherds to influence flocks from the confines of the Aashal Tureo, where the Shaylos amplified Her message to those seeking eternal salvation and mercy. The Great Teacher's spiritual prowess drew adoration from her fellow clergy, and His Supreme Honor recognized her leadership and determination.

The Distant Angels

To the surprise of the heavenly apostles, flocks not only adapted during their absence but also flourished. By pooling their collective knowledge, the Assiek assumed the responsibility of retrieving new arrivals from the gates, utilizing state-of-the-art harbinger vessels, and routed the coming masses to the new worlds within The Combined. Though confined within their ethereal realm, shepherds spiritually anchored themselves to the Shaylos and delivered Her message to their flocks with mysterious flashes of spiritual harmony.

Into Qn'Tahr's modern era, flocks praised the Nesis as angelic beings of mercy and light among a divided galaxy. As he lived out his exile, Mundaaka Volgos communicated directly with his Shepherdess Hand and ensured the shepherds faithfully illustrated the passages of the Shalaymuh. The Ak Thaholm joined Shepherd Bazelon in Mundaaka's keep to honor the High Shepherd's sacrifice, providing admittance ONLY to Shepherdess Selah into his chambers. The Great Teacher maintained her stewardship over the Shalaymuh and relied on Veliken emissaries to convey her message to flocks across the galaxy.

Her Lullaby

Most Nesis individuals never fully adapted to the Sovosal Tureo and chose to remain on Kryllos throughout Qn’Tahr’s modern era. Others, like Shepherd Volnok Fuestros and the Aash Veileyyuh, learned a spiritual lullaby, as sung by the Vaulok, that strengthened their fortitude while traversing the galaxy. The Ssceahtohvu became a spiritually intimate ceremony among Her warriors and their piezerons. Their nurturing hymns pacified the shrieking piezeron, allowing them to accompany the Vaulok during their righteous campaigns.

Disturbing the Peace

Using the Torq'Gan as a proxy, the Nohrd launched a surprise assault against The Combined. The devious worms weaponized three harbinger vessels shortly after their retrieval from Bacchus Gate and moved with terrifying precision through the core worlds. As the Kal’Aa’Tharrok focused their fleets on the marauding Torq’Gan, the Nohrd deceived the Veliken into evacuating Oolumne, their sacred heart world, and claimed the Flowumne System as the bureaucratic capital of Qn’Tahr.

The Aash Veileyya joined the Vaulok in the defense of Oolumne.

The Lomoush selflessly relinquished portions of their piezeron energy to assist the divine warriors. that allowed them to travel at incredible speeds across Qn'Tahr.

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