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The Nesis

“They were angels of light, beauty, and mercy.”

Average Adult Height: 1.9 m

Average Adult Weight: 68 kg

Alignment: Lawful Good

Origin: Oashoko

Established Planet: Kryllos

Population: 1.5-2 billion

Gate: Mogotus

Reoccurring: No

Civilization Type: 0

Found: Maso Terra

Physical Traits

Choosing to remain on Kryllos, it was rare for individuals outside Maso Terra to ever encounter a Nesis in person. The few who shared in their ethereal realm described them as beings of angelic beauty. Some likened them to being elf-like in appearance due to their pointed ears, but the similarities seemed to end there. They moved with a fluid elegance, and their glistening complexions were varying shades of pastel blue and silver. Their fine hair lustered in shimmered hues of green, silver, and yellow. Though humanoid in appearance, their elongated necks amplified their hums of Gregorian praise to The Mother; their chants often echoed through the pristine halls of the Aashal Tureo. Their chestnut eyes were commonly vibrant colors of blues and greens. Some likened them to staring into an endless ocean of empathy and peace.

Although they were exceptionally skilled at harnessing their faith, the Nesis were never known for their physical prowess. They were tall, lean, and a bit lanky. Some Nesis, like Shepherds Nishek and Dintaar, went on to train with the Vaulok warriors of Cressca. Through dekrons extensive training and mastery of piezeron techniques, they transformed into muscular shadows of their former selves. They became proficient in reyv kor and were able to perform similar duties to their Vlauk companions. Being more of the exception, most Nesis preferred The Mother's path and never pursued any form of physical combat. They adorned themselves in robes made of fine silks and jewels that conveyed Her beauty. Braided hair and weaves were common among both males and females. Like all who inhabit Maso Terra, their piezeron crystal quietly floated above their shoulders, a symbol of their absolute faith in The Mother.

====== Extended Lore ======

Early Twilight

In the wake of Qn’Tahr’s miraculous conception, The Mother searched the cosmos for arbiters to act at Her behest within the blossoming universe. Qn'Tahr needed a civilization that had achieved peace through Her for others to model themselves around. Her chosen would act as beacons of everlasting beauty and prosperity to those seeking revelation from Her teachings. Her search led to a society of peaceful worshipers who obtained spiritual enlightenment from Her beauty through nature. Within the distant, jungle world, the Nesis knew nothing but harmony among their people. Pleased with Her findings, The Mother manifested before members of the Nesis clergy. The priests offered their utmost fealty and servitude in the sudden presence of the celestial figure. Admired by their reverence, She informed the clergy they had been selected with divine intention; by elevating their accomplishments for others to follow, the Nesis would help shepherd those led astray within a new universe. By instilling Her teachings of love, beauty, and mercy onto others, they too could obtain eternal peace through The Mother. The Nesis clergy were deeply humbled to be entrusted with such purpose. Unwavering in their faith, the Nesis gracefully accepted their higher calling. Mundaaka Volgos of the clergy was anointed by The Mother to act as Her spiritual leader within the new universe. Humbled, Mundaaka swore an oath of absolute faith for himself and his people. The Mother gave her heralds 50 years to compile their teachings and settle their affairs before summoning them to begin their task. Her command echoed through the lush landscapes, reaching the soul of every Nesis individual. Acquiescing to Her infinite mercy and beauty, the Nesis began writing what would soon lead many towards everlasting prosperity: the Shalaymuh.

The High Shepherd, Mundaaka Volgos, assembled a court of 11 spiritual leaders, each representing an aspect of The Mother. They poured their wisdom into 12 passages, each sacred unto themselves, that would act as the voice of The Mother within the new universe. Once written, Priestess Aisena Tobaru offered herself to fully embrace its teachings, becoming the first testament of the Shalaymuh. Claiming the scriptures led her to a spiritual awakening. Mundaaka selected Aiseina to act as Her teacher and embodiment of mercy. To spread its teachings, Aisena entrusted her twin sons, Rothuk and Ateek, to spread the message of the Shalaymuh into the lives of all Nesis, hoping to elevate their culture to new heights of prosperity. Through its scripture, their society reached new levels of enlightenment. Confident the Shalaymuh reflected Her everlasting mercy and love, they awaited The Mother's return. True to Her word, The Mother returned precisely 50 years after their oath. Mundaaka Volgos reiterated their absolute faith, ensuring that he and his people would abide by her teachings without question. Pleased, The Mother coalesced Her energies unto the Nesis, blanketing them in a gossamer of ethereal light. Through Her cosmic act, the Nesis were transported to Qn'Tahr via Mogotus Gate, ringing in the era of Early Twilight.

The Nesis found themselves instantly transported to a platform of intense, pulsating energy. Sharing their presence was a race of creatures unfamiliar to them but stood with a similar purpose. As the cascade of light subsided, the two races found themselves standing at the feet of the heavenly Mother and Father. The two civilizations regarded the sight with quieted awe. They underwent a bath of spiritual cleansing, the Misheevuh, to ensure no corruption followed them into the virgin universe. During this ceremony, individuals confronted their inner-most apprehensions and surrendered unconditionally to The Mother and Father. Only then would beings be considered shalaharah, pure, in the eyes of celestial figures.

Once cleansed, they were transported to a planet that reflected The Mother's beauty. Upon its serene landscapes, The Mother imbued a crystal with Her infinite power. Emanating Her eternal love and mercy, The crystal Shaylos would be a beacon for those lost in the sea of darkness. The Mother bequeathed unto Her children the crystal piezeron, each containing a portion of the Shaylos' cosmic energies. Through spiritual focus, the piezeron could amplify their wielders' abilities, allowing them to perform miracles on their flock. The Father gifted a statement of His righteousness unto The High Shepherd, symbolizing the balance between judgment and mercy. The Mother and Father gave their children 200 pulses of the galactic cycle to master their abilities, establish houses of worship, and develop the necessary infrastructure for those to follow. Before their departure, The Mother and Father asserted once more that only those of absolute faith would be rewarded within Qn'Tahr. The gods ascended into the heavens on a burst of light, leaving behind their appointed to begin their task. Blessed be The Mother's mercy; righteous be The Father's judgment.

In the dalatos following their arrival, the shepherds learned how to amplify their spiritual connections through piezeron meditation. Shepherdess Aeolos Voxan, Embodiment of Beauty, Essense of The Mother, led in the construction of an immense temple beseeming of The Mother's beauty. She, with Shepherdesses Scee and Okebah, ensured the halls of worship faithfully portrayed Her illustrious majesties. To communicate with the beings sharing in Kryllos' scaping tranquility, Shepherd Volnok Fuestros, Harmonizer of Mind, Eloquence of The Mother, developed techniques to communicate through piezeron focus. His accomplishment was viewed as the first miracle performed within Qn'Tahr and was celebrated among the two holy races.

Similar to the Nesis, the Vlauk were also selected for a higher purpose. Though unfamiliar with The Mother, the Vlauk descended from a race of ancient warriors whose hostilities had driven their planet to the edge of extinction. Through the consumption of drachnos tea, a potent libation that leads its consumer to spiritual enlightenment, the Vlauk abandoned their conflicts and found peace through The Father. Emissary to His righteousness, His Supreme Honor, Kavahk Kalatis, imparted the Vlauk's sacred text, the Tha'Okt, unto the shepherds. With reciprocal gratitude, The High Shepherd, Mundaaka Volgos, related the scriptures of the Shalaymuh. Bonds forged between the two races, each placing unwavering faith in the others' abilities to bring forth peace within Qn'Tahr.

As the two societies worked diligently to fulfill their divine responsibilities, Mundaaka and his shepherds frequently met with Kavahk and His court. They engaged in serious discussions regarding how their differing ideologies would be conveyed to their flocks. Through prayer and revelation, the leaders determined that The Mother's message of mercy and compassion would follow the righteousness of The Father. Both agreed that neither would interfere in the other's teachings or practices. Though welcoming debate in hindsight, actions made by the other would be absolute. Mundaka and his shepherds placed unwavering faith in The Supreme Honor and His court. As a symbol of mutual respect, holy leaders promised to implement the other's teachings into their practices, hoping the unity would bring spiritual balance to the new universe.

Within 20 dekron cycles, the Vlauk established type 2 infrastructure on Kryllos. Having constructed a star fleet that reflected The Father's might, the Vlauk departed on their own spiritual journey. The High Shepherd, Mundaaka Volgos, blessed his companions, assuring them that faith in The Mother would guide them in their travels. In the dekrons following their departure, Shepherdess Aeolus completed the temple dedicated to The Mother. Towering above the exotic forests of Kryllos, the Aashal Tureo was a testament to Her everlasting beauty. Constructed around the crystal Shaylos, the ringed tower gleamed with The Mother's energies, beaconing those towards Her eternal comfort. Mundaaka and The Great Teacher made their residents at the top of the radiant tower where they spiritually anchored themselves to the Shaylos. Dedicated to their faith, Mundaaka and Aiseina spent seven dekrons in a state of deep meditation where they learned how to connect with the crystal's vast energies. Their devotion brought them revelation; by tapping into the Shaylos, shepherds could perform sweeping miracles to regions of the galaxy. Shepherds could restore beauty to decay through spiritual focus, provide bounties where famine lingered, and restore life to what death has taken. The Nesis revered the cosmic power given to them. The revelation of Mundaaka and Aiseina was celebrated as the second miracle of Qn'Tahr.

As dekrons drew closer to the first arrivals, twin sons Ateek and Rothuk developed the kyklono light sphere through piezeron focus. Viewed as Qn'Tahr's third miracle, the technique allowed the twins to travel on the rays of The Mother's light, letting them extend their outreach further into the galaxy. Granting piezeron users the ability to traverse space without using technology, the holy races could now travel unassisted between their worlds. Having completed The Father's journey and establishing the planets Saa and Cressca, the Vlauk quickly embraced the discovery. As they became proficient in the ability, the use of the Vlauk's fleet slowly dwindled. As further piezeron techniques were revealed, the use of other technologies also faded.

In the dalls leading up to the first arrivals, the Nesis were nearly ready to begin spreading Her message to their flock. Guided by the teachings of Mundaaka and Aiseina, the shepherds learned how to tap into the Shaylos' power and amplify their abilities. Further practice with the kyklono allowed shepherds to travel the great distances between gates within dalatos. Shepherd Mandaro Dintaar, Intrepid of Light, Reckoning of The Mother, developed fond regard towards the Vaulok warriors of Cressca. Accompanied by shepherds Buhlek and Bazelon, they perfected piezeron techniques that enhanced their Vaulok companions' abilities. Shepherdess Selah Borendis, Curator of Wisdom, Hand to the Shepherd, ensured the High Shepherd and Great Teacher's teachings were chronicled faithfully for those ready to embrace The Mother. Shepherdess Okebah Nishek, Daughter of the Radiant, Light Crown of The Mother, graced the halls of the Aashal Tureo with inspiring hymns, invoking confidence in the abilities of her fellow shepherds. Placing their absolute faith in The Mother's guidance, civilizations began entering Qn'Tahr, ringing in the era of The Great Dawn.

The Great Dawn

Though it took some refinement, the will of The Mother was faithfully executed by Her shepherds. Finding perseverance through their conviction, the shepherds overcame the initial challenges of their duties. Shepherd Volnok Fuestros deepened his connection to The Mother's eloquence, giving piezeron users the ability to communicate with their flock. Shepherdess Aeolus Voxan, embodying the essence of Her beauty, and Her aspect, Shepherdess Scee Valtasha, traveled with the Vlauk while they constructed settlements throughout Qn'Tahr. Graced by Her elegance, the shepherdesses were minstrels of compassion and love to the developing civilizations. The Great Teacher, Aiseina Tobaru, amplified Her message of harmony through the Shaylos, providing solace to those frightened of the new universe. The Nesis quickly drew adoration from their flock, earning them the nickname “light shepherd” by those touched by their message of kindness.

As societies poured into the galaxy, the arrival of the Lomoush, Semprada, and Veliken through Mogotus Gate was a welcomed surprise to the holy races. After receiving their piezeron, the Nesis and Vlauk took a needed respite to welcome the new arrivals. Sharing similar worship of The Mother, Mundaaka and his shepherds were privileged to grant Priest Loueem Mnayomobo of the Veliken an opportunity to establish his tribe on Kryllos. Having the ability to communicate with the planet's life force, the Veliken became documentarians and historians of nature. Veliken meisters partnered with shepherdesses Aiseina and Selah to record the spiritual footprints left in the wake of their miraculous acts.

The Semprada had achieved peace by embracing the principles of both The Mother and The Father. Like the Vlauk in technical capability, the Semprada offered their advancements to further the new colonies' sustainability. Enthralled with the abilities of the shepherds and Vaulok, the Semprada regarded the Nesis and Vlauk with precocious curiosity. Priest Qwitawu Weiqal of the Semprada developed a bond with Shepherdess Okebah, having been drawn to her child-like inquisitiveness and radiance. He and his priests frequently observed the methods of Mundaaka and his shepherds, often fawning over their spiritual prowess. By focusing their energy through their piezeron, the Semprada could cast waves of empathy unto those receiving Mother's mercy. Mundaaka developed an admiration towards the Semprada priests, finding their ancient wisdom and anecdotes thought-provoking.

The Lomoush, upon their heavenly wings, enhanced the kyklono through deepened piezeron concentration. Imparting their mastery unto the shepherds, their techniques reduced travel time between the gates by dalos. Their contribution garnered the praise of twin sons Ateek and Rothuk. Eager to cary Her message, the Lomoush assisted the twins with their outreach, spreading Her symphony of peace deeper into the core worlds. The High Shepherd honored the Lomoush with a Mother's blessing. To celebrate their dedication, the shepherd appointing them as the distinguished couriers of the holy worlds.

While the influence of the Nesis and Vlauk guided flocks towards salvation, the arrival of the Assiek and Rhy'Laar led to the rapid technological expansion of the core worlds. They lifted struggling civilizations to higher levels of technological advancement, allowing holy races to focus solely on their teachings. Shepherdesses Aeolus and Scee returned to Kryllos and forged a bond with the Veliken. Embodying The Mother through nature, the shepherdesses quickly embraced Veliken culture. Under Loueem's guidance, the shepherdesses became one with Kryllos' energy, allowing them to communicate spiritually with the planet and draw from its vast power. To celebrate their accomplishment, Priest Loueem gifted the sacred sands of the You'unmuk, strengthening their devotion to The Mother.

Shepherds Mandaro, Buhlek, and Bazelon made permanent residents on Cressca where they were welcomed as distinguished apprentices to the All-Father of reyv kor, Nokahvn Xarduk. As they embraced Vlauk tradition, the shepherds developed a deeper understanding of the Tha'Okt. Their enlightenment strengthened the shepherds’ spiritual connection to the Vaulok warriors, amplifying their ability to aid them along their path of righteousness. To celebrate their friendship, His Supreme Honor extended an invitation to Mundaaka, offering him the privilege of becoming the first Nesis to undergo the sacred Blogoshk ceremony on Saa. Honored by his overture, The High Shepherd embraced The Father's teachings, becoming the first of his people to find enlightenment through His trials. The spiritual comradery brought forth thousands of years of peace throughout Qn'Tahr.

As peace flourished in the infant universe, the arrival of the Hillian tribes through Mogotus brought further joy to the holy worlds. Once purified through the Misheevuh and receiving their piezeron, their tribes were transported to Kryllos. Mundaaka and his shepherds were immediately drawn to their spiritual connections to nature. Sharing similar worship of The Mother, the Hillian partnered with Shepherdess Voxan to enhance the radiant majesty of the Aashal Tureo. Channeling Her beauty, the Hillian flourished the forests in symphonies of vibrant light, illuminating the temple's surrounding landscapes. Their craft brought tears of amazement to the Nesis. Beholden to their artistry, The High Shepherd offered to share Kryllos as their home within Qn'Tahr. Humbled by his invitation, the Hillian devoted themselves to the teachings of the Shalaymuh and promised to uphold Her splendor within Qn'Tahr.

The Cleansing

As passing ages brought the galaxy closer towards prosperity, tensions began to stir on Kryllos. Lacking their sacred thistle, the Hillian found themselves unable to perform their religious ceremonies within Qn'Tahr. Pivotal to their culture, the inability to celebrate their annual tradition created angst amongst their people. Mundaaka and Shepherdess Aiseina commiserated with Hillian priests, the Shao’aa, insisting their plight was a test of absolute faith in The Mother. Their wisdom provided little solace. As shepherds consoled the Hillian, desperate searches across the galaxy for their coveted thistle came up empty-handed, compounding their frustration. Refusing the intervention of the Vaulok, Mundaaka and his shepherds committed deeper to their faith and worked with Shao’aa to restore peace among their people. Failing to affirm Her teachings to the restless tribes, the serene halls of the Aashal Tureo became rife with conflict. As the shepherd struggled to maintain the temple's sanctity, the Semprada brought desecration to Kryllos.

Abandoning the teachings of the Shalaymuh and Tha'Okt, Priestess Eeoq of the Semprada sacrificed the Light Crown of The Mother, Shepherdess Okebah, in a bloody ritual beneath the Aashal Tureo. The Shaylos amplified her final moments of agony and marred the surrounding landscapes in a fog of darkness. The vile act cut the Semprada off from their piezerons in bursts of rippling darkness. They reveled in her sacrifice with maddening worship. Giving glory to The Mother and Father, priest Qwitawu led an entourage of his fellow clergy in celebration within the Aashal Tureo. Horrified by the grotesque act, Mundaaka and Aiseina confronted the mad priest and his followers. Claiming her sacrifice honored The Mother and Father, priest Qwitawu invited the shepherds to share their rejoice. Fearing further desecration, Mundaaka placed Qwitawu and his followers under arrest while awaiting a verdict from the Vlauk.

Admonishing their heinous act, His Supreme Honor called for immediate action. Having revealed their dark intentions, Kavahk ordered the immediate execution of all Semprada zealots. Abandoning The Mother's teachings, Shepherd Bazelon, The Radiant Mercy, father of Okebah, demanded The Father's righteousness be enacted. With shepherds Mandaro and Buhlek, Bazelon accompanied All-Father Nokavn as he and the Vaulok traveled to Oqavar to purge the Semprada from Qn’Tahr. When news of their intentions reached The High Shepherd, he and Aiseina relinquished themselves in prayer to seek The Mother's wisdom. By surrendering to their faith, their conviction brought revelation to restore peace to the galaxy.

Refusing further violence to befall within the holy worlds, Mundaaka invoked The Mother's mercy, and sparing the Semprada from His righteousness. Choosing forgiveness over bloodshed, he ordered for their banishment from the region, hoping they would understand the error of their atrocities in exile. The Vlauk immediately rebuked his compassionate act. Shepherd Bazelon furiously contested Mundaaka's judgment, insisting their twisted practices could not remain within Qn'Tahr. Reminding his companions of their oath, Mundaaka insisted that Her will be done. Outraged, The Father's warriors fought with fierce vitriol as they removed the Semprada from Oqavar.

With swiftness matched only by their fury, the Vaulok and Hillian drove the Semprada from Oqavar within 2 dalls. Though their defenses were formidable, the holy warriors experienced few casualties. The Semprada were shown little mercy as their cities fell and their people rounded. Assuring his people they were the exalted martyrs of The Mother and Father, Qwitawu ordered his armies to surrender peacefully and comply with the mandate. Before departing for their exile, the High Shepherd made a final plea to his former friend, begging them to abandon their dark practices. The blood priest cursed Mundaaka, vowing to continue their worship freely so long as they remained in Qn’Tahr.

Following their departure, Mundaaka and Aiseina called for a summit on Kryllos with holy leaders. His Supreme Honor led his court of judges to the Aashal Tureo, demanding that Mundaaka withdraw his order and allow for a Father’s righteousness. Shepherd Bazelon, still grieving from his loss, echoed Kavahk’s anger, his Nesis companions shared his outrage. Upon surveying the aftermath of the ritual, priest Loueem stated that it could take upwards of 1000 dekrons to restore the natural energies of Kryllos. The Shao’aa voiced their intention to leave Kryllos and seek out a planet better suited for their cultural needs, assuring they held no animus towards their former hosts. Understanding the grievances of their allies, Mundaaka and Aiseina shared their revelation.

With new insight, Mundaaka released the Hillian of their oath. He informed the wary tribes that if they were to receive Her mercy, they first needed to embark on a spiritual journey to rekindle their faith in The Mother. As a final gesture of goodwill, Mundaaka gifted the mighty Hok Kahma Tha to the Hillian, claiming that faith in Her would lead their people towards salvation. The Hillian received the gift with great appreciation. In exchange, the Shao’aa promised their warriors would intervene if the Semprada invoked further darkness to Qn’Tahr. His Supreme Honor, dissatisfied, contested the wisdom of the shepherds. Mundaaka affirmed that the Semprada now knew the consequences for their acts of desecration. Though free to find peace in their exile, the Hillian were permitted to execute a Father's righteousness if they engaged in any dark worship within Qn'Tahr. Giving blessings to their people, Mundaaka and Aiseina assured the Hillian that only absolute faith would guide them in their journey. Thankful, the Hillian set a course uur of the core worlds in pursuit of the Semprada defilers.

The Rising Dark

Tentative peace slowly returned to the holy worlds in the ages following the cleansing. Shepherds Bazelon, Mandaro, and Buhlek remained on Cressca and reached Iovok Tathn within reyv kor, having mastered the first level of Kahma Tathn. Following the restoration of Kryllos’ energies by the Veliken and shepherds, Mundaaka and Aiseina cast a golden crown of light above the Aashal Tureo as a radiant monument to Okebah. Despite his passive condemnation towards The High Shepherd and Her Teacher, Kavahk maintained a close working relationship with the shepherd clergy, hoping Qn'Tahr could still achieve spiritual balance. As kinship devolved to platitude, the Hillian’s journey ended with a discovery that restored the bonds of faith within the holy worlds.

Having tirelessly vanquished another attempt by Semprada blood priests to summon darkness, the Hillian found their precious thistle within the lush jungles of Semprada VII. News of the discovery brought rejoicing cheers to the holy worlds. With his faith renewed, His Supreme Honor met with Mundaaka and Aiseina, vowing never again to question The Mother's wisdom. As holy leaders rekindled their friendships, Hillian tribes began cultivating their first harvest. As a symbol of friendship, the Shao’aa invited their former hosts to join them in Qn’Tahr’s first Kluen Ak celebration. Honored, holy leaders traveled to the remote world and immersed themselves in the Hillian’s sacred tradition. While the festivities restored the Hillian's faith, Mundaaka and Kavahk believed balance had finally been achieved. The renewal of faith rippled across the galaxy, ringing in an era of spiritual peace within Qn’Tahr.

While civilizations flourished, rumors of a ruinous dark fog of twisted entities began to surface throughout the galaxy. As reports escalated in their urgency, piezeron wielders began sensing strange energies emanating from the Shaylos. Mundaaka and Aiseina relinquished themselves in deep meditation, hoping to stabilize the unbalanced pulsing of the crystal. Rumors quickly became panicked distress calls of entire solar systems being obliterated by darkness. Shepherd Bazelon and his companions offered to lead a battalion of warriors to engage the growing threat. Granting their request, His Supreme Honor dispatched the Vaulok to vanquish the rising dark.

The entities proved too powerful for The Father’s brave champions. Forced to retreat, Bazelon sought out Sensing their peril, Mundaaka and Aiseina cast a shield of blanketed light across the galaxy to prevent the darkness from spreading further into Qn’Tahr. The exhausting effort did little to slow the path of darkness as it advanced closer to the holy worlds. Mundaaka and Kavahk beseeched the assistance of the Assiek, hoping their technological advancements could help combat the rising dark.

====== The Silence ======

====== The Great Calm ======

====== The Modern Era ======

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