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“Duplicitous to a fault…“


Posturing themselves as Qn'Tahr's royalty, the Nohrd ruled the Commonwealth with bureaucratic malevolence. Orchestrators of deceit and fraud, the Nohrd notoriously injected themselves into every facet of galactic politics, acted as war profiteers, and enjoyed instigating tensions between allies. With deep machinations, their obnoxious hubris and pompous superiority made them hated by most of Qn'Tahr's inhabitance. Yet, despite their nature, the Kal'Aa'Tharr'Ok and allies often found themselves siding with the Nohrd to combat the Coathe's ambitions of unifying the galaxy under their rule.

Average Adult Height: 1.95 m

Average Adult Weight: 226 kg

Alignment: Lawful Hostile

Origin: Unknown

Established Planet: Oolumne

Population: 17.3 Billion

Gate: Bacchus

Reoccurring: Unknown

Civilization Type: 3

Found: The Commonwealth

Physical Traits

Despite being utterly disgusting, bags of goo, the Nohrd carried themselves as the distinguished royalty of Qn'Tahr. Imagine, if you would, that a 7-foot flatworm swallowed the Kool-Aid Man. Atop two nubby legs sat a bloated potbelly that undulated as it shimmied through the lavish streets of Oolumne. A Nohrd's body was a gelatinous ballon protected by a highly dense, transparent, viscous membrane, and a pair of stubby arms hung from their slimy hides, each with four thin, needle-like claws at their rounded tips. Their floppy, arrowhead-shaped heads sat atop a thick, mucus-soaked neck. A pair of bulbous black eyes drooped from its edges; many humans likened them to soulless puppy eyes with a wicked 1000-yard stare.

Their heft led many to underestimate the physical prowess of the Nohrd. By compressing their cytoplasm, they could glide on surfaces at speeds of 16 KPH without ever having to lift their legs. In addition, they could expand their pharynx to catch currents to propel themselves when submerged. Their strength nearly matched the Rhy'Laar, but their limited dexterity made them incapable of performing any actual hand-to-hand combat. Instead, if forced into a physical fight, a Nohrd utilized its mobility and pharynx to neutralize its adversary quickly. When threatened, A Nohrd expelled a viscous glob of acid from beneath its tail region, reducing individuals to a hissing puddle of smoldering goo within ten selros. Witnesses to such happenings describe the gurgling agony they can't un-hear in morbid detail. Despite their physical grotesqueness, the Nohrd relished fashioning themselves in rare, decorative items that showcased their status. Though hermaphrodites, they often courted races they found exotic and frequently surrounded themselves with an entourage of celebrities and influencers.

The Nohrd loved nothing more than clinging to the thermal vents on the beaches of Woh Saul, Oolumne. Utilizing the four hooks at the ends of their expandable pharynx, they pulled their pudgy body up a thermal shoot until it found a desirable spot to rest and feed. They dangled for alkrons while teams of emissaries conducted business on their behalf. An emissary wishing to share vital information during a Nohrd's feeding found themselves waiting in awkward silence as their master slowly descended the jagged flumes. The Nohrd oriented themselves backward and spoke from underneath a tail resting on its slimy back gut like a puffy necktie. Its tail would wiggle and writhe as it demanded an explanation for being disturbed. News, good or bad, had similar fates if one made the mistake of disrupting their master while feeding.

A Nohrd could launch its pharynx three meters at 1/5 of a selros and often enjoyed consuming the messenger. Then, after finding themselves trapped within the bloated creature, the unsuspecting victim would suffer a brutal death when the Nohrd would brutally 'pop' its victim with a crushing roll of its cytoplasm. Seeing a slowly dissolving body through a Nohrd's greyish-green membrane was common and often flaunted by its consumer.

Key Figures

“They ONLY about enriched themselves and the Commonwealth.”

  • Duke Nethurt, the Illustrious - Bureaucratic and strategic leader of the Sim Shavo
  • President Command, Nubithal'En - Bureaucratic CEO of Nubithal'En Galactic
  • Her Eminence, Star General Sai - Bureaucratic Co-head of Sai Qadal Banking and Administration
  • True Herald to The Mother, King Qadal the Magnificent - Bureaucratic Co-head of Sai Qadal Banking and Administration
  • Supreme Leader Newowp, Duke Extravagant of Oolumne - Galactic influencer and trendsetter of Qn'Tahr
  • Duwobo, Baron General of the All-Father - Strategic enforcer of Cil Durek Collections
  • Queen Command Star Goll, King of the Cosmos - Bureaucratic CEO of Cil Durek Collections
  • Lord Cthogoth, Marquee of Infinite Horizon - Chief science officer and bureaucratic CEO of Infinite Horizon Technologies
  • Prince Duchess Surnai, the Intrepid Lord of Qn'Tahr - Founder of Gresk'Iryn and Surnai Mapping Guild
  • Her Majesty Lowovol, Chief of Galactic Communications, the Voice of Qn'Tahr - Bureaucratic CEO of Lowovol Galacti-Comm
  • His Exalted Lord Illustriousness Gwogardowa, Heart of The Empire - Command Superious of Flowumne
  • Heir Extravagant of Qn'Tahr Sceeowok, Reigning Artisan of The Empire - Bureaucratic CEO of Sceeowok Cruise Lines
  • Pensalee, Divine Commandant of Qn'Tahr - Bureaucratic CEO of Apex Excursions

Common Phrases and Words

  • Bundu Trothc - Roughly translating to “lesser race.” A pejorative term used to describe all civilizations below type 3. Considered extremely offensive to some.
  • The Saiye Teyla - The Treaty of Civilized Advancement
  • Sosoo - A committee comprised of members from the Beaurecratic Royalty and scientific houses of Assiek who were tasked with assessing the technological aptitude of “lesser” civilizations.

Extended Lore

Disturbing the Peace

The Nohrd arrived in Qn'Tahr through Bacchus Gate during an escalating regional conflict. Violent thralls of Torq'Gan breached the housing matrix of the Tarfon vessel responsible for their recovery and seized its operational control. The Nohrd's retrieval by the same craft came as a fleet of Kal'Aa'Tharrok from Shaltyk Prime responded to investigate the scene and came under intense fire from the Tarfon's defenses. As nauseous vapors and confusion permeated the ship's corridors, Torq'Gan slave masters, the Iyzurek, confronted the Nohrd amidst the chaotic scene, demanding they submit unconditionally to Lord Iyzu, the Enslaved, or be tributed to His glory. However, under the guise of tepid duress, the Nohrd immediately recognized the Torq'Gan's archaic shortcomings and, with sinister machination, prostrated before the Iyzurek with terrified subservience. As they duplicitously groveled before their vile, new masters, they offered assistance in combatting the unknown attackers to demonstrate their worthiness. Though fueled with insatiable rage, their reverent posturing bode well, and the Iyzurek granted them the privilege of proving themselves to Lord Iyzu in glorious battle.

After accessing the ship's automated, Neural-Adaptica computers, the Nohrd gained operational functions of the Tarfon and engaged the Kal'Aa'Tharr'Ok with frightening precision, forcing the allied fleet into a retreat after incurring significant casualties. While the Torq'Gan celebrated their first victory with roars of exasperated bloodlust, the Nohrd confronted the Iyzurek, whose barbaric proclivities demanded those responsible for their presence in Qn'Tahr answer to their lord. The cunning Nohrd swore their loyalty in exchange for survival, vowing to assist the Torq'Gan claim vengeance over the culpable actors. However, blinded by primitive desire, the slavers failed to recognize the Nohrd's clever deception and set the unintentional rise of Qn'Tahr's one true empire into motion.

Bundu Trothc

The Torq'Gan's limited intellects and volatility quickly earned the Nohrd's ire. In the alkrons following the Kal'Aa'Tharr'Ok's defeat, as the savage marauders obnoxiously regaled the recent victory, the Nohrd uncovered a plethora of vital information regarding Qn'Tahr through the Tarfon's extensive database. Disgusted with their findings, they viewed their presence in Qn'Tahr beneath them and regarded The Mother and Father as archaic constructs concocted by inferior races. So, to the Nohrd's stoic rage, when the Tarfon selected Oolumne's thermal-rich environment as an ideal planet for their habitation, they pompously took issue with its current residents, the Veliken.

“The Nohrd did not like sharing.”

Upon further assessment, they discovered most of Qn'Tahr's inhabitants also lacked advanced technological knowledge, relying heavily on the Assiek's generosity to provide the tools necessary for basic survival and infrastructure. Regarding these civilizations with flagrant prejudice as bundu trothc, an inferior race, the Nohrd firmly believed Qn'Tahr deserved more than a piecemeal spiritual approach to inject order into the galaxy. Unfortunately, shortly after gaining navigational control of the Tarfon and its fabricators, the Torq'Gan's caustic bodies started damaging vital components of the ship as they celebrated Lord Iyzu with primal worship. Though the Nohrd refrained their disdain, the Iyzurek's hunger for war grew more restless and demanded another demonstration of loyalty to Iyzu.

With tepid capitulation, the Nohrd acquiesced to their masters. After deviously taking advantage of the ship's Neural-Adaptica interface, the Nohrd discretely hacked the nanotechnology of their master's OA's, augmenting them with enhanced strength, stamina, and comprehension. Unbeknownst to the simple savages, the Nohrd could now regulate their temperament and vitals, giving them complete control over the depraved slavers. Also, they cleverly utilized the Torq'Gan's natural ability to secrete acidic flames as a delivery device to infect other OA users with their self-replicating virus- phrasing it as the ability to lead individuals to Iyzu. The Torq'Gan accepted the generous tithing, unaware of the nanomachines coursing through their bodies or the remote detonators affixed with every implant. Finally, with an army at their ready, the Nohrd quietly resumed concocting a scheme to elevate themselves as Qn'Tahr's distinguished iconoclasts.

Masters and Slaves

Though the Assiek's technology was vastly inferior to their own, the Nohrd utilized the full capabilities of the Tarfon to their advantage. Dubbed the Mshmn Muu by its devious occupiers, they masked its tracking signature, allowing them to slip away undetected from Bacchus Gate via the Alsi aurora lane. Despite their bloated, worm-like appearance, the Nohrd proved to be ideal slaves in the Iyzurek's eyes, displaying unwavering obedience and servitude when threatened. However, the Torq'Gan remained unaware of their deeper machinations. To appease the Iyzurek, the Nohrd improved upon the Assiek's underwhelming technology to develop weapons and a star fleet befitting the Torq'Gan's unique physiology. However, even as they further augmented the Torq'Gan's OA's, the Iyzurek's yearning for battle and rowdy inclinations ebbed the Nohrd's patience. Even after urging for a quieter approach from their masters, the Torq'Gan's lust for war festered among their people, and they demanded another demonstration from the Nohrd to appease Lord Iyzu.

Dalos into the journey to Oolumne, further adjustments to the Torq'Gan's OA's stirred them into a feral blood-lust. After studying Qn'Tahr's galactic registry, the Nohrd selected the fueling depots of Feyrak Minor as an optimal location to launch their blitzkrieg on Qn'Tahr, when, if successful, would drastically cripple allied fleets in the region. Even though the Torq'Gan possessed limited mental faculties, the Nohrd wasted no time familiarizing their unwitting subjects with the use of their weapons and technology. Fortunately, to their invested patience, the Torq'Gan demonstrated SOME tactical competence and adaptability in combat, though unbeknownst, the Nohrd discreetly altered their cognitive functions to increase their lethality and intellects. Finally, after readying their troops, the Nohrd set a course to Feyrak Minor to unleash their unruly masters upon Qn'Tahr.

Despite the Mshmn Muu's sheer size, the Nohrd arrived completely undetected at the 5th planet of the Taln System, Feyrak Minor. Before releasing their legion of riled-up primitives, they activated the full capabilities of the Torq'Gan's augmented OA's with little compunction to the prolonged physical and mental strain it would put on their users. After releasing Iyzu's subjects into the unsuspected galaxy, the Nohrd quietly sleeked away via Alsi to resume their voyage to Oolumne. Now freed from the bundu trothc savages, they proceeded to the next phase of their plan, where Oolumne's mineral-rich, volcanic pyres awaited their glorious arrival.

Rise of an Empire

While en route to Oolumne, the Nohrd continuously monitored their master's battle progression with scrutinized observation. Maintaining their subservient ruse, they closely monitored all Kal'Aa'Tharrok communications and tactical data, feeding all necessary intel to their unruly, Iyzurek masters. Even though the Torq'Gan demonstrated inferior combat tactics against the allied mobilization, their enhanced physicality combined with the Nohrd's superior technology allowed them to sweep through the Kal'Aa'Tharrok forces at Feyrak Minor in four dalls and conquer the entire Taln System in two dalos. After delivering the devastating blow, the violent slavers expanded their conquest to neighboring systems with animalistic fury, enslaving all survivors in Izyu's glorious purpose. Also, from the safety of their Tarfon, the Nohrd ensured all new servants of Iyzu received an enhanced OA to further their nefarious ambition.

The Nohrd's rampaging swarm claimed more than thirty systems during the remaining dalatos left in their journey to Oolumne and led more than a dozen civilizations to Iyzu's glory. They watched as bundu trothc civilizations took up arms against Iyzu's army with devices beyond their understandings, often doing more harm to themselves than preventing the Torq'Gan's advance- pathetic. Despite their horrendously inefficient battle tactics, the Torq'Gan drew a significant majority of Kal'Aa'Tharrok from Oolumne, providing the Nohrd a clear path with minimal resistance if discovered. The deviant worms salivated for the planet's abundant volcanic deposits as they neared their final objective. While their flagrant hubris celebrated the rapid expansion of their empire, strange energy readings from Oolumne halted their advance and forced them drastically recalculate their strategy.

The Missing Variable

Even though it provided extensive knowledge of Qn'Tahr's inner workings, the Tarfon possessed inadequate data regarding Maso Terra, nor did it offer any relevant details surrounding Oolumne's Nu'yuonndek. Having it described only as a “spiritual bridge” without any further context, the Nohrd failed to calculate the Vaulok's arrival in their meticulous campaign. Stopping short of their prize in the neighboring Thalahaid System, the Nohrd remained cloaked within the Mshmn Muu and closely monitored the developing situation with seething contempt towards their new adversaries. Once the divine inquisitors assembled and set course towards Iyzu's warring subjects, the Nohrd sat back and, with restrained irritation, said amongst themselves: “Bring it on.”

With flourishes of arcane righteousness, the Vaulok fought the Torq'Gan to a complete standstill to the Nohrd's infuriating rage. The holy combatants lacked OA's for Iyzu's taking and wielded their piezerons with championed skill against the Nohrd's berserk army of primitives. As the Aashal Vieleyya rushed to reinforce The Father's heralds, the Nohrd further prolonged their journey to Oolumne's tasty deposits to analyze the new adversaries with micronized detail. However, while their ultimate reward beckoned them from parsecs away, Iyzu's enslaved loyalists started losing ground against the noble inquisitors, and the Nohrd's patience finally lapsed. With no moral compunctions toward their bundu trothc masters, the maniacal worms increased the limits of the Torq'Gan's OA enhancements, pushing their physical and mental capabilities to critically taxing levels. However cruel, the Torq'Gan provided the Nohrd precious time to properly study the holy combatants while encountering a more significant threat.

Millions of Iyzu's unwitting servants fell at the expense of the Nohrd's callously meticulous study. Though well worth the sacrifice of simple bundu trothc, the Nohrd observed the burden placed on the Vaulok and Aashal Veileyya from the Sovosal Tureo and quickly factored it into their sinister endeavor. The insidious worms exploited the bizarre phenomenon by moving Iyzu's fleet beyond the physical capabilities of the devout protectors. Once out of range, Iyzu's army asserted its hold over Qn'Tahr's sparsely inhabited region urr'vast of the Combined, conquering the sector within six dekrons; unfortunately, the Nohrd's prize still baited them from systems away. After acquiring all necessary data, the Nohrd recalculated their strategy to rid Oolumne of its residents and holy protectors and continued to expand their empire.

Fueling An Empire

While most civilizations who entered Qn'Tahr bore no quorums with cohabiting with beings of similar aspirations towards a greater good, the Nohrd did not- especially with emissaries of Maso Terra.

“It was bad for business.”

Though they possessed the ability to destroy all life on Oolumne while maintaining their anonymity- and the entire Flowumne System for that matter, from the safety of the Mshmn Muu, the Nohrd preferred an unsullied prize, choosing not to jeopardize the planet's volcanic succulents. Even after claiming the sector vast of the Combined and introducing hundreds of races to Lord Iyzu, the Nohrd grew restless for their yearned craving. As they ponderously toiled over endless calculations to rid Oolumne of its devout inhabitants, the Iyzurek led Iyzu's army of unwilling subjects, now critically exhausted, with pre-programmed, animalistic impetus into The Allied to further spread Iyzu's message and expand the Nohrd's empire.

The Nohrd cautiously maneuvered the Torq'Gan deeper into Semprada's dark recesses. Having ascertained knowledge of its Nu'yuonndek, they kept clear of Semprada VII to prevent another encounter with the holy inquisitors. While the Nohrd maliciously pushed the Torq'Gan’s mental and physical limits, a curious energy pulse from within Semprada's secrets piqued their sinister interests. Following the quickest trajectory to the anomaly, the Torq'Gan entered a region of space contaminated by Semprada worship. So, at the expense of many, but at the reward of intriguing data, Iyzu's wearily-hyped troops exited the blight, barely conscious, autonomous corpses with little left of their cognitive faculties. However, blinded by nefarious tendencies, the Nohrd traced the readings to a remote planet and descended their forces upon it with prospects of enriching their growing empire.

The Torq'Gan discovered an abandoned excavation site, whose recent surveyors left abruptly, that uncovered the remains of an ancient laboratory. Traveling deep into its ruins, Iyzu's loyal servants beckoned the Nohrd's command and followed the unusual readings to a mysterious reactor chamber that radiated with unfathomable power. Elated by their findings and singularly focused, the Nohrd directed their autonomous savages to scan all remains for any vital data and acquire the artifact. Though it took dalos to transport safely and the entirety of Iyzu's fleet to protect, once in the Nohrd's possession, it provided the catalyst for them to make their final move against the galaxy.

Springing The Trap

Nohrd scientists examined the ominous reactor with scrutinized detail and obtained a rudimentary understanding of its workings. Though well beyond their technical achievements, the data collected from the excavation site revealed the artifact wielded the potential energy to destroy an entire universe- an appropriate tool for their devious endeavor. With precision-like finesse, the Nohrd integrated the strange device into the Mshmn Muu as Iyzu's jaded servants wearily awaited further command from their indignant masters. To the Nohrd's nefarious glee- and at Qn'Tahr's peril, upon activating the device, the artifact generated a stabilized singularity of unimaginable power- DARKRIDIAN. As they marveled at their new possession with self-aggrandizing hubris, powering up the relic released a burst of cosmic energy that alerted the allies to their presence in Thalahaid.

The Nohrd immediately course-corrected from their blunder as they seethingly watched the allies bolster their fleets into a united advance on Thalahaid. As the Kal'Aa'Tharr'Ok and holy warriors approached the system, the Nohrd blessed Iyzu's army of barely sentient automatons with one final upgrade to their OA's before slipping away in their Tarfon undetected- they primed the detonators. During the fierce engagement, the Torq'Gan fought with an intensity that, according to the Nohrd's calculations, drew out most of Maso Terra's defenders from Oolumne's Nu'yuonndek. After narrowly evading allied detection in Thalahaid, and acting with swift execution, when the Nohrd arrived at the Flowumne System, they utilized the Mshmn Muu's gravitational emitters to tamper with its parent star, deceiving its residents into believing an eminent supernova threatened the region. Unfortunately for Flowumne's residents, with all available reinforcements occupied with Iyzu's programmed zealots, the Nohrd watched with sinister elation as the Veliken and others helplessly evacuated the system, leaving Oolumne ready for their taking.

The Nohrd's clever ruse led to most of Flowumne's residents evacuating the system within five alkrons. With no further impedance, the devious perpetrators used the Mshmn Muu's fabricators to develop a lethal defense grid to contend with Maso Terra's dogmatic sycophants. Before springing their trap, the Nohrd turned their focus to the battle raging in Thalahaid, where Iyzu's enslaved army of bundu trothc fought with uncontrollable fury against the allied front. The time had finally come for the Nohrd to establish their dominants over the lesser civilization. Driven by intitled, malcontent desire, the Nohrd activated the Torq'Gan's detonators, setting Iyzu's loyalist servants and fleet ablaze in one synchronized explosion that nearly obliterated Thalahaid. The Nohrd watched with contemptuous glee as a cosmic ocean of kyklono returned the wounded Vaulok and Aashal Vieleyya through the Nu'Yuonndek. Finally, after accounting for every soul, the Nohrd deployed the energy grid around the Veliken superstructure, locking the site down and targeting any who exited the bridge with precision lethality.

When the grizzly fog of war subsided, the Nohrd emerged victorious with Oolumne as their ultimate reward. Though the shield encompassing the Nu'yuonndek operated with maximum efficiency, as they poured over their battle performance data, realized only 73% of the Torq'Gan's augmented OA's successfully detonated. Though more than adequate to contend with their adversaries, the Nohrd honored the Torq'Gan's remaining 27% by allowing their fittest to escape to the Var'lowk sector with Iyzu's heartiest survivors.

“Besides, it was only the beta.”

Rise Of The Commonwealth

Following the Nohrd's treacherous victory over the Kal'Aa'Tharrok and Maso Terra's elite warriors, they celebrated with a needed respite with no further impedance. They finally indulged in Oolumne's savory, volcanic nutrients while they colonized the spired crags of its coasts. Unfortunately, as they reaped the spoils of conquest, the Mshmn Muu leveled Oolumne's sacred grounds to pave the way for Qn'Tahr's rising empire, the Commonwealth, with cruel disregard for the planet's spiritual significance. Though its previous residents, the Veliken, left intriguing information regarding Maso Terra during their hasty evacuation, as the bloated worms feasted with gluttonous candor, the Mshmn Muu erected towering cities with its (now) heavily modified fabricators upon the once consecrated grounds. It terraformed Oolumne within two dalos, with the sprawling metropolis of Shuu Muh acting as Qn'Tahr's new political capital. However, before they truly settled into their new home within the ageless universe, the Nohrd turned to Iyzu's remaining subjects still inhabiting their empire.

During the Torq'Gan's merciless, programmed invasion against the galaxy, they indiscriminately infected hundreds of races with the Nohrd's self-replicating OA enhancement; among them, the Sholomite and Glycereon. Forced into pernicious labor, the Nohrd relegated the bundu trothc to constructing relay stations on every planet and moon conquered during the Torq'Gan's unrelenting advance. With each antenna drawing energy directly from its mother star, they generated a sophisticated targeting and monitoring network the Nohrd could access from Oolumne. Though still unable to extrapolate from the darkridian's infinite power, Nohrd scientists continued their research and sought to expand upon their grid technology to encompass the entire Commonwealth.

Among those enslaved during the Torq'Gan’s incursion, the N'Faryn (actually) embraced the OA enhancement and regarded the Nohrd with sycophantic zeal. Viewing them as saviors to their neglected society, the N'Faryn swore loyalty to the Commonwealth with an obsequious proclivity. Without the Torq'Gan, and needing a new army, Nohrd bureaucrats appointed the N'Faryn to lead the Sim Shavo, tasking them to protect Commonwealth's interests with unwavering action.

The Commonwealth continued to strengthen without the allies to thwart the Nohrd's deleterious endeavor. While they admired the towering metropolises from Shuu Muh to Abbi Shuu with flagrant grandeur, the arrogant worms disregarded all allied negotiation attempts with obnoxious pretension.

“A Nohrd ALWAYS spoke first if it wanted to entertain a conversation with a bundu trothc.”

They laughed with defiant elation as the Vaulok made multiple attempts to muster a counter offense from Semprada VII. Unfortunately for Maso Terra's formidable warriors, due to the Sovosal Tureo's odd physical limitations, they succumbed to its effects lightyears before arriving at the Commonwealth's borders. With Oolumne fully occupied by the deviant worms, they expanded outward to its moons: Woal and Pysaul, and then Teq'Ronus, its planetary neighbor, enslaving anybody who remained behind after their supernova ruse. Having improved upon the “Iyzu Virus,” the Nohrd wasted no time putting His servants to immediate work in constructing relay towers throughout Flowumne to secure the system under their ruthless regime.

Two dekrons after acquiring Oolumne, the Commonwealth occupied the region of Qn'Tahr between Maso Terra and Semprada Allied and secured Bacchus and Shissada Gates from the Kal'Aa'Tharrok. From the galaxy's new industrial capital on Teq'Ronus, Nohrd engineers improved upon the Assiek's Tarfon design to develop the Bshnali class harbinger vessel to assume the recovery of new arrivals. A substantial upgrade from its predecessor, the Bshnali improved upon the Tarfon's defensive systems and housing matrixes, making it difficult, if not impossible, to breach. To further their malevolent scheme, the Nohrd programmed the Bshnali to inject all recovered with Iyzu's glorious subservience upon receiving an OA. After establishing all necessary infrastructure and defensive grids across the Commonwealth, the Nohrd finally opened their borders to Qn'Tahr and revealed themselves to the galaxy.

Silencing The Galaxy

After securing their territory within the ageless universe, Qn'Tahr's bloated sacks of entitlement, the Nohrd, extended diplomatic invitations to Combined leadership, even lowering the defenses around Oolumne's Nu'yuonndek for Maso Terra's dioceses to join them in “peaceful” negotiations. Upon their tentative acceptance, allied delegates traveled to Shuu Muh, Oolumne's lavish capital, where a scene more akin to a gala than a political summit greeted their arrival. When the Nohrd presented themselves before the negotiators, they broadcast the grandiose event across the galaxy, where they introduced themselves as Qn'Tahr's elite, bureaucratic iconoclasts. They postured themselves with smug pretension before the dignitaries, every word laden with passive condescension. Speaking with tactless poignancy, the Nohrd highlighted Qn'Tahr's ubiquitous flaws that led to their inevitable rise to power and promised to instill order under their fair and compassionate rule. Furthermore, even as the committee expressed unanimous condemnation towards the odious provocateurs, the Nohrd dismissed all grievances and continued their proclamation with unwavering imperiousness.

Speaking with crude authority to the Rhy'Laar's governing regents, the Nohrd boorishly aired their disgust towards the (abundant) species with unabashed prejudice. Though mildly impressed by their biological plasticity, Nohrd scientists presented their analytics to the representatives, showing how the Rhy'Laar's continuous arrivals threatened to overpopulate Qn'Tahr, espousing the species would inevitably exhaust the galaxy of its finite resources. Moreover, as they continued to assert their bigotry, the vile bureaucrats stated they would cull 60% of all Rhy'Laar recovered from Bacchus and Shissada Gates to limit their population. As the allied dignitaries responded with gasps of audible horror, the Nohrd assured the remaining 40% would make exceptional assets to the Commonwealth. However, upon announcing the despicable decree, the Nohrd conveyed a semblance of reason and promised to keep room for negotiations open with Combined leadership, but ONLY adequate concession or fair compensation would garner their attention. Dissented outcries erupted from the allies, but the authoritarians remained unfazed and proceeded with pointed malice.

Directing their audacious guile towards the Assiek's scientific houses, Nohrd bureaucrats scolded their reckless handing over of advanced technology to primitive civilizations who lacked a basic understanding of its workings. The elitist autocrats presented the Saiya Teyla, the Treaty of Civilized Advancement, whose articles firmly imposed that NO society inherently deserved access to devices beyond their technical understandings. Furthermore, they asserted that effective immediately, ALL civilizations must undergo stringent aptitude tests in using their accessible technology or be subject to ambiguous penalties. As the Nohrd poshly dismissed the sweeping uproars amongst the allied counsels, they threatened the Sim Shavo against those who violated its clauses. Also, to stir mistrust among the delegation and those watching from across Qn'Tahr, the Nohrd offered tantalizing rewards to those who reported defiance against their rule.

As they continued their scathing address to the galaxy, the Nohrd, with sinister machination, recognized the Assiek's scientific prowess and offered to groom their society towards technological perfection. They invited all Mastered Assiek scientists to join the Mioschnuk, a committee of bureaucratic scientists tasked with evaluating the bundu trothc to ensure that only those worthy of succession can access advanced devices. Furthermore, though not without generosity, and as a token of good faith, the Nohrd offered to improve upon all aurora lanes and implement a galactic currency to Qn'Tahr to help struggling civilizations develop independency. Unswayed by the allied response, the Nohrd maintained their domineering presence and directed their inflammatory rhetoric toward the Maso Terrians with contemptuous ire.

Refusing to address the religious clergy directly, the Nohrd dictated their contemptuous words through a N'Faryn ambassador who eloquently captured its master's unfathomable disgust. Though they admired the piezeron's extraordinary power, the Nohrd rejected The Mother and Father as primitive constructs concocted by the lowest of bundu trothc. The enslaved N'Faryn flawlessly conveyed the Nohrd's repugnant joy as it threatened unimaginable consequences against those caught proselytizing holy scriptures within the Commonwealth. However, though not beyond reason, the Nohrd offered access to Oolumne's Nu'Yuonndek at substantial concessions determined by situational urgency. Finally, as a small conciliatory for robbing them of their heart world, the gracious Nohrd extended an offer to the Veliken, demanding they alone can speak on behalf of the Commonwealth during all negotiations between them and the Maso Terrains.

The Nohrd ignored all outrage and obscenities cast from the allied bundu trothc following their fomenting decree to the galaxy. They maintained their authoritative poise while exiting the gala, wanting nothing more than to return to Woh Saul's delicious volcanic pyres; however, the Nohrd ALWAYS recognized an opportunity to illustrate their superiority above bundu trothc. Having lured most of Qn'Tahr's key figureheads to ONE centralized location- idiots, the Nohrd detonated the N'Faryn's OA, resulting in a blast that killed all attendees and returned a small river of Kyklono through the Nu'yuonndek. Millions of civilizations watched the event unfold, bringing Qn'Tahr to a complete and shocking standstill. Finally, with no further impedance and before ending the egregious broadcast, the Nohrd made a final proclamation to those still watching:

“We are the Nohrd. Obey us.”

Under New Management

The Nohrd's shocking demonstration of their authority became infamously known as “The Broadcast” by terrified civilizations throughout Qn'Tahr. Following their horrific atrocity against the Combine and Maso Terrain leadership, the malignant royalty celebrated its anniversary as their Independence Day, Ssceeompf Pfaaa, where they tastelessly replayed the event across the Commonwealth- a veiled warning to all bundu trothc who dared challenge their superiority. As a result, societies that inhabited the region forcefully succumbed to the bombastic monarchs. While they struggled to survive the cruel oppression, their masters lavishly reigned from their deco palaces throughout Oolumne's sprawling metropolises, where they forcefully asserted their indispensability to the galaxy.

The Nohrd's tyrannical reign drove Qn'Tahr into its modern era, and civilizations throughout the galaxy felt the impacts of their authoritarian grip. The pompous, self-appointed royalty flatly rejected all Combine diplomatic endeavors and targeted envoys of peaceful negotiators with cruel lethality as illustrations of their authoritarian proclivity. Even when the Kal'Aa'Tharr'Ok proposed the Sovereignty Acts, ingratiated ambassadors truncated the articles as bundu trothc white noise while their masters clung to Oolumne's volcanic pyres with apathetic indifference. Also, after multiple attempts to thwart their ultimate governance, the Nohrd restricted all access to Oolumne's Nu'yuonndek in perpetuity of the exclusive access to study the piezerons- without exception.

Acting upon their malicious proclamation, after squelching all remaining Kal'Aa'Tharrok resistance from Shaltyk Prime and Tel Ray Singarr, the vile authoritarians deployed the Bshnali to assume recovery efforts from Bacchus and Shissada Gates. Upon recovery, individuals received an OA implant enabled for remote access by their bureaucratic masters. Having improved upon the OA's original design, the Nohrd maintained their ability to alter a user's vitals, though graciously allowed SOME concessions of free will among their subjects. In addition, new arrivals underwent vigorous vetting to determine their optimal fitness and maximum contributions to the empire. Finally, upon their abhorrent decree, the brazen imperialists culled millions of Rhy'Laar with systematic execution, adopting only the fittest into the Commonwealth to strengthen their dictatorial hold.

Upon arriving at Shaltyk Prime or Tel Ray Singarr, the Sim Shavo processed individuals with unsympathetic handlings, giving them little explanation for their presence in Qn'Tahr, and informing them of their new masters. They treated all new arrivals as chattel while assigning pernicious work functions to the confused masses, with no compunction for casualties, and provided minimal necessities for basic survival. Though the Nohrd rewarded those who performed above expectations, those unfortunate enough to reside within the Commonwealth did so with unflinching servitude and a tacit understanding of their expandability at the whims of the Nohrd's selfish interests. Subsequently, the Nohrd's cruel governance towards civilizations deemed bundu trothc drove many to extinction in their relentless campaign to strengthen the Commonwealth.

Though not without substantial caveats, the Nohrd refused to let their heinous atrocities overshadow their many contributions to Qn'Tahr. Fulfilling their promises to the galaxy, they improved upon the Assiek's technology to drastically reduce aurora lane travel times, expanded galactic infrastructure and broadcast capabilities, and implemented the zel as Qn'Tahr's universal currency. As they ushered the galaxy towards an ageless future, they led the innovation industry and tempted civilizations with technological wonders beyond their comprehension. Still, they quickly threatened the Saiye Teyla against those caught possessing their devices without proper clearance and deployed the Sim Shavo to bully violators. The malevolent bureaucrats regulated all agencies with scrutinized oversight from Shuu Muh and swiftly punished those who failed to comply with their governance. However hypocritical, the Nohrd loved unwavering loyalty and flattery and made concessions to those who provided helpful intel that galvanized their fiendish grip on Qn'Tahr.

The egregious monarchs eventually opened the Commonwealth to visitors to showcase their superiority and offered a plethora of unique technology, extravagant tourism opportunities, and sinful menageries. So naturally, cult-like sycophants fawned over their growing influence and began worshipping them as heroic saviors while slandering the Almighty Mother and Father. However, despite their many perfections, the Nohrd's clandestine endeavor to harness the power of the darkridian core champer remained beyond their comprehension and silently ebbed their ambitions for total supremacy. Though a temporary setback towards their greater goal, the Sim Shavo continued to expand the Commonwealth's borders deeper into the galaxy and often encroached into Combine territories.


Amidst the constant skirmishes and political hostilities that proliferated the modern era, the Assiek developed a toxic, scientific codependency with the Nohrd. As if orchestrated by a cretinous authority, their scientific houses struggled to recover following The Broadcast and frequently turned to the Nohrd to assist them in their research. Finally, they begrudgingly relented to the Nohrd's forceful authority and participated in the sosoo to evaluate developing civilizations; however, the duplicitous monarchs used the committee to spy unbeknownst on the Assiek's progress to ensure their scientific houses remained stunted. Also, by insidious design, the Nohrd's constant political interference with the Combine drove a wedge between the Assiek and Rhy'Laar, stirring tensions and mistrust among the long-standing allies.

Despite the Commonwealth's intrusive meddling, the Kal'Aa Tharr'Ok successfully led a campaign to liberate the Glycereon and Sholomite from the Nohrd's oppressive clutches. Using Assiek technology and intel to perpetrate the traitorous act against their governance, the irate bureaucrats implemented crippling sanctions upon the Combine. They dispatched legions of Sim Shavo to contend with the treasonous actors and increased the amount of Rhy'Laar culled from Bacchus and Shissada. Furthermore, they outlawed ALL Assiek technology within the Combine. Though challenging to enforce, individuals caught possessing Assiek devices within the Commonwealth received hefty fines and risked becoming unwilling subjects in the Nohrd's growing empire.


As the Nohrd flexed their political might upon the Combined and Maso Terra, an anomalous recovery from Shissada Gate garnered their immediate focus. Thralls of malformed savages resisted their OA implant and rampaged across Tel Ray Singarr in a conflict that nearly destroyed all Sim Shavo on site.

The Persuit Of Unified Knowledge

Coathe enter Shissada gate and are recovered by a Nohrd Tarfon

They conquer Tel Rey Singarr'n in the Fyt'ehlo System → unify all Sim Shavo.

After the Coathe quickly mobilize, they launch their campaign against Oolumne and the Nohrd.

The Nohrd are completely technologically outmatched and thousands of civilizations under Iyzu's control get unified for their knowledge.

The Battle of Flowumne

Even the Nohrd couldn't figure out how to draw from the darkridian chamber.

The Nohrd surrender to the Coathe and allow them access to the darkridian chamber.

Before its activation, the Nohrd programmed the targeting grid to target the Coathe upon its activation.

The Uneasy Truce

Everybody outside of Maso Terra had dealt with a Nohrd. Their boundless pompousness made them insufferable to anybody who had the displeasure making their acquaintance. They viewed themselves as the saviors of Qn'Tahr and often touted their achievements. Everybody was beneath them. Everybody.

The Nohrd preferred to remain within the galactic confines of the Commonwealth, rarely choosing to leave. They were not past instigating wars and intimidating solar systems into complying with their rule. They relied heavily on ambassadors to speak for them, but this was mainly due to their extreme apathy towards other races. Their ambassadors may get killed during negotiations while the Nohrd they represent is clinging to a thermal vent on the beaches of Woh Saul, Oolumne. They are quick to threaten withdrawing funding from industries that do not meet their standards and will always follow through on their word. Even the Tri-Star Federation has reluctant business ties to The Common Wealth. This has left some Federation personnel with permanent anxiety as to what sort of ramifications will catch them at the back end. It's an uneasy necessity for the Tri-Fed.

The Nohrd first viewed humans as overzealous children who lacked the capacity to fully grasp their surroundings. When the Rhy'Laar and Assiek worked with humans to establish the Tri-Star Federation, the Nohrd took an immediate interest. They made the point that humans, by galactic standards, were underdeveloped and should not possess particular weapons and items deemed capable of mass destruction. In exchange, the Nohrd would offer the fledgling alliance a brand-new star fleet. The deal was made, but it wasn't long when humanity's thirst for adventure and power found themselves in the newly established black markets of The Common Wealth. One might be able to purchase an outlawed phase disruptor for 500 zel, but you'll be paying upwards of 15,000 zel for replacement fuel cells for the damn thing. Get caught in Federation space or the vast reaches of The Combine with one of these weapons and you can find yourself having to pay out 50,000 zel and the confiscation of the weapon or item. What happens to these items, you might ask? They are put right back on the shelves of the shopping districts throughout Oolumne. If you don't have the means to pay back your debt, you are enslaved or worse.

Humanity and the newly established Tri-Star Federation eventually found its middle ground with the Nohrd, but at a price. The Tri-Fed relied on the most skilled negotiators when having to parlay with Nohrd ambassadors. These range from negotiating the tolls of aurora gate usages to allowing the use of outlawed weapons within a particular sector. Just know that as these desperate negotiations are taking place, the Nohrd behind it all is living lavishly in their conquered paradise.

”Good luck finding a neural translator that doesn't make them sound like they're salivating on a hard piece of candy.”

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