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The Nohrd

“Duplicitous to a fault, it's not a matter of IF they'll screw you over, but WHEN.”


Viewing themselves as Qn'Tahr's royalty, the Nohrd ruled the Commonwealth with bureaucratic malevolence. Orchestrators of deceit and fraud, notoriously injected themselves into every facet of galactic politics, acted as war profiteers, and enjoyed instigating tensions between allies. Having famously deceived the Coathe, their obnoxious hubris and superiority made them hated by most of Qn'Tahr's inhabitance. Despite their nature, the Tri-Fed often found themselves siding with the Nohrd to combat the onslaught of the Coathe and the Armada.

Average Adult Height: 1.95 m

Average Adult Weight: 226 kg

Alignment: Lawful Hostile

Origin: Unknown

Established Planet: Oolumne

Population: 17.3 Billion

Gate: Bacchus

Reoccurring: Unknown

Civilization Type: 3

Found: Commonwealth Sector

Physical Traits

These creatures were utterly disgusting, yet they carried themselves as the distinguished royalty of Qn'Tahr. Imagine, if you would, that a 7-foot flatworm swallowed the Kool-Aid Man. Atop two nubby legs sat a bloated potbelly that undulated as it shimmied through the lavish streets of Oolumne. A Nohrd's body was a gelatinous ballon protected by a highly dense, viscous membrane. Also transparent, vital organs such as their brain and central nerve were visible and often targeted by assassins. Unfortunately, many underestimated the durability of their Nohrd quarry… but we'll get back to that later. A pair of stubby arms hung from their slimy hides, each with four thin, needle-like claws at their rounded tips. Their heads were floppy arrowheads that sat atop a thick, mucus-soaked neck. A pair of bulbous black eyes drooped from its edges; many humans likened them to soulless puppy eyes with a wicked 1000 yard stare.

Their heft led many to underestimate the physical prowess of the Nohrd. By compressing their cytoplasm, they could glide on surfaces at speeds of 16 KPH without ever having to lift their legs. When submerged, they could expand their pharynx to catch currents and propel themselves. Their strength nearly matched the Rhy'Laar, but their limited dexterity made them incapable of performing any actual hand-to-hand combat. If forced into a physical fight, a Nohrd utilized its mobility and pharynx to neutralize its adversary quickly. If needed, a Nohrd could expel a viscous glob of acid from beneath its tail region. Those unlucky enough to be hit with these projectiles were reduced to a hissing puddle of smoldering goo within ten selros. Witnesses to such happenings describe in morbid detail the gurgling agony they can't un-hear. Despite their physical grotesqueness, the Nohrd relished fashioning themselves in rare, decorative items to showcase their status further. They viewed themselves as the high society of Qn'Tahr. Although they were hermaphrodites, they would often court races they found exotic. They frequently surrounded themselves in entourages of celebrities and influencers as they wined and dined in the club districts of Uumis Shal, Oolumne. Some took it as a great honor to be a part of a Nohrd's entourage, while others used that position to gain political favor with the CommonWealth.

The Nohrd loved nothing more than to cling to the high thermal vents of Woh Saul, Oolumne. To accomplish this, the Nohrd utilized an expandable pharynx that ran down their body like a puckered zipper. Four hooks at its corners were strong enough to embed themselves into rock, allowing it to pull its pudgy body up the vent until it found a desirable spot to rest and feed. They would dangle there for alkrons while teams of emissaries conducted business on their behalf. An emissary wishing to share vital information during these times found themselves waiting in awkward silence as their master slowly descended the jagged rocks. The Nohrd oriented themselves backward and spoke from underneath a tail resting on its slimy back-gut like a puffy necktie. Its tail would wiggle and writhe as it demanded an explanation for being disturbed. News, good or bad, had similar fates if one made the mistake of disturbing a Nohrd while feeding. With the ability to manipulate its cytoplasm, a Nohrd could launch its pharynx three meters at 1/5 of a selros. To the emissary, one could only imagine the horror of finding themselves suddenly swallowed by a Nohrd. No amount of thrashing could stop the crushing weight as it began to compress its cytoplasm around you. A final roll through their body would 'pop' its victim in a gruesome display for all to bear witness. Assassins who used anything below a type 2 weapon shared a similar fate if captured. The sight of a slowly dissolving body through their greyish green membranes was a common sight and was quietly flaunted by its consumer.

Key Figures

“They were ONLY about enriching themselves and the Commonwealth.”

  • Duke Nethurt, the Illustrious - Bureaucratic and strategic leader of the Sim Shavo
  • President Command, Nubithal'En - Bureaucratic CEO of Nubithal'En Galactic
  • Her Eminence, Star General Sai - Bureaucratic Co-head of Sai Qadal Banking and Administration
  • True Herald to The Mother, King Qadal the Magnificent - Bureaucratic Co-head of Sai Qadal Banking and Administration
  • Supreme Leader Newowp, Duke Extravagant of Oolumne - Galactic influencer and trendsetter of Qn'Tahr
  • Duwobo, Baron General of the All-Father - Strategic enforcer of Cil Durek Collections
  • Queen Command Star Goll, King of the Cosmos - Bureaucratic CEO of Cil Durek Collections
  • Lord Cthogoth, Marquee of Infinite Horizon - Chief science officer and bureaucratic CEO of Infinite Horizon Technologies
  • Prince Duchess Surnai, the Intrepid Lord of Qn'Tahr - Founder of Gresk'Iryn and Surnai Mapping Guild
  • Her Majesty Lowovol, Chief of Galactic Communications, the Voice of Qn'Tahr - Bureaucratic CEO of Lowovol Galacti-Comm
  • His Exalted Lord Illustriousness Gwogardowa, Heart of The Empire - Command Superious of Flowumne
  • Heir Extravagant of Qn'Tahr Sceeowok, Reigning Artisan of The Empire - Bureaucratic CEO of Sceeowok Cruise Lines
  • Pensalee, Divine Commandant of Qn'Tahr - Bureaucratic CEO of Apex Excursions

Common Phrases and Words

  • Oonummpa - Roughly translating to “lesser,” the term was used to describe type 0 and 1 civilizations. Considered extremely offensive to some.
  • The Saiye Teyla - The Treaty of Civilized Advancement
  • Sosool - A committee comprised of members from the Beaurecratic Royalty and scientific houses of Assiek who were tasked with assessing the technological aptitude of “lesser” civilizations.

Extended Lore

Disturbing the Peace

The Nohrd arrived in Qn’Tahr through Bacchus Gate during an escalating stand-off unfolding in the region. Shortly after their recovery, violent thralls of Torq’Gan breeched the containment protocols of four Tarfon vessels and seized their operational control. The Nohrd’s retrieval came as a fleet of Kal’Aa’Tharrok responded to investigate the scene and came under intense fire from the harbingers’ defenses. Torq’Gan slavers, the Iyzurek, confronted the Nohrd amidst the confusion, demanding they submit unconditionally to their rule. Through the disorientation, the Nohrd recognized the primitive shortcomings of their captures and offered technical assistance.

The Nohrd, forever gracious, thanked their new masters and acquiesced to their command. Ignorant to the concept of subterfuge, the Torq'Gan's fate had been sealed, setting into motion the rise of Qn'Tahr's true empire…

Accessing the ship's automated network, the Nohrd acquired extensive knowledge of Qn'Tahr.

Upon their arrival to Teq'Ronus, the Nohrd found themselves stepping onto a planet that had yet to be colonized. Unable to fully comprehend the technological capabilities of the harbinger vessel, the Torq'Gan had done little to colonize the resource-rich planet. Suppressing their disgust, the Nohrd convinced their masters to grant them the “privilege” of constructing an empire befitting their strength. Flattery boded well with the Torq'Gan. Preferring a clandestine approach, the Nohrd urged for a quieted presence from their masters until full colonization was achieved on Teq'Ronus. Allowing for the deconstruction of the ship, Torq'Gan slave masters, the Iyzurek, ordered the Nohrd to construct a basic colony. Nohrd civilization was technologically superior to that of their primitive masters, and through their advanced knowledge, developed a type 1 civilization within 2 dalatos. Nohrd scientists developed advanced weapons, promising a substantial edge over potential enemies of the empire. Despite their bloated, worm-like appearance, the Nohrd proved themselves to be ideal slaves in the eyes of their Torq'Gan masters. They displayed unwavering obedience to the Iyxurek, slowly earning their trust. During colonization, the Nohrd accessed the data files from the harbinger ship to obtained a working knowledge of Qn'Tahr. Unimpressed with their findings, the Nohrd viewed their presence in Qn'Tahr beneath them. Relying on the primitive inferiorities of their slave masters, the Nohrd quietly concocted a plan to seize control over the galaxy.

The Iyxurek grew restless as the desire for conquest festered through the Torq'Gan population. With the colony on Teq'Ronus established, the Nohrd began training the Torq'Gan in the use of advanced weapons, piloting skills, and superior battle strategies. The Nohrd exercised immense patience when dealing with the Torq'Gan's limited intellects, maintaining the perception of fear to convey a false sense of empowerment. The Nohrd were amused by the Torq'Gan's inability to see through their obvious duplicity. Regardless of their shortcomings, the Torq'Gan were quick learners, demonstrating themselves capable of wielding Nord technology with little incident. To further assist in their ambitions, Nohrd scientists developed an implant that would grant their masters enhanced strength, endurance, and speed. Filtered through a central computer, the Nohrd could regulate and monitor the vitals of their users, giving them complete control over their masters. Unbeknownst to the Torq'Gan slave masters, the implant also housed a remote explosive device that could instantly kill its user when activated. With minimal confidence in their master's abilities, the first step in the Nohrd's scheme had been achieved.

Residing on Teq'Ronus' planetary neighbor of Oolumne, the Veliken detected the settlement beacon broadcast from the deconstructed harbinger ship. Eager to welcome the new arrivals, Veliken priests, the Oom'laku, sent an envoy to Teq'Ronus, hoping to instill the teachings of Maso Terra into their civilization's development. Their approach triggered Teq'Ronus's planetary sensors, alerting the Nohrd to the advancing ships. Fearing the Torq'Gan would instigate a premature war, the Nohrd devised a plan to quickly subdue their masters. Utilizing the enhancement chip embedded in their masters, the Nohrd neutralized the entirety of the Torq'Gan population, rendering them unconscious within the bowels of the harbinger ship. With their masters subdued, the Nohrd made contact with the representatives of Maso Terra.

The Nohrd knew their ambitions would be hindered by their spiritual neighbors and .

As the remaining Torq'Gan fleed to the quieted lowk regions of Qn'Tahr, the Commonwealth established with the Flowumne system set as its capital. The Nohrd extended a diplomatic invitation to negotiate peace with the other civilizations. They self-appointed themselves as bureaucratic royalty, promising to restore order and peace to the fractured galaxy. That they did, but at a substantial price. They took control over manufacturing facilities, banks, and even established the galactic currency, zel. They took advantage of the generosities of the Rhy'Laar, managing to gain exclusive control over the aurora lanes.

Everybody outside of Maso Terra had dealt with a Nohrd. Their boundless pompousness made them insufferable to anybody who had the displeasure making their acquaintance. They viewed themselves as the saviors of Qn'Tahr and often touted their achievements. Everybody was beneath them. Everybody.

The Nohrd preferred to remain within the galactic confines of the Commonwealth, rarely choosing to leave. They were not past instigating wars and intimidating solar systems into complying with their rule. They relied heavily on ambassadors to speak for them, but this was mainly due to their extreme apathy towards other races. Their ambassadors may get killed during negotiations while the Nohrd they represent is clinging to a thermal vent on the beaches of Woh Saul, Oolumne. They are quick to threaten withdrawing funding from industries that do not meet their standards and will always follow through on their word. Even the Tri-Star Federation has reluctant business ties to The Common Wealth. This has left some Federation personnel with permanent anxiety as to what sort of ramifications will catch them at the back end. It's an uneasy necessity for the Tri-Fed.

The Torq'Gan Incursion

Within 150 dekron cycles, the empire occupied the regions vast of the Combined and Maso Terra. While the Torq'Gan controlled the front lines, the Nohrd assumed the duties of recovering new beings from both Bacchus and Shissada Gates. Upon Recovery, individuals underwent a vigorous vetting process to determine their optimal efficiency and contribution towards the empire. In addition to the OA device, small detonators were implanted, threatening anybody who defied their new masters. Once within the empire's borders, individuals were immediately put to work under the brutal efficiency of the Nohrd. Civilizations labeled type 0 or 1 were viewed as less than chattel to the Nohrd, oftentimes used as manual labor for the empire. Caring little for casualty, the Nohrd insisted that a secure infrastructure was paramount to the lesser races' needs. Uprising attempts were quickly squelched and any insubordination led to immediate execution. The Nohrd graciously rewarded individuals who brought talks of rebellion to their attention.

Along their path of conquest, the Torq'Gan discovered an unusual form of dark energy on a remote planet near Semprada. Technologically ill-equipped to harness the dark energy on their own, they relinquished the material to Nohrd scientists for analysis. Nohrd researchers had never seen anything like it before, claiming it had the potential output to destroy the entire galaxy. Elated over the discovery, Nohrd scientists silently went to work developing applications for the powerful new source of energy. They were selective with what they divulged to their masters; when enquiring over status, the Nohrd often spoke over the heads of their masters, knowing they were incapable of understanding the scientific complexities of higher-dimensional physics. Aware of their master's intellectual shortcomings, they assured major advancements were on the horizon. With their impeccable contributions towards the empire, Iyxurek trusted Nohrd scientists to continue their research.

Within 14 dekron cycles, the Nohrd succeeded in constructing a localized energy shield capable of covering the entirety of the Flowumne system. The Iyxurek were oblivious to its invention, choosing to indulge their bloodlust in frontline skirmishes with the Rhy'Laar and their allies. While their master's attention fixed elsewhere, the Nohrd were ready to claim their rightful kingdom. Without warning, the Nohrd activated the detonators of 70% of the Torq'Gan population, instantly killing them. The abrupt tactic left the remaining Torq'Gan With their empire betraying them at every system, the furious Torq'Gan sought to make an example of the Nohrd conspirators. The gracious Nohrd

Enter the Beaurecrates

With the Torq’Gan threat neutralized and political control of Oolumne seized, Nohrd bureaucrats drafted the Saiya Teyla, the Treaty of Civilized Advancement.

Rise of the Commonwealth

The Modern Era

The Nohrd first viewed humans as overzealous children who lacked the capacity to fully grasp their surroundings. When the Rhy'Laar and Assiek worked with humans to establish the Tri-Star Federation, the Nohrd took an immediate interest. They made the point that humans, by galactic standards, were underdeveloped and should not possess particular weapons and items deemed capable of mass destruction. In exchange, the Nohrd would offer the fledgling alliance a brand-new star fleet. The deal was made, but it wasn't long when humanity's thirst for adventure and power found themselves in the newly established black markets of The Common Wealth. One might be able to purchase an outlawed phase disruptor for 500 zel, but you'll be paying upwards of 15,000 zel for replacement fuel cells for the damn thing. Get caught in Federation space or the vast reaches of The Combine with one of these weapons and you can find yourself having to pay out 50,000 zel and the confiscation of the weapon or item. What happens to these items, you might ask? They are put right back on the shelves of the shopping districts throughout Oolumne. If you don't have the means to pay back your debt, you are enslaved or worse.

Humanity and the newly established Tri-Star Federation eventually found its middle ground with the Nohrd, but at a price. The Tri-Fed relied on the most skilled negotiators when having to parlay with Nohrd ambassadors. These range from negotiating the tolls of aurora gate usages to allowing the use of outlawed weapons within a particular sector. Just know that as these desperate negotiations are taking place, the Nohrd behind it all is living lavishly in their conquered paradise.

Good luck finding a neural translator that doesn't make them sound like they're salivating on a hard piece of candy.

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