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The Rhy'Laar

“Don’t be surprised if you met the same Rhy’Laar more than once.”


Altruistic to a fault, the Rhy'Laar became one of humanity's greatest allies within Qn'Tahr. Their abundance coupled with their unique biological plasticity allowed them to inhabit virtually every planet within the galaxy. They tirelessly worked to elevate struggling civilizations towards type 1 independence. Being ancient allies with the Assiek and committed to Maso Terra, the Rhy'Laar dedicated themselves to restore peace throughout Qn'Tahr.

Average Adult Height: 2.1 m (Varies by plasticity)

Average Adult Weight: 158 kg

Alignment: Good

Origin: Rre'Var'Owk

Established Planet: Rhy'Lowk

Population: 17 trillion (Estimated by Nohrd census)

Gate: Kundalini

Reoccurring: Yes

Civilization Type: 2

Found: Combined

Physical Traits

Everybody remembers their first encounter with humanity's greatest ally, the Rhy’Laar. Remember stumbling off the harbinger ship for the first time, half sedated, being immediately confronted by a giant, reptilian, humanoid? Remember what was going through your mind when you first laid eyes on their fearsome, scaled maw as it lumbered towards you with a power gate? Some likened the experience to a horrific nightmare, fearing the approaching creature would be their demise. Once greeted and the initial shock wore off, it didn’t take long for one to fully appreciate the sincere altruism that was deeply engrained into Rhy’Laar society. What followed was what could only be described as guilty frustration towards just how helpful and generous they were towards others.

Xenobiologists were fascinated by the biological plasticity and adaptability of the Rhy’Laar. Reptilian in appearance, they possessed the unique ability to adapt their morphology to suit virtually any environment they entered within several alkrons- hours- after exposure. As a result, a Rhy’Laar you met on Griletol appeared leaner, with a reduced claw and maw size compared to their brethren on Rhy’Lowk, where they adopted a more robust stature to help with the higher gravity and mountainous terrain. The Rhy’Laar who resided in the blasted forests of Accness developed prehensile tails while the Rhy’Laar on Krrt’Rrah had thicker scales to mitigate the intense heat. Rhy’Laar battling the Barados in the ocean depths typically looked like big iguanas. To a Rhy’Laar, there was no diversity, only Rhy’Laar. Their society thrived when they utilized their unique environmental adaptabilities towards the greater good.

Despite their physical versatility, their plasticity did have limits: a Rhy’Laar was quite comfortable walking the surface of Neutros VII where the average surface temperature was 205 degrees Celsius, but once temperatures surpassed 400 degrees, they retreated underground or utilized environmental suits. Likewise, they had no issue adapting to a frigid -128 degrees Celsius but were on borrowed time if temperatures reach -250 degrees without environmental protection. A Rhy’Laar could survive in space for several alkrons before eventually succumbing to the harsh vacuum. Although they adapted to oceanic environments, their physical limits were about 500 fathoms- not quite deep enough to keep up with the Barados.

As a result of their rapid biological plasticity, it was a common joke that an individual could meet the same Rhy’Laar dozens of times throughout their adventures. With each brush, the particular Rhy’Laar could look completely different from the previous encounter. Nohrd censuses on Oolumne had estimated the Rhy’Laar population at about 20 trillion during the modern era, but even they admitted inaccuracy. The Rhy’Laar had evolved special glands and receptors on their hands, each with its own unique pheromone that acted as a chemical fingerprint. While their bodies adapted to their surroundings, the individual’s unique pheromone remained the same. This allowed them to remember each other by shaking hands. The Rhy’Laar handshake was a common site and forever sealed their bond with each other.

Key Figures

“WE are Rhy'Laar.”

Arr'Kar'Yn (Government officials)

  • Governess Err'Kaar'Ra, Regional of Iylic
  • Governor Marr'Akal, Regional of Kahr'Ra'Krrah
  • Governess Mee'Rr'Ok, Regional of Ackolar
  • Governor Ykarr'Arr'Akk, Regional of Libis
  • Governess Ay'Rha'Kaar'Nek, Regional of Rhyl'Maar

Kal'Aa'Tharr'Ok (Military officials)

  • Ell'Aa'Kaarr, Chief Master Segreant of the Tri-Star Federation (M)
  • Owa'Kal'Aa'Makk, Grand General of the Tri-Star Federation (M)
  • Yn'Aarr'Ek, Command Star of the Kal'Aa'Tharr'Ok, Iylic (F)
  • Rhyla'Maar'Ar'Yk, Command Star of the Kal'Aa'Tharr'Ok, Kahr'Ra'Krrah (F)
  • Tharr'Aa'Maak, Command Star of the Kal'Aa'Tharr'Ok, Ackolar (M)
  • Narr'Owk'Aa, Command Star of the Kal'Aa'Tharr'Ok, Disputed Sector (F)
  • Kay'Mark'Aa'Narr, Command Star of the Kal'Aa'Tharr'Ok, Rhyl'Maar (F)
  • Narr'Riek'Aa'Iyrn, Command Star of the Kal'Aa'Tharr'Ok, Semprada Allied (M)

Extended Lore

The Star Children

The Rhy'Laar were among the first races to enter Qn’Tahr via Kundalini Gate during the early days of The Great Dawn. The Light Shepherds of Kryllos were immediately drawn to their genuine sincerity and acceptance of all races. The blossoming universe was destitute, lacking the basic societal infrastructure for those who initially entered the drift. It became the responsibility of the first settlers to colonize and rebuild civilization under the teachings of the Nesis and Vlauk. The piecemeal approach led to some difficulty among the early settlers. Recognizing the immediate need, the Rhy’Laar were generously forthcoming with their technological and navigational prowess. Working with their allies, the Assiek, they achieved a type 2 civilization within 400 dekron cycles. It wasn't until the Rhy'Laar were able to traverse the cosmos was their true passion revealed.

The Rhy’Laar were peaceful star worshippers. Possessing a childlike inquisitiveness towards exploration, they were eager to further explore and map Qn’Tahr. They created star charts, discovered multitudes of habitable planets for future colonization, and recorded millions of different flora and fauna. Within 200 dekron cycles, they established the first aurora lanes, allowing for faster than light travel throughout the galaxy. Their contributions earned the respect of all within Qn'Tahr. They were viewed as the perfect children of The Mother and Father. For millions of dekron cycles, peace had been achieved among all.

When Qn'Tahr found itself succumbing to the dark entities of the Semprada, the Rhy'Laar were among the first to combat the threat. Despite their sheer numbers, the Rhy'Laar were unable to repel their savage spread. They witnessed their testaments to unity crumble as societies were completely destroyed by the rising dark. Following the intervention of The Mother and Father and the banishment of the darkness, the holy worlds were left cut off from the rest of the galaxy. Without the guidance of the shepherds, the surviving civilizations quickly fell into turmoil. The era of The Great Silence had begun.

Honoring their bond with the Nesis and Vlauk, the Rhy'Laar took it upon themselves to lead the galaxy towards prosperity in their absence. They rallied the surviving colonies and relocated to a region low'relst of the holy worlds. They established the new core worlds of Rhy'Lowk, Griletol, Oolumne, and Accness, all predicated on the principles of the holy leaders. Within 200 dekron cycles, societies re-emerged and flourished. With the aid of the Assiek, massive harbinger ships were developed to assume the duties of recovering those transported into Qn'Tahr from the four gates. These marvels of technological engineering were relied upon throughout The Great Silence well into the modern era.

As magnanimous as their society was, the Rhy’Laar had proven themselves to be quite formidable on the battlefield. Some contrarians will point to the war against Torq’Gan as an example of their military weakness. Though they did prefer diplomacy and negotiation prior to any form of engagement, they had no issue engaging with hostile forces if provoked. Having one of the largest fleets in Qn’Tahr, they had successfully held the front lines against both the Armada and the Nohrd for hundreds of dekrons cycles. Their greatest strength might have been in their numbers, but their passion for exploration made them excellent space captains and have demonstrated themselves to be worthy tacticians.

Rhy’Laar society revolved around individual tribes consisting of dozens of families. Some tribes were as small as 50 individuals while others had members in the thousands. Each tribe was lead by a council of elders that ensured their culture and virtues were spread to all generations. A family’s bond meant everything to a Rhy’Laar and they fought mercilessly to protect their kin. Conflicts between tribes were extremely rare, and typically resolved after mediation with the Kal’Aa’Tharr’Ok. Rarely did these conflicts result in military action.

Once every dekron cycle, the Rhy’Laar gathered on their established planet of Rhy’Lowk to celebrate the Shhruk’Karra: a festival where they gave praise to the Star Mother, Ay’Kar’Aal. During this dalo-long celebration, Rhy’Laar honored Ay’Kar’Aal by exchanging star charts of newly discovered territories by skilled mapping guilds…and drinking… excessively. The Rhy’Laar were particular fans of Kl’Um’Tk, a type of high proof brandy made from various tropical fruits. They knew how to party with the best of them.

Make no mistake, the Rhy’Laar were essential to securing victory over the Armada. Unity through diversity was their tried and true strength that has stood strong for eons since they first enter the drift.

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