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The Semprada

“The unsuspecting found themselves sacrificed in ritual theater”

Average Adult Height: 1.56m (males) 1.98 m (females)

Average Adult Weight: 50 kg (males) 73 kg (females)

Alignment: Neutral

Origin: Nshasavaq

Established Planet: Semprada (Following ancient war)

Population: Unknown (Estimated 3 billion)

Gate: Mogotus

Reoccurring: No

Civilization Type: 2

Found: Semprada Allied

Physical Traits

The Semprada resembled squat, bipedal amphibians with broad shoulders. Their skin was similar to a salamander and came in various shades of green, gray, and blue. Dull orange and black spotting were common on their amphibious bodies. Two tympanic membranes lined the sides of the bulbous heads resembled the gills of a fish. Flabby jowls hung like a fu mancho from their

Extended Lore

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