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The Semprada

“The unsuspecting found themselves sacrificed in ritual theater”


Known as the dark defilers, the Semprada were perverse worshipers of The Mother and Father. Notorious for befriending and kidnapping wayward travelers, many who fell victim to their charm were never seen again. Instead, the few survivors recount being a part of macabre blood rituals to dark, terrifying entities.

Average Adult Height: 1.56m (males) 1.98 m (females)

Average Adult Weight: 50 kg (males) 73 kg (females)

Alignment: Neutral

Origin: Nshasavaq

Established Planet: Semprada (Following ancient war)

Population: Unknown (Estimated 3 billion)

Gate: Mogotus

Reoccurring: No

Civilization Type: 2

Found: Semprada Allied

Physical Traits

The Semprada resembled squat, bipedal amphibians with broad shoulders. Their skin was similar to a salamander and came in various green, gray, and blue shades. Dull orange and black spotting were common on their amphibious bodies. Two tympanic membranes lined the sides of the bulbous heads resembled the gills of a fish. Flabby jowls hung like a fu mancho from their bulbous heads. Their large eyes gave them exceptional night vision, allowing them to traverse their dark, subterranean lairs with ease. The lateral lines that ran across their cranial ridge acted as an advanced sensory system that allowed the Semprada to detect changes in air pressure. Females were larger than males.

The Semprada fashioned themselves in cumbersome, bell-shaped plate armor of dirty gold. Priests and priestesses wore big, oval masks that completely covered their oddly-shaped heads. After the sacrifice of Shepherdess Okebah, the former residents of the holy worlds lost their ability to harness their piezerons.

Key Figures

“The blood martyrs of Iqor.”

  • Taqeth (Priest) Qwitawu Weiqal, Aqe Wetus 'ic Iqor (Blood Martyr of Iqor)
  • Thaqeorn (Priestess) Eeoq Leqwa, Aqe Wetus 'ic Ehanah (Blood Martyr of Ehan) –> Deceased
  • Taqeth Wyit Yqtibik, Aqe Wetus 'ic Kaigahl
  • Thaqeorn Nobijoq Waqwibo, Aqe Wetus 'ic Aphastu
  • Taqeth Apiqol Nx'Tiviq, Aqe Wetus 'ic Apsuu

“Leadership of Iqor's army”

  • Thaxl 'ic Iqor (General of Iqor) Andiqo Wootal

Extended Lore

The Faithful Martyrs

The Semprada were among the first races to enter Qn'Tahr through Mogotus Gate during the early era of the Great Dawn. After their purification to receive their piezeron, they were transported to Oqovar for settlement. Revering the tremendous power bestowed upon them, the Semprada sensed the

The First Sacrifice

Abandoning the teachings of the Shalaymuh and Tha'Ohkt, the Semprada relinquished their piezeron energy to priest Qwitawu Weiqal so he could invoke the power of Iqor, the Martyred God of Toil. Deep beneath the Aashal Tureo, the mad priest channeled the surge of energy through the Shaylos, using himself as a conduit to create the four Myqara. Priestess Eeoq of the Semprada sacrificed the Light Crown of The Mother, Shepherdess Okebah, in a bloody ritual beneath the Aashal Tureo. The Shaylos amplified her final moments of agony and marred the surrounding landscapes in a fog of darkness. They reveled in her sacrifice with maddening worship. Giving glory to The Mother and Father, priest Qwitawu led an entourage of his fellow clergy in celebration throughout the Aashal Tureo. Horrified by the grotesque act, Mundaaka and Aiseina confronted the mad priest and his followers. Claiming her sacrifice honored The Mother and Father, priest Qwitawu invited the shepherds to join in their celebration. Fearing further desecration, Mundaaka placed Qwitawu and his followers under arrest while awaiting a verdict from the Vlauk.

Condemned Mercy

Black Sheep

Aspect of Iqor

Scattered Empire

The Path of Iqor

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