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The Veliken

“They were the keepers of ancient knowledge and wisdom.”


Viewed as one of Qn'Tahr's holy races, the Veliken possessed the unique ability to communicate directly to the energies of nature. Their tribes could be found throughout the galaxy, acting as aids and ambassadors to Maso Terra. Priests often spent their time in deep meditation, speaking directly to a planet to compile an extensive history of Qn'Tahr. Using special sand imbued with the essence of the planet, they could tap into its energies to summon powerful light constructs.

Average Adult Height: 1.8 m

Average Adult Weight: 150 kg

Alignment: Lawful Good

Origin: Wo'A'Poua

Established Planet: Saa, Oolumne (Nomatic following the Torq'Gan incursion.)

Population: 1.5 billion

Gate: Mogotus

Reoccurring: No

Civilization Type: 0

Found: Throughout Qn'Tahr

Physical Traits

The Veliken resembled oddly-proportioned, bipedal simians. Their bodies were tall and pear-shaped with hairy potbellies. Their neck-less upper torso was thin and crowned with a cranial ridge of hardened bone. A Veliken’s face conveyed a kind expression and protruded slightly from their narrow, upper bodies. Thick quad muscles were supported by powerful, 6-toed feet. Two thin, muscular arms protruded from their oddly-shaped bodies, each with meaty, 3-fingered hands. Females of the species were often thinner. Humans likened their odd appearance to Bigfoot, being as they were ape-like forest dwellers.

A Veliken’s thick hair changed color as individuals became “one” with the environment they inhabited. Their attire consisted of thin robes, each adorned with various tangles of vines and unique elements of nature. Each Veliken carried a You’unmuk that contained sacred sands of its established home. Like all races of the holy worlds, a glowing piezeron crystal silently hovered near their person, a symbol of their unwavering faith in The Mother and Father.

Key Figures

  • Oom'laku (Priest) Loueem Mnayomobo, You'uudoum (Land Reader) of Kryllos (M)
  • Oom'lalu (Priestess) Uiun Umunshuu, You'uudoum of Saa (F)
  • Oom'laku Umnanomn Uoomno, You'uudoum of Semprada VII (M)
  • Oom'laku Shounnu Yomndaaouu, You'uudoum of Oolumne (M)
  • Oom'lalu Ouunnauoo Suobuobo, You'uudoum of Griletol (F)
  • Oom'lalu Eeyuon Uuoponu, You'uudoum of Rhy'Lowk (F)
  • Oom'lalu Yeeyic Chuunodunn, You'uudoum of Klak Tiv V (F)
  • Oom'laku Peeo'uduuom Mmo'uomuk, You'uudoum of Cressca (M)

Extended Lore

Were among the first race to enter Qn'Tahr through Mogotus Gate during the early dekrons of The Great Dawn.

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