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Blood Legion Sector

Viewed by many as the cosmic backwater of the galaxy. Tread lightly.

Sector size: (Approximately) 64,864 x 60,945 x 3000 ly

Allegiance: Mela Xondrak, Conqueror of the Blood Legion, Armada

Aurora lanes: Felik, Feyaruh

Capital: Xyy'Lor System (Chi'Oli)

Key systems: Xyy'Lor System, Xorex System

Nexus gate(s): Shissada

Points of interest: Gwaxl Amzawakl “Blunder Bus” Outpost

Threats: The Dark Madness, Semprada cults, Armada

Expanded Lore

The sector urr of Shissada Gate was originally apart of the desolate Semprada Allied. During the era of The Great Silence, the Rhy'Laar coordinated with Hillian Shaow Aa and Veliken Oom'Oannu to undergo the arduous process of cleansing systems that had been desecrated by Semprada blood rituals. Residual energies ran deep and the process to restore natural order was daunting for the holy acolytes. Once systems were deemed athorowah- cleansed- they acted as a temporary establishment for those who were recovered from Shissada Gate. With a lingering madness still haunting parts of the region, recovered parties would shortly be relocated closer to the core worlds in Combined territories.

When the primitive Lioma tribes entered Shissada Gate during the Torq’Gan incursion, they brought their unbridled savagery towards each other with them. Their introduction to advanced weapons only intensified their brutal conflicts. With the Rhy'Laar and their allies occupied with the growing threat of the Torq'Gan, the remote sector quickly fell into chaos. To their good fortunes, the Lioma’s feud was only among themselves and didn't seem interested in the conflict ravaging the rest of Qn'Tahr. Rarely did they venture outside of their sector, but that could have been due to their lack of technological understandings. With their barbarism contained, the allies saw fit to let the Lioma sort out their differences on their own for the time being.

Mela Xondrak of the Blood Legion tribe adapted faster than his primitive rivals and succeeded in dominating the sector. In his wake, many established planets were destroyed in his campaign to become the alpha of the region. During the modern era, the Blood Legion reigned supreme over the lesser tribes. Although they acted as brutal minions of the Armada, the Lioma rarely left the sector unless it was ordered by their Coathe allies. Traveling the sector was extremely dangerous. The Coathe closely monitored aurora lane activities and pockets of Lioma skirmishes riddled the region. Explorers also reported similar bouts of psychological madness and instrumentation failures akin with the Semprada Allied. The more cunning may have managed to befriend a Lioma tribe, but with their volatile temperament, these kinships were extremely short-lived.

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