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The Commonwealth

The “Sector of Sin” was protected by a targeted energy shield

Sector size: (Approximately) 137,836 x 56,756 x 4000 ly

Allegiance: Nohrd

Aurora lanes: Solok, Alorus, Rhy'Lk, Shalis, Felik, Fyth, Alsi

Capital: Flowumne system (Oolumne)

Key systems: Flowumne system

Nexus gate(s): None

Points of interest: Diatrithus Station, Mxiqak Palace, Heart of Qn'Tahr Nebula

Threats: Sim Shavo, Cil Durek

Expanded Lore

When the Torq'Gan Empire was betrayed and defeated by their Nohrd captives, they left behind a war-torn sector spanning over 100,000 light-years uur'elst of Maso Terra. Seizing the territory for themselves, the duplicitous Nohrd worked towards establishing a de facto government and bureaucracy to the fractured galaxy. They famously manipulated, betrayed, and connived with other races to enrich themselves and their rapidly expanding sector. Still battered from the war against the Tor'Gan, the Rhy'Laar and their allies were unable to match the political and military might of the Commonwealth. In the thousands of dekrons since, the Commonwealth has stood as the (un)official galactic capital of Qn'Tahr.

The sector is protected by a targeted energy shield that harnesses the power of darkridian, an extremely rare form of stabilized dark energy. All ships that enter the system are automatically scanned for the proper registry through Nubithal'En Galactic. Any vessel without the proper registration is either fined substantially or destroyed- if they are repeat offenders. Some brave adventurers utilized frequency jammers, stolen registration numbers, or expensive cloaking devices to pass through undetected. The Nohrd oftentimes employed bounty hunters to track down offenders if discovered. The Nohrd were proud of their achievements and showed no fear towards the Armada, Maso Terra, or Tri-Fed personnel.

The Commonwealth was a breeding ground for controlled lawlessness. The Nohrd thrive off black markets, corruption, and any form of control. In the Commonwealth, one can obtain or achieved anything for the right price. Established systems are typically taxed heavily and used for political and military purposes if the Nohrd sees fit. For some, visiting the Commonwealth led to encountering a Coathe for the first time. To the Nohrd, there was gain to be had from both friend and foe. The sector also prided itself on lavish tourism. A popular favorite is the Super Nova cruises: after wining and dining with Qn’Tahrs prolific upper class, your luxury tour ends with a spectacular display of a detonating star… with no regard to the inhabitants of its system.

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