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Disputed Sector

Welcome to the front lines, folks!

Sector size: (Approximately) 81,080 x 56,756 x 4000 ly

Allegiance: None

Aurora lanes: Alsi, Felik, Fyth, Saelar

Capital: None

Key systems: Fergitus V, Vik'Tivis

Nexus gate(s): Bacchus

Points of interest: Ovochok Nebula, Tri-Fed Battle Installation Zendrok, Outreach Station r65, Sigma Depot

Threats: Sil Durek, Armada, Torq'Gan Iyzurek

Expanded Lore

Located elst of Maso Terra, the sector was originally home to civilizations who acted at the behest of the spiritual leaders of Kryllos and Saa. Comprised of the original established worlds, the region symbolized the peaceful outreach and influence the holy worlds had upon the galaxy during The Great Dawn. When Semprada rituals brought forth the dark entities of the abyss, these thriving, utopian societies were the first to succumb to the brutal savagery of the rising dark. Even long after the ancient war had come to pass, the region continued to be a hot spot for galactic conflicts throughout the dekron cycles.

During Qn’Tahr’s modern era, the disputed region was once apart of the Commonwealth. When the Armada launched their fierce assault on Qn’Tahr, their forces immediately targeted the Nohrd with a merciless vendetta. Residing vast of Oolumne, the systems in conflict resided far outside the range of the Nohrd’s targeted energy shield. The Coathe and their allies proved their worth against the hired fleets of the Nohrd. The Tri-Star Federation held several outposts in the region, but chose to act discretely upon their own endeavors. The Nohrd oftentimes leveraged their political might over the Tri-Fed, forcing their personnel to assist in battles against the Armada.

The sector was rich with ancient artifacts from civilizations long past. It was where the Torq’Gan discovered darkridian during their brief reign. The Armada held a strong presence in the sector and it didn’t take long for adventurers to encounter their fleets whilst traversing its systems. Even small pockets of Torq’Gan resided in what was left of their fallen empire.

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