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Federation Space

Home to humanity and the symbol of unity within Qn'Tahr.

Sector size: (Approximately) 105,000 x 89,188 x 3000 ly

Allegiance: Combined, Tri-Star Federation, Maso Terra

Aurora lanes: Trapis, Feyaruh, Haven, Eeri, Rhy'Karr, Rhy'Lk, Shalis

Capital: Libis system (Arleto)

Key systems: Libis, Rhyl'Maar, Iylic

Nexus gate(s): None

Points of interest: Nyak Fib Nebula, Rrkal. 31 (Blackhole)

Threats: Sim Shavo, Cil Durek, Torq'Gan Iyzurek, Armada (Rare)

Expanded Lore

Located urr of the Rhy’Laar Combined, this sector was where most of humanity established itself within the drift. When the human race found a kinship between the Rhy’Laar and Assiek, their new alliance went on to forge the Tri-Star Federation. Although viewed by some as an extension of the Rhy’Laar Combined, the region was a testament to unity among allies willing to fight against tyranny, oppression, and restore the guiding principles of Maso Terra. During Qn’Tahr’s modern era, the sector was a bastion for aliens and humans alike to embrace new cultures and thrive.

The sector was home to the Tri-Star Federation galactic headquarters on Arleto. Although the sector was far from the Armada's activities, the Torq’Gan and other hostile forces occasionally attacked the more sparsely inhabited systems. Although rare, Coathe probes were known to patrol the sector's outer regions, almost mocking the Tri-Fed of the real dangers beyond their borders. Commonwealth fleets also monitored the region, searching for those who are indebted to the Nohrd. The expansive region offered plenty of ancient ruins and artifacts dating as far back as The Great Dawn for amateur explorers.

Maintaining order within the sector were Rhy’Laar peacekeepers known as the Kal’Aa’Tharr’Ok. With no shortage of Rhy’Laar inhabitants in the drift, this longstanding core of volunteers had dedicated themselves to upholding local peace since The Great Silence. Major conflicts between systems within Tri-Fed borders were sporadic. Despite their chronic niceties Rhy’Laar, they were quick to remind those of a time peace had flourished. Working closely with the Tri-Fed, civility, and prosperity among all was achieved.

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