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Maso Terra

The beacon in the darkness.

Sector size: (Approximately) 24,324 x 25,241 x 3500 ly

Allegiance: The Mother and Father

Aurora lanes: None

Capital: Shay Mar System (Kryllos)

Key systems: Shay Mar, Shalissarin, Bahk Vobl

Nexus gate(s): Mogotus

Points of interest: Maso Terra Dead Zone

Threats: None

Expanded Lore

Standing as the guiding light within a fractured universe, Maso Terra resided between the Rhy'Laar, Armada, and Commonwealth sectors. It was the home of the Nesis, Vlauk, and other divine beings whose societies embodied the guiding principles of both The Mother and The Father. Those within the holy worlds dedicated their lives to establishing, preserving, and maintaining the foundational teachings of the celestial beings to lead Qn'Tahr towards eternal prosperity. It was said to be a place of untold beauty, sacred knowledge, and spiritual peace. During The Great Dawn, the holy worlds stood as the righteous capital of Qn'Tahr, welcoming all who were selected to inhabit the galaxy. Beings who sought their guidance could beseech the wisdom of spiritual leaders and undergo the process of becoming shataharak- spiritually pure. These disciples would go on to pave the way for societies to flourish within the galaxy. For millions of dekron cycles, tranquility was the way of life throughout Qn'Tahr.

When the perverse rituals of the Semprada released the dark entities upon Qn'Tahr, the High Shepherd, Mundaaka Volgos, made a desperate plea for divine intervention. With the galaxy in utter ruin, The Mother and Father manifested before the High Shepherd in The Temple of the Mother. The heavenly saviors banished the dark entities, leaving behind an intense energy that cascaded throughout the small region. In its wake, those within the sector found themselves in a gossamer of ethereal twilight, completely cut off from the rest of the galaxy. Unable to communicate or leave the sector, The Great Silence had fallen upon the broken galaxy. With their shepherds gone, the Rhy'Laar took on the daunting responsibility to recover and establish new arrivals to Qn'Tahr. After several hundred dekron cycles, their exhaustive efforts proved successful; societies slowly began to reemerge and the horrors of the rising dark became a passing memory. Fearing the outside world would further crumble without their guidance, the denizens of the holy worlds began developing techniques in which they could refocus their spiritual energies through their piezeron crystals. Through deep meditation and faith, the priests succeeded in their efforts and were able to exit the ethereal realm- if only for a limited time. With the return of the light shepherds, The Great Calm had begun. Despite the conflicts that followed in the modern era, Maso Terra stood strong as the guiding light to those lost in the darkness.

On clear nights, the glow of Maso Terra could be seen from virtually any planet in Qn'Tahr. It hung as a silent beacon of hope to those within a galaxy in turmoil. For millions of dekron cycles, countless outsiders attempted to breach the ethereal realm of Maso Terra. NOBODY had ever succeeded in penetrating the sector. NOBODY. Flying too close would result in immediate power loss, oftentimes resulting in the ship drifting into the milky glow of the sector. The outer region of Maso Terra was a vast graveyard of derelict ships of those whose hubris and curiosity got the better of them. NOBODY has ever been recovered from the dead zone. Only those who crossed through Mogotus Gate and undergone the Misheevuh to receive a piezeron could enter and exit the sector successfully.

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