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Quantum Drift Wiki

Ay'Lar'Ra and bright stars, Drifter!

You are about to enter an incredible universe whose limits are- quite literally- your imagination. As we enjoy movies, music, games, and art, we often identify with characters, powers, or attributes that best reflect our innermost desires. Your imagination can be a powerful catharsis. In a world of corporate-driven creativity, this project's primary focus is to give YOU, the individual, a platform in which you can share and create, through community-based storytelling, your personal story where you are the hero of your adventure. This is a vast and diverse universe where you can be a charming smuggler like Han Solo, a cunning warrior like Wonder Woman, or any other character that best reflects your inner hero. Through guided, community-based storytelling, you can embark on a personal adventure for others to read and enjoy. Write your story, upload art, create music or videos- whatever best reflects your account. Maybe your story will inspire a reader's creativity, further enriching the game's universe!

Unlock your memories.

What was your journey through The Quantum Drift?

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