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“Black markets were rife among the hundreds of stations that orbited the gas giant.”

Planetary Details

Distance from star: 750.89 million km

Period of revolution: 16.53 dekron cycles

Rotational period: 13 alk 23 alr 7 s

Equatorial diameter: 156,542 km

Mass (Earth = 1): 330.56

Average surface temp: -138* C

Surface gravity (Earth = 1): 2.91

Axis: 6.4*

Surface-water: 0%

Atmosphere: 90% Hydrogen, 9% Helium, .9% other gases

Population: 10 billion (Between the hundreds of orbiting stations and moons)

Main inhabitance: Rhy'Laar, Greeler, Louitharin

Allegiance: Combined, Tri-Star Federation, Maso Terra

Technological class: Type 2

Governing regent: Chancellor Nll Gworja

Commanding Kal'Aa'Tharr'Ok: Command Star Zenk Jabowal

Fifth planet of the Libis System.


Moons: Sholur, Miiak, Choleep, Kune Ta, Uturosh, Miy Chak, Sply'Varr, Kottereb, Byk'Rosk, Gie Deppo, Gie Djarr

Artificial (Most popular): Outreach Station b42, Trybin Station, Gamma Depot 47, Sszizek, Tri-Fed Outpost Midas

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