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“Training grounds of The Father's champion warriors.”

Planetary Details

Distance from star: 110.8 million km

Period of revolution: 175.1 dalls

Rotational period: 150.26 dalls

Equatorial diameter: 4,952 km

Mass (Earth = 1): .09

Average surface temp: 25* C

Surface gravity (Earth = 1): .41

Axis: 0*

Surface-water: 5%

Atmosphere: 69% Nitrogen, 15% Oxygen, 15% Carbon dioxide, 3% Krypton, < 1% other gases

Population: Unknown

Main inhabitance: Vlauk, Hillian, Lomoush

Allegiance: The Father

Technological class: Type 0

Governing regent: All-Father Nokavn Xarduk, the Righteous Enforcer

Second planet of the Bahk Vobl System


Moons: (3 orbiting “masses” of unknown origin) Kahma Thas, Iovok Thas, Kanta Vak Thas

Artificial: None

> Cities <

Kahma Thas

Size: 8,964 km*2

Reyv Kor Master Nolek Dialokk, Kahma Tathn Reyv Kor (Master of the Fist)

Points of interest: Ne'av Kolgul Kahma (Temple of the Fist), Rock of Vakalor'n, Kof Vala Kahma (Training Hall of the Fist)

Iovok Thas

Size: 10,654 km*2

Reyv Kor Master: Nikkabahd Vaktavoo, Iovak Tathn Reyv Kor (Master of the Foot)

Points of interest: Ne'av Kolgul Iovak (Temple of the Foot), Rock of Valthakus, Kof Vala Iovak (Training Hall of the Foot)

Kanta Vak Thas

Size: 12,231.65 km*2

Reyv Kor Master: Xovalu Voltauk, Kanta Vak Tathn Reyv Kor (Mastery of the Body)

Points of interest: Ne'av Kolgul Kanta Vak (Temple of the Body), Rock of Vak Ghast'n, Kof Vala Kanta Vak (Training Hall of the Body)

Koav Thasn

Size: 20,358 km*2

Reyv Kor Master: All-Father Nokavn Xarduk

Points of interest: Ne'av Kolgul Rey Toth'n (Temple of the All-Father), Kof Vala Rey Toth'n (Training Hall of the All-Father), Veliken You'owamuk Mnmnu'omuoon (Bridge to Saa and Oolumne), Veliken Oumenna'muk (Heart of Cressca)


Size: 36,416 km*2

Governing regent: Tieeteek

Points of interest: Lindu Forest, Tikkeetieeeik, The Warrior's Path

Expanded Lore

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