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Di Bohs

“The planet was the staging area for Armada campaigns in the region.”

Planetary Details

Distance from star: 118.29 million km

Period of revolution: 300.65 dalls

Rotational period: 201.459 dalls

Equatorial diameter: 13,027 km

Mass (Earth = 1): 1.1

Average surface temp: 21* C

Surface gravity (Earth = 1): 1.7

Axis: 5.2*

Surface-water: 35%

Atmosphere: 75% Nitrogen, 20% Oxygen, 3% Argon, 2% Carbon Dioxide, .9% other gases

Population: Unknown

Main inhabitance: Lioma, Barados, Coathe

Allegiance: Armada

Technological class: Type 2

Governing regent: Mela Xondrak, the Crimson Conquerer

Second planet of the Xorex System.


Moons: None

Artificial: Cthawo Bav

> Cities <


Size: 14,652 km*2

Governing Regent: Yeetaj Lititl, Chewer of Flesh

Alpha Tribe (Xu'Yukka): Blood Legion

Points of interest: Armada depot ZN-67, The Quary, Exetl Colosseum


Size: 9,476.49 km*2

Governing Regent: Yik Xigit, the Slaughter King

Alpha Tribe (Xu'Yukka): Stone Breakers

Points of interest: Ejalx Canyon


Size: Unknown

Governing Regent: Muum Bol (Flume King), Muum Bola (Flume Queen)

Points of interest: Unknown

Expanded Lore

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