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Iylic System

“It was the first home to most humans who entered Qn'Tahr.”

Star: Rhy. LR643766

Type: K Orange Dwarf

Number of planets: 5

Solar system diameter: 202.34 billion km

Allegiance: Combined, Tri-Star Federation, Maso Terra

Governing regent: Governess Err'Kaar'Ra'Laktar, Regional of Iylic

Commanding Kal'Aa'Tharr'Ok: Command Star Yn'Aarr'Ek

Technological class: Type 2

Expanded Lore

Residing elst of Kundalini Gate via the Haven aurora lane, the Iylic system was considered the heart of the allied sectors dating back to the Great Silence. For those recovered from Kundalini Gate, it was the first destination in their journey through Qn'Tahr. Upon recovery by an Assiek harbinger vessel, beings were ushered to Griletol for a peaceful transition into the new universe. For its inhabitance, the system was a safe harbor far removed from outside threats. Among its five planets and twenty moons was a cultural bastion to thousands of diverse alien civilizations. Under the watchful eye of the Kal'Aa'Tarr'Ok and the Tri-Star Federation, many of its residents never felt the need to venture beyond the protection of the system.

Although apart of the Combined, pressures from the Commonwealth were present within the system, putting limitations on the use of advanced weapons and technology by lesser developed civilizations. Kal'Aa'Tarr'Ok and Tri-Fed leadership were often at odds with Nohrd bureaucracy regarding enforcement. Hired forces of the Commonwealth, the Sim Shavo,

Representatives of Maso Terra could be found throughout the Iylic system, instilling the teachings of the Mother and Father into those seeking spiritual peace. For ancient races like the Veliken, the Iylic system was a symbol of peace similar to that of Qn'Tahr's Great Dawn.

For those traveling Trapis lane, the Iylic system was a popular tourist destination and fueling depot. Among its many moons, the gas giant Shelkada was famous for housing hundreds of orbital space stations, each a microcosm of unique markets and settlements. Visitors were always welcomed and embraced by their residents. Travelers who took the time to explore their many outlets found a plethora of exotic items and artifacts. Most of Iylic's black markets could be found within the thralls of For adventure seekers, the region was an opportunity to forge a name for themselves.

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