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“The Nohrd insisted it was the capital of the galaxy.”

Planetary Details

Distance from star: 136.5 million km

Period of revolution: 371.6 dalls

Rotational period: 26 alk 15 alr 27 s

Equatorial diameter: 23,698 km

Mass (Earth = 1): 2.4

Average surface temp: 22* C

Surface gravity (Earth = 1): 2.4

Axis: 26.7*

Surface-water: 45%

Atmosphere: 39% Oxygen, 25% Methane, 16% Ammonium, 10% Nitrogen, 5% Carbon Dioxide, 4% Nitrogen, < 1% other gases

Population: 40 billion

Main inhabitance: Nohrd, N'Faryn

Allegiance: Commonwealth

Technological class: Type 3

Governing regent: Supreme Leader Newowp, Duke Extravagant of Oolumne

Commanding Sim Shavo: Duke Nethurt, the Illustrious Defender of the Commonwealth, Command Star of the Kal'Aa'Tharr'Ok

Third planet of the Flowumne System.


Moons: Woal, Pysaul

Artificial: Ninticus Depot, Kaymak Station


Shuu Muh: 56,982 km*2

Governing regent: Prince Owloppa, Gate Keeper of Mnememarmon, Superior of The Mother and Father, Restorer of Order

Points of interest: To Ota Shopping District, Ghadalopie Palace, Nubithal'En Galactic Registry, Sai Qadal Bank of Qn'Tahr, D'dulid Sim Shavo military installation, Pelatin Museum of Ancient Curiosities, Lowovol Galactic-Comm Industries, Jdic Foejitat capitol building, Farwoq Entertainment District, Gitrix Colosseum, Liggitzo Casino. Mnememarmon Gate (Bridge to Maso Terra)

Woh Saul: 18,645.6 km*2

Governing regent: Her Magnificence, Fada Atjah, Supreme Divine of Woh Saul, Grace of Qn'Tahr

Points of interest: Flumes of Woh Saul, Yumalek Luxury Living and Resort, N'Faryn district Djit Ntimic, Eadjod Resort and Casino

Uumis Shal: 23,654.16 km*2

Governing regent: Leader Riesh of the Commanding Regency of Qn'Tahr

Points of interest: Showatow Beach, Vekdin Entertainment District, Sceewok Galactic Adventures.

Tupis: 17,682 km*2

Governing regent: Moumff, The Great Inquisitor of The Father, Divine Excellence of Qn'Tahr

Points of interest: Yujj Durjik Prison

Iya Wuul: 23,923 km*2

Governing regent: Emperor Gooleewop of the 5th Expanse.

Points of interest: Duwohpoh Resort, Gyjan Galactic Cruise Adventures

Abbi Shuu: 18,945 km*2

Governing regent: Grand Admiral of The Kiglek, Hkiyas, Ruler of the Abbi Shuu

Points of interest: Cil Goll Collections, (hundreds of work camps throughout)

Expanded Lore

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