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“The volcanic world was the capital of the Combined.”

Planetary Details

Distance from star: 194.52 million km

Period of revolution: 562.46 dalls

Rotational period: 27 alk 35 alr 46 s

Equatorial diameter: 26,567 km

Mass (Earth = 1): 2.67

Average surface temp: 51* C

Surface gravity (Earth = 1): 3.4

Axis: 17.4*

Surface-water: 56%

Atmosphere: 51% Nitrogen, 25% Oxygen, 10% Carbon dioxide, 7% Argon, 4% Hyrdogen, 3% Sulphur dioxide, < 1% other gases

Population: 32.3 billion (Approximately)

Main inhabitance: Rhy'Laar

Allegiance: Combined, Tri-Star Federation, Maso Terra

Technological class: Type 2

Governing regent: Chancellor Narr'Owa'Taa'kn

Commanding Kal'Aa'Tharr'Ok: Command Star Rhyla'Maar'Ar'Yk “Rhyla”

Fourth planet of the Kahr'Ra'Krrah System.


Moons: Krow'Lar, Larr'Ak

Artificial: Outreach Station a92, Ry'Ok Defense Station Alpha Z.1, Rey'Mark Docking Station

> Cities <


Size: 56,746.6 km*2

Governing regent: Leader Ura'Maak'Rr'Ryn

Points of interest: Shrine to Rhyma'Shhruk'Karra, Point Kry'Aak, Neth'Urrt (Capitol of the Combined), Nok'Owa'Kaar's Galactic Eatery (The BEST damn boark sandwiches in Qn'Tahr!


Size: 36,453.94 km*2

Governing regent: Leader Kala'Rowk'Maar'Akur

Points of interest: Noaa'Nokk District, Raal'Aa'Taark Colosseum, Rhyl'Ur'Ek Manufacturing District


Size: 42,856.61 km*2

Governing regent: Leader Mrr'Aak'Aya'Lyn

Points of interest: Arkr'Ak Canyon, Rhy'Grr'Ek Guild District, Wall of 1000 Colors, Krr'Act Underground Sea.

Expanded Lore

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