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“Where the righteous judges of The Father presided over His halls.”

Planetary Details

Distance from star: 126.83 million km

Period of revolution: 387.34 dalls

Rotational period: 31 alk 54 alr 48 s

Equatorial diameter: 13,156 km

Mass (Earth = 1): 1.15

Average surface temp: 20* C

Surface gravity (Earth = 1): 1.05

Axis: 6.7*

Surface-water: 65%

Atmosphere: 50% Nitrogen, 17% Oxygen, 18% Krypton 13% Argon, 2% Carbon Dioxide, < 1% other gases

Population: 7.4 billion

Main inhabitance: Vlauk, Veliken, Lomoush

Allegiance: The Father

Technological class: Type 0

Governing regent: His Supreme Honor, Kavahk Kalatis

Third planet of the Shalissarin System.


Moons: Sash, Shaa

Artificial: None

> Cities <

Kua Shuk

Size: 16,785 km*2

Governing regent: His Supreme Honor, Kavahk Kalatis

Points of interest: Voa Toth'n (Hall of The Father) Bakvohk Eavauk'n (Tribute to The Mother)


Size: 40,007.07 km*2

Governing regent: Oom'lalu (Priestess) Uiun Umunshuu, You'uudoum of Saa

Points of interest: Lo'A (Veliken city of knowledge), Veliken You'owamuk Mumou'Oummdo (Bridge to Oolumne and Saa), Veliken Oumenna'muk (Heart of Saa)


Size: Unknown

Governing regent: Kahba Valik (Shaman) Ovvokoval Akalu

Points of interest: Kne Amah Howk (Cave of Eternal Trials),

Expanded Lore

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