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The Auora Lanes

“They got you from A to B.

Lane Details

  • Trapis

Extended Lore

Established by early Assiek and Rhy'Laar explorers during The Great Dawn, the aurora lanes were vital to all who inhabited Qn’Tahr. Traveling the lanes required using a space-fold engine: a marvel of engineering that created an intense energy field that moved space around an object, allowing for faster than light travel. The lanes covered virtually every facet of the galaxy; however, wars throughout the ages had left some lanes fractured and more difficult to navigate. Although space-fold engines were reliable, alignment issues with the gravity emitters did occur.

Following the defeat of the Torq'Gan Empire and the Commonwealth's establishment, the Nohrd took advantage of the aftermath to seize exclusive control over the lanes. Ships with space-fold engines were required to register with Nubithal'En Galactic in the capital of Oolumne. Seeing an opportunity to build up their wealth, the Nohrd implemented tolls for all who utilized the aurora lanes. Despite multiple military and diplomatic campaigns to restore their open use, the Nohrd maintained their hold over the lane's use throughout Qn'Tahr's modern era.

To circumvent their interference, underground mapping guilds formed throughout Qn'Tahr. Consisting of some of the best pilots in the galaxy, these brave individuals would blind jump into uncharted space, clearing paths for unregistered lanes to be established. The Tri-Fed often sought these guilds for discrete travel from the Nohrd or Armada. Black market registrations were also used by those seeking to remain clandestine in their travels. The Nohrd relied on their hired army, the Sim Shavo, to report any violators of Commonwealth law. Equipped with the galaxy's best sensor equipment, Sim Shavo patrols would scan for gravitational anomalies and report any findings back to Nubithal'En Galactic. Choosing to bide their time, the Nohrd often waited for lanes to become frequently used before intervening. Once seized by Nubithal'En Galactic, these lanes often fetched heavy tolls from their users.

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