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“Given enough time, almost anything could be achieved…“


In the beginning, The Mother birthed our known universe in Her celestial image. For a time, it was good. As life emerged across the cosmic recesses, The Father, Righteous be His name, instilled an innate sense of morality into the souls of Their children to ensure Her beauty be preserved as civilizations developed. Sadly, the passing ages led to the emergence of war, corruption, and greed. Viewing these blasphemous acts as an affront to creation, The Father sought to smite all who violated His command and start anew. Before unleashing His fury upon the tarnished universe, The Mother extended Her mercy and spared Their children.

Thus, through cosmic copulation between The Mother and Father, Qn’Tahr was born. The ageless universe provided sentient beings an ideal opportunity for Their children to prove their true worthiness to Him but under the guidance of heralds who embodied Their spiritual virtues. Pleased, The Father set out to find a civilization befitting His holy Righteousness while The Mother, blessed be Her mercy, embarked on Her own journey to seek out who would usher those towards Their eternal glory. Enter: The Quantum Drift.

Radius: Approxamently 2 million lightyears

Diameter Approxamently 4-6 million lightyears

Stars: Over 100 trillion

Solar Mass: 75 billion

Galactic Calendar

Based on the cycle of pulsar Eurr'Aak Gamma Tau 6, Qn'Tahr's galactic calendar used a metric system to keep track of its current date.

Units of Distance

  • Onseft: (on)(1 onseft = 5.0023 lightyears) Used to measure the distance between interstellar bodies. Alpha Centauri is approximately .941 onseft away from Earth.
  • Tolideft: (td)(1 tolideft = 110.329 million km) Used to measure a solar system's distance. The Earth is approximately 1.3636 tolideft from the sun.
  • Edeltipeft: (ed)(1 edeltipeft = 11,642.753 km) Used to measure the size of planetary bodies, moons, and asteroids.
  • Dodipeft: (dp)( 1 dodipeft = 2.762 km) “Dods” or “dodi(s)” for short. Used to measure land distances.
  • Leddipeft: (lp)( 1 leddipeft = 1.67 m) Based on an assiek's average height. “Leddi” for short. The average human is about 1.2 lp tall.

Planetary Temperature Scale

  • Utilizes the Jtirek|Djicht system developed by the Assiek. Negative temperatures are measured in Djicht.

“As I'm writing this, it's currently a chilly .28 Jtirek.”

Unit of Weight

  • Teftn: (tf)( 1 teftn = 57 kg)

Galactic Currency

  • Zel

Sentient Arrival

The Gates

“Mysterious platforms transported sentient beings from across our cosmos to the ageless universe.”

Birthed by The Mother, many viewed Qn'Tahr as an opportunity for civilizations to develop and flourish peacefully without conflict or prejudice. Heralded by the Almighty's apostles, the nesis and vlauk, they strode to achieve a spiritual balance among their flocks. With the Shalaymuh and Tha'Okt as their holy scriptures, they encouraged individuals to embrace their teachings and find glory in The Mother and Father. Individuals who entered the galaxy did so ONCE via one of four nexus gates:

  • Kundalini Gate: Considered the heart of the Combine, fleets of Tarfons recovered new arrivals from Kundalini, where they were then routed to Griletol for a smooth transition into Qn'Tahr. Once integrated, the rhy'laar elevated civilizations toward technological independence and encouraged scripture.
  • Mogotus Gate: The most unique of the four gates, only those of spiritual purity entered Qn'Tahr through Mogotus. After undergoing the sacred Misheevuh to purify themselves before the Almighty, individuals emerged reborn on Kryllos, where The Mother rewarded their faith with a crystal piezeron. Following the ancient war, Mogotus resided within the ethereal Maso Terra and could only be entered by those who possessed a piezeron.
  • Bacchus Gate: Qn'Tahr's malevolent, bureaucratic royalty, the nohrd, ruled over Bacchus during Qn'Tahr's modern era. Fleets of Bshnali harbinger vessels recovered individuals from the gate and cruelly vetted the weakest among them. Only the fittest were then taken to Shaltyk Prime for placement within the Commonwealth.
  • Shissada Gate: The coathe seized control over Shissada during Qn'Tahr's modern era. They subjected those they recovered from the gate to horrific and invasive experimentation in their campaign to unify Qn'Tahr under their rule.

Key Races and Reference Guide

<The Holy Races>

Nesis: Anointed heralds to The Mother, they wielded Her cosmic power to lead flocks toward eternal salvation.

  • Light shepherd: Colloquial term used by those whose lives the nesis influenced.
  • Shalaymuh: The 13 passages of holy scripture nesis clergy authored to reflect The Mother. Its message of everlasting mercy touched flocks across the galaxy.

Vlauk: The Father's heralds and championed warriors, the vlauk acted as righteous enforcers to His will.

  • Tha'Okt: Drafted by the vlauk's highest courts, the 30 sacred commandments provided the moral basis for civilizations to adhere.
  • Vaulok: The holy inquisitors who utilized their understanding of reyv kor to enforce His righteousness.

Semprada: Originally regarded as one of the holy races, the semprada revealed their true intentions after brutally sacrificing the nesis shepherdess, Okebah, to Iqor, The Martyred God. After being granted mercy through exile, they established the Allied in Qn'Tahr's remote, urr recesses and continued their vile practices.

  • Myqara: A mystical stone that harnesses an aspect of Iqor.

Hillian: The first civilization thought to have achieved spiritual balance after arriving in Qn'Tahr. The Mother rewarded their faith by revealing their sacred Kluen thistle in Semprada VII's dense jungles.

  • Kluen Ak: A bread prepared using the Kluen thistle and its seasonal celebration.

Lomoush: Known as the whispering angels, they acted as the divine couriers of Maso Terra.

Veliken: A peaceful race who worshiped nature, their nomadic tribes possessed the ability to communicate directly with a planet's life force.

  • Nu'yuonndek: A colossal stargate that allowed piezeron users to travel between Maso Terra and Qn'Tahr.

  • Piezeron: A crystal sprite rewarded to those who underwent a spiritual rebirth upon their arrival through Mogotus Gate. They harnessed The Mother's power through faith so their wielders could perform incredible feats and miracles.

<The Alliance>

Rhy'laar: A race of peaceful star worshipers, the rhy'laar were known for their generosity, compassion, and terrifying physical demeanor. No need to fret; however, they were exceptionally friendly and hospitable! They governed the Combine with their assiek allies and ensured civilizations under their care flourished.

  • Ar'Karr'Yn: The rhy'laar's democratic system of government and elected officials. Regional governors oversaw the rebirth of new civilizations under the safety of the Combine.
  • Kal'Aa'Tharr'Ok: The Combine's noble military and peacekeepers.
  • Rr'Oaak'Aal: Specialized volunteers who help integrate new arrivals into Qn'Tahr. Historically, one's first buddy and confidant.
  • Ay'Larr'Aa: Greetings and bright stars! The traditional rhy'laar greeting.

Assiek: The first Type 3 civilization to enter Qn'Tahr, only 2/3's of the assiek's overall population entered the ageless universe. Allied to the rhy'laar before their arrival, the assiek's technological brilliance made them vital to establishing the galaxy's early infrastructure. Unfortunately, the nohrd viciously attacked their scientific houses, leaving them crippled during the modern era.

  • Alotajj: An assiek's scientific house and bloodline.
  • Sosoo: A committee of Alotajj delegates tasked by the nohrd to monitor the technological progression of underdeveloped civilizations.

Arlitian: (Humans) After our integration into Qn'Tahr, humanity settled on the Earth-like planet, Arleto.

  • Tri-Star Federation: A tertiary branch of the Kal’Aa’Tharr’Ok led by the arlitians.

<Bureaucratic Royalty>

Nohrd: Upon their arrival, they weaponized a Tarfon, unleashed an unprovoked attack against the galaxy, and established the Commonwealth. The elitist iconoclasts viewed all other societies as inferior and sought to dismantle the Combine completely.

  • Bundu trothc: An inflammatory term used to describe a civilization below Type 3 capability.
  • Cil Durek: Debt collectors who relied on the Sim Shavo to threaten civilizations who owed the Commonwealth.

Torq'gan: The violent marauders became unsuspecting pawns in the nohrd's plans to conquer the galaxy.

  • Iyzu: The torq'gan's deity of enslavement.

N'faryn: They regarded the nohrd with sycophantic reverence and helped enforce their will upon Qn'Tahr.

  • Sim Shavo: The n'faryn-led military force tasked with patrolling the Commonwealth.


Coathe: Their arrival during the modern era left many of Qn'Tahr's inhabitants fearful for the future. They launched assaults against the Commonwealth and Combine with unflinching execution to unify Qn'Tahr under their rule.

Lioma: The savage primitives made a pact with the coathe and launched an assault against Vatlann. Not particularly bright…

Barados: The reclusive flume lords lurked in the deepest underwater trenches, assisting the coathe. Naturally, the hillian was the favorite quarry for these skilled hunters.

Brief History

Nesis light shepherds initially greeted new arrivals during Qn'Tahr's early dawn. Then, drawing from the incredible power of their piezerons, they ushered flocks to established colonies for a peaceful transition into the universe. Shepherds related the inspiring passages of the Shalaymuh to the coming masses, sang angelic symphonies that praised The Mother and performed miracles in Her Almighty name. Their holy companions, the vlauk, acted as honorable inquisitors and judges of The Father. Beholden to the Tha'Ohkt and its commandments, they enforced His righteousness against those who violated its laws. Qn'Tahr's great dawn saw an era of peace until a dark insurgency nearly destroyed the galaxy. In its disastrous wake, the nesis and vlauk became trapped inside an ethereal world, disconnected from their flock.

Through a partnership among the Alotajj, they developed the Tarfon harbinger vessel following the sudden disappearance of the shepherds. Capable of penetrating the dimensional barriers surrounding the gates, the ships autonomously recovered new arrivals and placed them into a galactic registry. Individuals also received an Operational Assistant- an OA, before being transported to the Combine for a peaceful integration into Qn'Tahr. The altruist rhy'laar welcomed all into the Combine, where they elevated civilizations by providing amenities and encouraging scripture.

The nohrd's arrival plunged Qn'Tahr into its modern era with unprovoked aggression. Following their hostile takeover of Bacchus and Shissada, nohrd bureaucrats asserted themselves as galactic royalty and brutally executed top members of the Ar’Karr’Yn and Alotajj during peace negotiations. They established the Commonwealth as Qn'Tahr's capital and developed the Bshnali harbinger vessel to overtake recovery operations at the gates. Those who survived the Bshnali’s automated cull became enslaved to the nohrd's growing empire. For over 2,500 dekrons, the nohrd imposed their sinister will upon flocks until the coathe’s arrival fiercely challenged their rule.

Humanity entered Qn'Tahr during its modern era, 574 dekrons following the coathe's acclimation of Shissada Gate. Even though the PHYSICAL time and date of when we exited our reality into Qn'Tahr are still unknown, people worldwide report fleeting memories of its events. Research is currently ongoing. Of course, the arlitians (humans) played a pivotal role in escaping Qn'Tahr, but that's a story for another time.

Welcome to Qn'Tahr

The radiant glow of Maso Terra stood as Qn'Tahr's shining heart to those lost in the sea of darkness. Its celestial light cast itself upon the entire galaxy and stood as a beacon to those seeking the Almighty. Peace was fleeting during Qn'Tahr's modern age. The coathe's unfazed aggression strengthened with every system they unified; the nohrd asserted their cruel governance within the Commonwealth and acted as Qn'Tahr's de facto capital. Plagued by unspeakable horrors, madness awaited travelers to Semprada's mysterious recesses. Yet, despite the many perils, most civilizations tried to live out a peaceful existence within the Combine, where the rhy'laar harbored security and growth.

Humanity entered Qn'Tahr during its modern age and united with the rhy'laar and assiek to form the Tri-Star Federation. Its brave personnel led the noble charge against these sinister agents to restore peace to a fractured galaxy. Qn'Tahr played host to heroes and villains, adventures, and perils.

”Only the bravest drifters traversed its cosmos.”

Denizens of Qn'Tahr

“The place was crawling with lizards!”

Qn'Tahr played host to trillions of unique, sentient creatures from across the universe. With its incredible diversity, civilizations can be found on virtually every planet. The rhy'laar held the highest population, estimated between 37-52 trillion. After establishing the Combine, they partnered with the assiek to elevate struggling civilizations to Type 1 independence and sustainability. Unfortunately, others, like the nohrd, acted with unabashed prejudice. Although they regarded “lesser” societies as servants to the Commonwealth, the coathe's arrival forced the nohrd into a thin truce with the Combine. Despite the prolific tensions during the modern era, most societies wished to live their eternal life peacefully and avoid conflict.

Those who opened their souls to The Mother and Father found themselves spiritually coerced by the light shepherds of Maso Terra. Flocks praised them as distant angels capable of performing miracles for those seeking eternal mercy in Her name. Enforcing His Righteousness, the vlauk ensured flocks strictly adhered to the Tha'Ohkt and its commandments. With their holy allies, the veliken, lomoush, and hillian, they championed scripture and worked to achieve a spiritual balance among all flocks across the galaxy.

Sentient Stasis

“The ageless universe.”

All sentient species within Qn'Tahr experienced a temporal anomaly that prevented any form of biological aging. Results of the perceived stasis had left some of the galaxy's inhabitants existing for thousands of dekrons, showing no difference in age since their arrival. Reproduction, whether natural or artificial, DID NOT occur among sentient beings. EVER! Because of this, some, like the assiek, feared the inevitable extinction of all life within Qn'Tahr. Although some graciously accepted immortality, others questioned their higher, ontological purpose within the galaxy.


Early Twilight

The Mother and Father's heralds, the peaceful nesis, and the warrior vlauk ushered Qn'Tahr through its infancy. Then, the Almighty commanded them to construct temples in Their name so the coming flocks could achieve eternal salvation through Them. Gifted with a crystal piezeron, the holy champions honed abilities that channeled Their incredible power.

The Great Dawn

The arrival of the first flocks rang in Qn'Tahr's great dawn. After further refinement with their piezerons, holy leaders led civilizations towards The Mother and Father and instilled peace across the infant universe through scripture. The rhy'laar and assiek became pivotal in developing the core worlds while the apostles related their teachings. To further assist the heavenly apostles, the semprada, veliken, and lomoush entered Mogotus and received The Mother's blessing.

The Ancient War (Iqor's Rising)

When the semprada desecrated scripture by sacrificing Shepherdess Okebah, they released the dark entities of Iqor upon Qn'Tahr. Their merciless rampage swept Vatllann's outer colonies and quickly overpowered the Kal'Aa'Tharr'Ok and Vaulok. As the entities descended upon Kryllos, nesis leader, High Shepherd Mundaaka Volgos, beckoned The Mother and Father to intervene. Standing before Their divine presence, He offered himself in exchange for those lost during the hellish onslaught. The Mother, Blessed be Her name, instead, extended Her mercy onto him in the form of exile. With his fate sealed before The Almighty, The Mother and Father banished the entities into the abyss and restored life to Qn'Tahr. Survivors recalled the events as a vague nightmare whose details were shielded by Her eternal comfort.

The Silence

Mundaaka's sacrifice left The Mother and Father's heralds disconnected from their flocks and Qn'Tahr in ruins. A mysterious energy bubble now engulfed Mogotus Gate and the holy worlds, and the emerging populations feared the clergy perished during the conflict. With both sides assuming the worst, life adapted in Iqor's wake while his memories fled from survivors' minds.

The rhy'laar reestablished the core worlds during this era and formed the Combine. Through their breakthrough in engineering, the assiek designed the Tarfon to assume the recovery of new arrivals. Rhy'laar ambassadors greeted beings with compassion and helped them integrate into Qn'Tahr. Despite their many generosities, others sought an independent life in Tulivaav's uncharted recesses, free from outside influences.

The Calm

The bridging of the Nu'yuonndek on Semprada VII and Oolumne reunited the holy races with their flock. Their return ushered in an era of celebration of renewed faith across the galaxy. Although mysterious effects severely limited their now hindered their abilities, the heavenly apostles resumed their teachings, and harmony returned to Qn'Tahr.

Modern Era

The nohrd's arrival plunged Qn'Tahr into its modern era with unprovoked war. Their devious endeavors led to them annexing the old worlds and establishing the Commonwealth. They brutally executed Combine and Maso Terrain ambassadors during peace negotiations in an event notoriously called “The Broadcast.” For 2,500 dekrons, their reign jeopardized the peace and sovereignty of civilizations across Qn'Tahr.

When the coathe entered Qn'Tahr via Shissada, they used their superiority to launch a surprise assault against the Commonwealth. In a clever twist, the nohrd deceived the coathe, destroyed most of their fleet, and drove their survivors into Tulivaav. During the Coathe's retreat, they forged alliances with the barados and lioma and began their campaign to unify the galaxy under their rule.

Civilization Types

The Saiye Teyla

“The Treaty of Civilized Advancement.”

Following the torq'gan's assault on the Combine, the nohrd positioned themselves as the bureaucratic royalty of Qn'Tahr and inserted themselves into every facet of galactic happenings. They drafted the Saiye Teyla, The Treaty of Civilized Advancement, which strictly prohibited access to advanced technology by underdeveloped societies. The Combine staunchly rejected the treaty, claiming sovereignty, and defended flocks from the Commonwealth's oppression. Unfortunately, the Alotajj often turned to the nohrd due to the technological demands on their scientific houses. Although they shared no love for the nohrd, the assiek became pivotal members of the Sosoo, a committee of delegates tasked with monitoring the progress of lesser-developed societies.

The nohrd relied on the Sim Shavo, a fleet of mercenaries and programmed zealots, to enforce the Saiye Teyla. They patrolled systems with obnoxious provocation and weren't beyond accepting bribes to appease their masters. They respected no territory or borders and had frequent spats with the Kal'Aa'Tharr'Ok and the hillian. Violators of the treaty became enslaved to the Commonwealth if captured. Immediate death awaited the worst offenders, and the nohrd recirculated all seized technology back into the galaxy to satiate their devious machinations.

<Type 0>

“The nohrd referred to them as the bundu trothc, the lesser race.”

Type 0 civilizations made up roughly 30% of Qn'Tahr's overall population. Their society had yet to harness the total energy output of their planet and lacked efficient means of space travel. Instead, they relied heavily on inefficient and non-renewable fuel sources to power their society. Though primitive compared to the more advanced civilizations, Type 0's comprised a broad spectrum of societal achievement, development, and intelligence. However, while many sought to advance themselves, the sudden access to hyper-advanced technology drove some to instigate primitive wars of greed or other nefarious schemes to obtain power.

Some Type 0 societies had barely entered their bronze age before entering Qn'Tahr and lacked the intelligence to comprehend the technology now at their access. As a result, they often struggled when combatting anything rated above their class. For example, the torq'gan frequently bullied primitive systems with the planet-eating rylossileq. Although SOME Type 0's possessed the clever ingenuity to repel such menaces, the significant disparity in power levels left victories laden with attrition. Fortunately, the rhy'Laar and assiek famously partnered with Type 0 colonies to elevate them to Type 1 independence. Races like the arlitians and glycereon embraced this knowledge and achieved Type 1 status shortly after arriving in Qn'Tahr.

Most Type 0 civilizations existed within the protection of the Combine but could be found scattered across the galaxy. Moreover, some isolated settlements within Semprada, Tulivaav, and Vatllann were so detached they lacked awareness of any galactic happenings. The nohrd viewed ALL Type 0 civilizations as bundu trothc, a lesser, and often targeted them for nefarious pleasure. At the behest of their authoritarian masters, the Sim Shavo maintained a strong presence in these systems and imposed the Saiye Tayla against those who acted against the Nohrd's governance. Though some contained black markets, the looming threat of the Sim Shavo made locals wary of new inquirers.

Type 0 races:

(Before entering Qn’Tahr)

  • (Ariltians (Humans)
  • N'Faryn
  • Lioma
  • Nesis
  • Glycereon
  • Hillian
  • Veliken
  • Muubus
  • Torq'Gan
  • Lomoush

<Type 1>

“The nohrd… also referred to them as the bundu trothc.”

Most civilizations that entered Qn'Tahr identified as Type 1. Comprising roughly 40% of all galactic inhabitants, these societies maximized the energy output of a planet and possessed rudimentary space travel. Though their crafts couldn't accommodate fold engines, they used primitive terraforming technology, had a firm understanding of the atom, and relied heavily on nuclear energy to drive industry. Despite their limitations, many travelers viewed their abundance as vital to galactic function.

The plethora of Type 1 civilizations offered unique respites to travelers during any journey. Diverse markets littered their streets, and proprietors offered the wandering traveler exotic items. An abundance of black markets could be found by those who earned the trust of locals. Though these underground establishments charged exuberant amounts for contraband fuel and munitions, they helped drive local economies. Regardless of their criminality, these markets sometimes had nohrd oversight, and many local leaders had to pay off the Sim Shavo to avoid severe consequences.

Type 1 races:

  • Barados
  • Sholomite
  • Krovotosian
  • Greeler
  • Reasson
  • Trocchudal
  • Mydohfllx

<Type 2>

“The nohrd, you guessed it, also regarded them as bundu trothc.”

Type 2 civilizations comprised approximately 20% of the galaxy's overall population. These societies possessed faster-than-light travel and utilized Dyson sphere-type technology to extrapolate the energy from their parent star. They could easily alter planets' evolution and prevent planetary disasters due to natural phenomena. Their societies mastered nanotechnology, completely eradicating harmful diseases and other harmful pathogens. Adventurers traveling their streets had access to virtually any amenity they needed. These systems acted as vital refueling depots, military installations, and staging areas for large fleets. Sim Shavo routinely patrolled these systems and harassed any Class 0 and 1 crafts they encountered for contraband.

Flocks regarded Type 2 civilizations as safe harbor bastions. The rhy'laar warmly welcomed travelers to systems they inhabited and always assisted those in need. Likewise, the Kal'Aa'Tharrok frequently combatted the Sim Shavo to protect their sovereignty and those seeking refuge within their borders. The Iylic system was the most notable Type 2 system and became the first destination of new arrivals from Kundalini Gate during Qn'Tahr's modern era.

Type 2 races:

  • Vlauk
  • Rhy’Laar
  • Semprada

<Type 3>

“Sseunf toompa, the mightiest above all.”

Type 3 civilizations comprised less than 1% of Qn'Tahr's overall population. The most notable being the assiek, nohrd, and alzhryn; they possessed technology beyond human comprehension. They relied on galactic energy to power their societies, easily harnessed gravity, and could traverse Qn'Tahr's vast distances within dekrons. Disease, aging, and most critical trauma weren't issues among them. Even before entering Qn'Tahr, they possessed forms of immortality. The nohrd kept a close eye on Type 3 civilizations and relied on sophisticated spy networks to gather information on their advancement.

“Imagine being able to teleport ANYWHERE instantaneously within a Type 3 system.”

The first Type 3 society to enter Qn'Tahr was the assiek. For thousands of dekrons, their scientific houses stood as the pioneers of technological advancement in the infant galaxy. Among their contributions, they established the first aurora lanes and the Tarfon harbinger vessel. Unfortunately, the nohrd's arrival upheaved the Alotajj and forced them into a toxic codependency with the sinister bureaucrats. During Qn'Tahr's modern era, the nohrd held the highest population among the (few) Type 3 civilizations.

Type 3 races:

  • Assiek
  • Nohrd
  • Alzhryn

<Type 4>

”…until the coathe.”

As the nohrd relished a lavish life of pampered superiority within the Commonwealth, the coathe's arrival in Qn'Tahr plunged the galaxy deeper into turmoil. Classified as Type 4, their hyper-intelligence and psychic ability easily bypassed the containment of the Bshnali harbinger vessels that recovered them from Shissada Gate. Moreover, they possessed a firm understanding of dark energy and knowledge of extra-dimensional physics. Able to calculate on the Planck scale, they quickly overpowered the Sim Shavo fleets at Tel Ray Sngarr and conquered the region within alkrons. They viewed any civilization below Type 3 as barely sentient in their endeavor to unify Qn'Tahr under their rule.

Type 4 races:

  • Coathe

<Type 5>

“The Almighty.”

Universe creators, heavenly deities, and Those who rule above all, the assiek classified The Mother and Father as Type 5. With the ability to manipulate multi-dimensional energy, They birthed our known universe, then Qn'Tahr shortly after. The nesis and vlauk are the ONLY races to have laid eyes upon the benevolent creators. The assiek also classified Iqor's entities as Type 5 and monitored Semprada activity.

Class 5 beings:

  • The Mother
  • The Father
  • Iqor

Aurora Lanes

“They got you from A to B.”

Extended Lore

Pioneered by assiek and rhy'laar explorers during the great dawn, the aurora lanes allowed flocks to traverse Qn'Tahr's great distances within significantly short periods. Traveling the aurora lanes required specialized fold engines and could only be utilized by Class 2 and above crafts. Routes covered virtually every facet of the galaxy like a network of arteries; however, the passing ages left some lanes fractured and difficult to navigate.

After the nohrd's alarming rise to power, they seized exclusive control over Qn'Tahr's main aurora lanes and emplaced tolls for their use. In addition, they required all Class 2 and above crafts to register with Nubithal'En Galactic on Oolumne and charged exuberant penalties to those caught without proper registration. Despite multiple military and diplomatic endeavors to restore their unrestricted use, the nohrd maintained their hold over the aurora lanes. To circumvent Nohrd interference, underground mapping guilds formed throughout Qn'Tahr to provide discrete passage to travelers.

Key Sectors

“Throughout Qn'Tahr's eras, civilizations divided the galaxy into territorial regions, each regarding themselves as sovereign by their own governance.”


The rhy'laar led the Combine with compassion toward all civilizations under their governance. As Qn'Tahr's largest sovereign territory, billions of diverse cultures thrived within its borders. Regional governors, the Arr'Karr'Yn, elevated societies toward technological independence and encouraged the scriptures of their Maso Terrain allies. The Kal'Aa'Tharr'Ok protected the Combine's sprawling population with valiant honor.


Built upon the remains of the former core worlds, the nohrd annexed the sector after they launched a surprise assault against the galaxy. It quickly became Qn'Tahr's galactic capital, where technological wonders and sinful indulgences tempted travelers. The nohrd infected all the Commonwealth's inhabitants with a virus that targeted an individual's OA, making them enslaved to their devious vices. The Sim Shavo enforced the nohrd's totalitarian regime with bigoted malice. Violators of the Saiye Teyla became further indebted to the Commonwealth and potentially targeted for abhorrent pleasures. Its vast regions became the front lines against the Armada during Qn'Tahr's modern era.

Maso Terra

Home to Qn'Tahr's heavenly diocese, the golden nebula could be seen from virtually every facet of the galaxy. It glowed like a celestial beacon for those astray in the darkness. To exist within the region, an individual first needed to enter Qn'Tahr through Mogotus Gate and receive a crystal piezeron. Those who inhabited the sector acted at the divine agency of The Mother and Father; however, following Iqor's rise could only exit the region through a veliken Nu'yuonndek and for limited periods. Individuals who entered Maso Terra from its exterior without a piezeron disappeared without a trace.


Following their banishment from the holy worlds, Iqor's depraved cultists, the semprada, colonized Qn'Tahr's remote, uur reaches. They resumed their perverse rituals and left the sector marred with blight. Commonly referred to as “The Madness,” travelers to Semprada's dark recesses often experienced sudden bouts of agonizing terror, nightmarish visions, and insanity.


Tulivaav once stood as a bastion for independent civilizations who chose to live out their ageless eternity detached from galactic influences. Following their retreat from Oolumne, the coathe regrouped in Tulivaav and established Cotalla as their base of operations. They began unifying the sector with methodical efficiency, making it the fastest growing during the modern era. Its rapid encroachment led to frequent skirmishes with the Commonwealth. Those caught traveling Tulivaav risked being abducted and subjected to horrific experimentation.


Though widely uninhabited, Var'Lowk was rife with conflict during Qn'Tahr's modern era. Torq'gan pirate guilds fought for supremacy over the region and often targeted the Kal'Aa'Tharr'Ok as they further expanded the Combine. In addition, the nohrd regularly utilized the sector for luxury supernova cruises and Apex excursions.


The arrival of the lioma turned this remote sector into one of the most dangerous territories in Qn’Tahr. Mela Xondrak, the Crimson Conqueror of the Blood Legion, led his tribe across the region at the orders of the coathe. A substantial Armada presence, semprada cults, and other mysteries awaited those who traversed this region.


An infinite void of nothingness lay beyond Qn'Tahr's prolific grandeur.

Welcome to Dreamland

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